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{September 18, 2010}   Organization Hell

I come from a long, distinguished line of pack rats, and my current living space is a 10×10 room (I live with my parents; don’t judge!).  Even if I was super-organized, I’d need to occasionally unclutter.  And a lot of that clutter comes from books I’ve accumulated over my years.

I recently downloaded the iPhone Nook app (super fun stuff, now that they seem to have worked the bugs out), so I can save room on books if I download them digitally.  I can keep the ones I already own, guilt-free!

I’ve recently adopted a mantra of only keeping stuff I actually use, or things that have value to me.  With such a small living space, I have to make these determinations.  Do I want to keep Breaking Dawn, or will I choose Dante’s Inferno?  (Right…obviously it will be both, for different reasons I’ll go into later.)  But I thought I’d take this opportunity to promote the idea of digital reading.  I am one of those people who love the experience of reading a book.  I love cracking the spine and turning each individual page.  Some of my best memories come from opening a new book.  But I’ve also come to realize that there’s no way I can keep everything I want without becoming one of those psychologically damaged folk on Hoarders.

I downloaded the Nook app on my iPhone because it was free, but I’ve become enamoured of the idea of obtaining whichever books I want, without having to clear bookshelf space for them.  Also, I can take them all with me on my hypothetical vacations.  Awesome!  I can keep both my stupid teenage vampire drama and one of the greatest works ever written (in my opinion), without having to choose!  Oh, happy day!


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