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{February 11, 2014}   Nail art – like a m0therf&cking boss!!

I am very proud of this nail art.


Okay, I’m not a photographer, but hopefully I’ll get better at this as time goes by.  But this is the first nail art I’ve done in forever!  And look how pretty!  These are galaxy nails, one of my favorite types of nail art, because it’s so pretty and nearly impossible to screw up.

These are my polishes:


I used Adorn Carpe Noctum as the base, and sponged on China Glaze White on White, Sally Hansen Blue My Mind, Orly Wild Wisteria, and Sally Hansen Digital.  I topped it all with two coats of Sally Hansen Snow Globe.  (I also used China Glaze Adhesion Base and Seche Vite topcoat, not pictured.)  My cuticles are a bit of a mess, and I had an accident involving my middle finger nail and a stuck window yesterday, hence the super shortness.

Fun, right?

You’re probably asking yourself, “Self, what do her nails have to do with what she’s reading?”  Excellent question, hypothetical reader!  The answer is…duh, I obviously had to READ the nail polish bottles, right?

Okay, that’s reaching.  BUT.  I did say awhile back that I would post about other stuff besides books, and besides, I already had this blog all created.  Why make a different one when this one is so handy?

Happy nail painting!!


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