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{February 20, 2014}   Beauty Product Review: GlamGlow Super-Mud

I have been reading about this GlamGlow treatment on a lot of different blogs, and found pictures of it on Pinterest.  I decided that if even half the claims about it were true, it would be my new miracle beauty product.

It is not cheap.  I bought it on Amazon, and I think I paid like $47 for 1.2 oz.  So it’s not an everyday kind of treatment unless you’re rich.  But I have very oily skin with clogged pores that just won’t quit.  I use the Biore strips and like the next morning it’s as if nothing happened!  Nothing I’ve used in the past has helped with this problem, and it only got worse when I turned 28 and my skin freaked out and I discovered the wonders of “adult acne.”*

I got the product and used it this evening for the first time.  It comes in a deceptive box that makes you think the bottle is larger than it really is, along with a booklet of instructions and information on the ingredients.  You put the mask on and leave it on for 5 – 20 minutes, then wash off with water.

First off, this stuff smells like horses.  It’s really weird, because if you look at the list of natural ingredients you wouldn’t assume that added together they smell like horses.  But they do.  Not a dirty stable, mind you – anyone who’s ever spent time around horses will understand when I say it just smells like a well-maintained stable.  The scent does fade as the product dries.

Okay, the big deal about the product is that it’s supposed to pull all the dirt and crud out of your pores, clean them out, make them look smaller.  You can Google pictures of people wearing the mask on their noses.  But seriously, nothing will prepare you for how it looks on you.  I’m warning you, looking in the mirror while wearing this product will psychologically scar you, possibly for life.  It will show you all of your pores and how giant and disgusting they are.  You will be horrified that you were carting all that crud around with you, day after day.  It will make you want to vomit.  This isn’t like using a Biore strip and then looking at it before you toss it.  Don’t use this product around other people unless you hate them and want them to leave forever.

But!  Then you get to rinse it off**, and the magic happens.  No, seriously.  I rinsed this off my face and lo and behold, my pores were clear and practically invisible.  This might sound gross, but I could tell where all that crud was taken out.  It made me so happy!  We shall see how long this lasts, but if the results are close to what others say, I will probably make some intense sacrifices to keep this product part of my regular beauty regime.  Like, eat nothing but soup forever.  Forgo buying wine.  Buy cheap grocery store cleansers and lotions.  It’s that awesome.


*Not actually wondrous.

**None of the reviews I read prepared me for how long it would take to rinse this stuff off.  Also, there will be weird, gritty chunks that stick to your face.  Don’t worry!  They will come off, keep rinsing.



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