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{March 4, 2014}   40 Days of Time Out!

I’ve come to the conclusion that I own a lot (A LOT) of beauty and nail products.  So I’m taking the next 40 days as a kind of time out from buying new stuff.  I haven’t done Lent since college, so we’ll see how this goes.

So the rules I’m making for myself are: until Easter, no new beauty purchases.  A couple of exceptions I’m making: I’ve been searching for a particular lipstick (Nyx Tribute to Marilyn) forever.  If I find it, and if it’s something that I can’t wait to buy (like an auction or limited supply or something), I will buy it.  Secondly, if I run out of shampoo/conditioner, I will buy that because it’s a necessity.

I’m hoping I can use the next few weeks to try out all of my nail polishes (some have never been worn!) and just cool off from a buying spree I’ve been on this year.  Also I want to cull my collection a bit, find the stuff that works for me rather than just stuff I bought because I liked the name, or it was popular, or I just wanted to buy something.

Has anyone else done this recently?  Do you find that, the further you get from buying stuff, the less you realize you actually want it?

Wish me luck!


Yes, I too have a hoarding issue with makeup….polishes….new girly things n ive been sorting through recently n giving away all lot of stuff. The only thing is because my friends know I love it they will bring me thier polishes n makeup too or buy me products that are on sale. Huh…. but hope you manage to stick to your commitment x

Jenny says:

Thanks, I hope so too! I’m hoping that all the stuff I haven’t tried yet will hold me over – new to me, and all that, ha. 🙂

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