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{April 10, 2014}   Dr. Dennis Gross Ferulic Acid + Retinol Skin Brightener: Review & Pics

I promised a review of this one awhile back.  I meant to do it after 2 weeks, but life got in the way.  Sorry I’ve been gone so long!  These pictures are about three weeks apart.

I bought this to help with some skin problems: specifically, blackheads and rough/scarred skin from acne.  As a reminder, here’s the “before” picture:


Interestingly, it doesn’t look as bad to me as I had thought it did.  But anyway, what I did was, the first week I used it, I used it just in the evenings, after washing my face.  I went to a gentle cleanser (Neutrogena) and used this like a toner, measuring a small amount of the dropper, patting on my face all over, and then I would give it a minute or two before my moisturizer.  But after a week of this I didn’t notice anything happening, really, and there was no irritation.  The product says you can use it twice a day, so I upped my use.

Here’s the “after” picture:


The pictures are angled differently, but I swear that’s the same side of my face.  I took the first directly and the second in the mirror, so I guess that’s why it’s different?  Anyway, you can still see some acne (ugh!), but the skin looks smoother, doesn’t it?  There are less bumps and roughness.

The acne isn’t the fault of the product – like I said, I didn’t experience any irritation.  At most, a slight tingling sensation after I apply it, which isn’t painful at all.

The product is applied with a dropper, which is good because it allows you to control how much you get.  It also comes with several lint-free pads you can use for application, but I only used those the first few days.  Then I started just applying it directly from my fingertips.  I think the pads are for spot application.  I’m not really sure what their benefit is – a lot of the product seemed to soak into the pad, and I felt that I got more of it onto my face from just my fingertips.

I really like this product, and I feel like it’s making a difference in my skin, however small.  But, I’m not 100% convinced I’ll buy another bottle after this one is done.  At $85, it’s pretty pricey, and for that price I feel like the difference I see should be a bit more dramatic.  I will probably try other options and decide what I like best.

So has anyone else used this product?  Any other tips or recommendations for other products that do something similar?


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