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{April 11, 2014}   Game of Thrones, Book 1: Thoughts

This is on the book series, not the television show. I haven’t watched the show yet and I won’t till I’m finished with the books. Yes, I know I’m getting into this late, but now I don’t have to wait so long as others between seasons, right?

I didn’t want to buy the Game of Thrones books because I knew they were a long, complicated series and that I’d get into it. I could see myself, up at two in the morning, trying to finish and going into work completely exhausted. But I finally got them on my Nook, the first five. I just finished Game of Thrones (if you were wondering where I was, that’s your answer). So here are some of my thoughts. This is sort of like being live reactions as I wrote a bunch of these down as I was reading:
1. There are tons of characters, and almost all of them are terrible! Let’s see…Cersei and Jaime are both gross and psychotic, Joffrey just needs to be tossed into a bonfire. Viserys is an idiot, and really mean. Catelyn Stark is less awful, but her blaming Jon for being his father’s bastard while forgiving the father is pretty crappy. “It should have been you”? God, maybe I hate her too. About the only adult (main) characters I don’t openly despise are Drogo, Ned Stark, and Tyrion Lannister. And I don’t “love to hate” them. I love to hate Regina on Once Upon a Time. I simply hate these characters.
2. Murdered wolf puppies. Murdered horses. Kids tossed out of windows. WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU, GEORGE R.R. MARTIN??????
3. Nice going, Catelyn. “Oh, let’s kidnap the king’s brother-in-law in the king’s own land! All these randos are totally on my father’s side, what could possibly go wrong?” That was probably the dumbest move in the entire book so far. Also, following that “Let’s take the high road, where tons of warrior savages will hunt and kill us!” Sometimes I carry around dum dum suckers and hand them out to people who deserve them. She needs a whole freaking bag.
4. Lysa totally killed her husband, didn’t she? I don’t know, I’m just guessing. But that was the vibe I got. I’m also guessing her son wasn’t her husband’s son, but I’ll admit that might be stretching it.
5. Yea, Viserys is dead! It’s hard to imagine someone so cruel could also be such a whiner, but there you go.
6. I really, really like Daenerys. I was also pleasantly surprised at the relationship she seems to be developing with Drogo. I expected him to be a cruel man, but they seem to get along all right, and the Dothraki seem like they’ve accepted her as their Khaleesi. So far. Really even though the Dothraki are described as savages, they seem the best of the lot of these jerks.
7. I’m thinking the show made some of the kids older than in the books because of the nature of their scenes and so forth. I was really confused at first and kept waiting for a 10 year time jump.
8. This Wall and Others mystery is interesting but we aren’t getting to spend a lot of time on it yet. I hope something comes of it.
9. Arya is great, but Sansa is a twit. This actually makes me think…are the direwolves the Stark kids’ souls? Is that what’s happening? I know she’s always kind of sucked, but I get the feeling that the wolves represent something to the kids, and the fact that Lady was killed means something for Sansa beyond the anger and sadness of her lost pet.
10. I’m guessing that the Lannisters are Slytherin, right? The Starks appear to be Gryffindor. No word on Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff yet. Also there are more houses than in Harry Potter. Maybe the comparison doesn’t really hold up.
11. I really thought that Ned was killed. I couldn’t figure out why all the Lannisters kept saying he was imprisoned. It seemed like a pretty bold lie. I guess I like him because I was happy that he wasn’t dead.
12. Apparently I spoke too soon…
13. Nooo!! Drogo! Sadface. I really liked him. Yeah, he was dumb for not paying attention to the witch (I forgot her name), but that sucked. I figured he was going to end up dead, I just didn’t realize it would be so soon.
14. Speaking off – hell yeah, Daenerys!! You burn that bitch who killed your husband and son on purpose and BIRTH THOSE MOTHERFUCKING DRAGONS!


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