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{April 27, 2014}   Game of Thrones, Book 2: Thoughts

I finished the second book and figured I’d do another list.  If I’m being 100% honest, this one didn’t thrill me like the first one did.  But I can’t not read it, otherwise I’d be confused.  Also I’ve already finished the third and I’m on to the fourth, so I can tell you it definitely picks up.

1. Joffrey’s basically a cartoon at this point. Beating on poor Sansa, having other people beat her, killing stray cats. He’s pathetic. And dumber than a box of hair.
2. Everyone’s a king! You’re a king, I’m a king, he’s a king! King king king king…
3. The whole deal with Melisandre and the “Lord of Light” feels like when Christianity was forced on the pagans. It’s uncomfortable, honestly.
4. Do Arya and Gentry end up together?
5. I knew that Theon was up to no good. Maybe one of the direwolves will rip out his throat.
6. Arya’s such a badass. If she and Daenerys ever got together, they’d end up ruling the world. I hope that’s how the series ends!
7. This book is like The Two Towers of this series. It’s kind of boring and seems like a lot of set up for later on.
8. So the warlocks were trying to kill/hurt Daenerys, but they were telling her the truth? I was a little confused about what happened there. I love that her Drogon rescued her by burning the place down. Awesome!
9. Holy crap, did they really just kill two little kids? With no fanfare? And Theon has bad dreams about it? Shut the fuck up and die in a fire, Theon. I hope that it’s Robb or Catelyn who gets to kill you.
10. Okay, so the Stark boys aren’t really dead? What exactly is the plan, and what purpose was mounting two heads on Winterfell? When the Starks storm you, are you planning on pulling the kids out of hiding all “Surprise, they aren’t dead!” You still killed a couple of kids, no matter who they are. I still hope you die horribly, and slowly.
11. I have to say, the Lannisters don’t seem all that intelligent. Not even Tyrion. They blew up a whole bunch of ships with wildfire, and I don’t think they have a way of putting them out. They remember that if they win they’ll still be living in King’s Landing, right? Do they intend to rule over a blackened ruin?
12. I really hate all the horses dying. I know I should probably care more about the people, but sorry, I don’t. They were soldiers who knew what could happen. The horses don’t. (Yes, I know they’re fictional!)
13. The mystery of the assassination attempt on Bran deepens, it seems.
14. Did Theon get double-crossed, or did that Reek guy just betray him? I couldn’t tell. Hopefully he dies. But you know what I’d actually like to see? Bad guys getting punished.
15. And there are the Stark boys. Clever! So Theon killed those other two kids to make it look like he found the boys at the place he thought they’d be. At least that makes sense, even if it’s evil.
16. So the book ends with Winterfell destroyed, and it sounds like the Stark army is pretty outnumbered. Let’s see what happens next! Hopefully it will be more evil people prospering and killing animals!*



Great point by point analysis.

I get what you were saying that Book Two was kind of a transitional set up, but for me, it really introduced magic more heavily, but also uncomfortable situations for the book reader.

– I want Stannis to win and kill Joffrey. Yay!
– I want Stannis to lose because I don’t want Tyrion killed.
– I want Stannis to win, because I like that Ser Davos guy.
– But I don’t want Stannis to impose Melisandre’s religious situation on Westeros! Smoke demon babies! What?!?!

It was killing me before the Battle of Blackwater. I didn’t know what I wanted.

And that was awesome.

Jenny says:

Thank you! I agree re: not knowing what you wanted with the book. I didn’t really know either! What I did like about the book is that (in my opinion) you can’t be 100% for any side. There’s good characters and bad characters in every house. Sometimes I change my mind page by page who I want to win!

Completely agree! Hope you enjoy the next books, Clash of Kings was still pretty good, but Storm of Swords is great. (If I’m wrong, feel free to tell me so.)

Best regards.

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