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{April 30, 2014}   Cover Girl Limited Edition Glosstinis Catching Fire: Swatches & Review

I wonder if I can make all my makeup/beauty reviews related to a book?  Eh, probably not.  Okay, so these are the Cover Girl LE Catching Fire nail polishes.  They came out earlier this year as a promotion of the movie, Catching Fire.  You may have heard about it.  I read the whole series earlier this year when I was sick with pertussis and needed to do something other than cough.  I really enjoyed it, way more than I thought I would.  I’ve seen The Hunger Games because it’s available on Netflix, but I haven’t seen Catching Fire yet.

Did anyone see the China Glaze LEs that were released with the first movie?  I have only one, Smoke & Ashes.  To be honest, that collection was pretty but didn’t really thrill me.  The colors were kind of blah, in my opinion, and I didn’t see much that I would wear.  I do love Smoke & Ashes, though!

Here’s a shot of the collection:


I was trying for something artsy here.  The photos are small, but clickable.  From the top, left to right: Sulfur Blaze, Flamed Out, Rouge Red, Inferno, Pyro Pink, Violet Flicker, Seared Bronze, Scalding Emerald, Black Heat.

Nail wheel swatches:


Same order as above, and all are three coats.  This is on my windowsill, trying to capture some light – it’s not dirty, just old.  The real colors are pretty true to the photo.

Sulfur Blaze: a kind of sunshine yellow with a glass fleck finish.

Flamed Out: a fiery orange glass fleck that looks like it has almost gold flecks.  To me it looks very similar to Zoya Aimee, so I’ll have to do a comparison at some point.  Because of that, the only reason I bought it was that it would be the only one of the collection I wouldn’t own.

Rouge Red: an awesome true red with those same goldish flecks as Flamed Out.  I’m wearing this one right now as a full mani and I love it!

Inferno: in my opinion, the standout of the entire collection!  A maroon glass fleck that’s just stunning on!

Pyro Pink: a pretty, fuchsia-toned pink with blue flecks.  I’m not big on pink, but this one’s nice.

Violet Flicker: a grapey kind of purple with blue flecks.  I love this one, I don’t think I have anything similar in my collection.

Seared Bronze: a pretty bronze shade that has flecks of blue, pink, and an almost dark red depending on how the light hits it.  I’ve read it’s a full on dupe for OPI’s Warm & Fozzie, but I don’t have that one so I can’t do a comparison.

Scalding Emerald: this one surprised me.  It doesn’t appear that way on the nail wheel, but it starts out pretty sheer, so be aware of that if you purchase.  A kind of army green with all sorts of gold, blue, and pink flecks.

Black Heat: I’ve read other reviews that say this one is a deep forest green, but it looks black to me.  I love black polishes (you should see my collection of black with silver shimmers…it’s embarrassing), so this one was a winner for me.  Creamy black with greenish and blue flecks.

The formula on all these was great, no issues.  I guess they could’ve switched it up with the finishes a bit, but the point of these polishes was fire, and the glass fleck and shimmer makes them look very fiery, so I appreciate that.  Also doesn’t hurt that it’s one of my favorite nail polish finishes, of course!

I bought mine at Walgreens for like $3.99/bottle, but I’ve also seen them as CVS.  I saw full sizes at a Walgreens somewhere, but mostly these are just little mini versions of the full Cover Girl shades.

I hope you enjoyed this review!  I kind of suck at describing colors, but the colors on the photos are pretty true to life.  I think my photos are getting a bit better.  Next step is a lightbox, I think, and then maybe trying to take the pictures of my hands again!


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