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{May 14, 2014}   Literary Lacquers Dracula Collection: Swatches & Review

I’m going to try to start posting a bit more regularly.  Every time I think that, though, life happens, so we’ll see how successful I am.  I was going to do a NOTD post but the weather here is cruddy and I couldn’t get a good picture of the polish I’m wearing.  So I decided to do this review instead.

Oh, Literary Lacquers, how I love you.  You take two of my favorite things – books and nail polish – and combine them in such beautiful ways!

This is the Dracula collection.  I believe it was a Halloween collection from a couple of years ago?  I’m not entirely sure.  But they are all available on her Etsy site so they weren’t a LE.

I love the book Dracula.  I love the Gary Oldman movie, and I especially love the recent NBC series that came out last year and will likely be cancelled.  So clearly when I saw this collection, I had to own them all.

Lucky for my wallet, there were only three.  All pics are clickable:


Left to right: Lucy, Mina, The Count.  Three coats (with accidental Lucy smudge).

Over two coats Orly Liquid Vinyl:


Left to right, The Count, Mina, Lucy.  Two coats over black.

I think The Count really loses something over the black, don’t you?  I love all the different glitters in the polish but here you can’t see them.  And can I just say Miss Murray, you are simply divine.  My favorite of the collection.

Mina and Lucy over purple (former) and red (latter):


Left to right: two coats Mina over Orly Wild Wisteria, two coats Lucy over OPI Sanguine (aka Royal Rajah Ruby).

I think I like these two over the complementary colors better than over the black.  I think it adds something, whereas with the black it just looks like black polish with colorful glitters added.

I hope you enjoyed this review!


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