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{May 14, 2014}   The Blacklist: Berlin Conclusion, Season Finale

So I don’t just read books and play with makeup…I watch TV too!  (I know, I am full of surprises!)  The Blacklist is my favorite new show of the season*, largely because James Spader is super awesome in it.  I just watched the season finale and I thought I’d share my observations.  Needless to say, spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen it!

1. Look, Alan Alda is back!  I can’t remember anything I have ever seen him in, but it’s always fun to see him.  He’s the head of what I like to call Evil United Nations (some people would probably just call it United Nations I guess).

2. He cut off his hand?  Who cut off who’s hand???  (Note: important later!)

3. Oh, Creepy Carl, don’t ever change.  I love your hair BTW.  Kisses!

4. They’re targeting the task force.  Is it sad that the only one I’m worried about is Ressler?  I love that big dumb lug.  Clearly Red and Liz aren’t going down.  Also I should warn you now, I think Ressler and Liz belong together.  Shut up.  They are perfect for each other.  You’ll see!

5. What does it say about me that once Tom revealed he was evil, he got like 100 times hotter?  Seriously, has this guy always been this good looking?  (Hey, do you guys remember that episode earlier in the season where he mocked the idea of being “Tom Bond”?  I bet that’s his secret fantasy!  I bet he practices his Sean Connery impression in the mirror every morning.)

6. MEERA!  NO!!  I liked her. 😦

7. And Harold too???  They’re just cutting through the main cast, aren’t they?  Watch your back, IT Guy.  Also way to go Fake Berlin, hanging out and watching the murder and checking him off your list.  Way to be undercover about your top secret task force killing mission.

8. Oh yeah, I forgot.  No way does this show hire Peter Stormare and make him some tiny one off role.  He’s clearly Keyser Soze, and I couldn’t be more excited about it.  I’ve missed you, Abruzzi!

9. Cute doggie!  I love how Red’s all offended that people think he might hurt a dog and then tosses a knife into that guy’s leg.

10. There’s a whole thing about the escaped convicts from the plane being interviewed and recorded.  It’s largely exposition.  Who cares about these dudes?  ON WITH THE BLOODSHED!

11. There we are!  Alan Alda found Fake Berlin’s hiding spot and Reddington just goes and murders a ton of people on his way.  It’s nice that he has a hobby he enjoys so much.

12. Now Liz is caught by Tom!  Seriously, has he always been this hot?

13. It’s the big showdown!  Fake Berlin goes down way too easy.  He just wasn’t scary.  Obviously somebody’s lackey.  I wonder if Tom knew he was fake?  I guess it doesn’t matter now, right?

14. HOLY CRAP I CAN’T BELIEVE THEY JUST OFFED TOM!  Wow.  Did they?  That’s the one thing tonight that really surprised me.

15. Tom whispered something in Liz’s ear.  My personal speculation on that can be found below.

16. Throughout the episode Liz tries to get Red to talk to her about Sam, her adoptive father, and her biological father.  All he tells her is that Sam took her in after an old friend showed up with her on his doorstep and said that her dad was dead and she needed protection.  Again, my personal spec on this is below.

17. And Red knew it was Fake Berlin the whole time, but wanted Real Berlin to think he thought he was dead.  There’s no lexical ambiguity in that sentence at all, right?

18. SPEAKING OF LEXICAL AMBIGUITY.  Wow, IT Guy, you’ve never been so hot as when you were solving the mystery using the power of Grammar!  Um.  Does this mean IT Guy is my soulmate?

19. Who didn’t realize who Berlin really was?  We’re all seen The Usual Suspects, we know how this works.

20. So Red and Berlin have the same picture of that girl.  First off, that photo is not that great.  Second, I remember Red pulling that from the Stewmaker episode.  Assuming this is Berlin’s daughter (who else could it be?), how did he get pieces of her if the Stewmaker got hold of her?  Wasn’t his thing people stew?  Also, who is she to Red?

21. Tom might be alive!  No body = no death in TV World, you know.

22. Aaaaaand Red has burn scars on his back!  Okay, my gut reaction is duh, he’s her father.  And on that, we close out the season.

Okay!  This was a fun episode and a fun end to a largely enjoyable first season.  So I have some thoughts:

I think that Tom actually told Liz the identify of her biological father when he whispered to her, but she lied to Red to see his reaction.  “Your father’s still alive”?  Kinda lame dying words.  Going along with that, I have a couple different opinions on the Red-Liz relationship.  At the beginning of the season, I was convinced he was her father.  As the season progressed and they didn’t tell us, I became less sure.  I don’t think Berlin is her father, which is speculation I’ve seen elsewhere.  I suppose it’s possible I’m wrong about that, but I don’t think I am, unless Red knows Berlin by a different name.  But I don’t think it’s that complicated.  I also don’t think that she’s the daughter he abandoned when he became a criminal.  I don’t know how old Liz is supposed to be, but if I recall correctly, he abandoned his family (or they were killed) around 1990.  I think if she’s in her late 20s she would’ve been old enough in 1990 to remember him and remember being part of a different family.  So if she’s his daughter, she’s from a different, likely very secret relationship.

The reason I think it’s possible she’s not his daughter is that he’s putting her in danger by hanging around her and making it obvious how important she is to him.  He told her that he wouldn’t tell her her father’s name because it would put her in danger.  More danger than she’s already been in this season?  I mean, Anslo Garrick kidnapped her because it was obvious how much Red cared about her.  Berlin was tracking her for years for the same reason.  So I guess my real question (and I doubt the show will give us an answer) is why he approached her in the first place.  If he really wanted to keep her safe he never would’ve gone near her.

Anyway!  As I said, fun show.  My only complaint is that Ressler and Liz got so little screen time together tonight.  But since he didn’t die (hooray!) I suppose there’s always next season!

*Besides Dracula, which is likely not going to be renewed.



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