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{May 18, 2014}   Fingrs Heart 2 Art Nail Tattoos: Review

I suck at nail art.  I have tried and tried but I just can’t do more than dots or a shaky leopard print.  I thought stamping would be my salvation, but sadly I am also not that great at that either.  So what’s a girl to do when she wants fun nail art but can’t accomplish it herself?

Answer: nail tattoos.  So easy!  So many designs!

I found the Fingrs set at Wal-Mart and since it was so inexpensive (like $4) I bought it to try it out rather than ordering something from online.  They had several different design options, but I picked the fancy romantic letters one because I love words:


The instructions were super easy.  Paint your nails and let them dry.  Then, peel the backing off of a tattoo strip, dip in water, and apply to the nail.  Simple, right?  Impossible for even a klutz like me to fuck up.  I assembled my supplies:


I pained my nails with OPI’s Don’t Touch My Tutu!, a white jelly, and let it dry.  Then I picked two of the designs and cut them in half to use on two of my nails.  The Claire’s polish went on the others, as a backup in case this process was more difficult than I thought.

It wasn’t, but I did mess one of them up because I forgot to also peel the clear plastic cover off before dipping the tattoo in water.  So yeah, don’t forget to do that.  Otherwise, they applied really easy and I removed the excess with nail polish remover.


So my thumb and ring finger are tattooed, and the others just painted.  The tattoo did crinkle a tiny bit on the nail after I applied topcoat, but I did use my Julep Freedom so maybe it did that because of the curing process?  It wasn’t super noticeable, but it bugged me.

Can you figure out what my other problem with the tattoos is?  The designs are way too big for most nails.  I guess I could have cut them differently, but I do think regardless the designs should’ve been smaller to accommodate nails.  Other than that, I was pretty pleased with how easy it was.  Removal was easy as well, no issues with nail polish remover.

Do you use nail tattoos?


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