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{May 25, 2014}   A Different Kind of NOTD: Gran’s Birthday Manicure!

Today is my grandmother’s birthday.  She turned 94!  Crazy, right?  I’m so lucky to have her around still.

My gran loves having her nails done.  Where she used to live, she would actually get gel manicures, which she liked because they wouldn’t chip.  But we moved her recently and either the new place doesn’t do the gels or she hasn’t had the chance to find out about it.  So when I went to visit her today, my mom suggested I take some colors for her to pick from and do her nails.

From my little assortment, she picked Orly Lift the Veil, a pale pink I usually use for French manicures.  This surprised me, because her favorite colors are red and blue.  But since it’s a lighter color, it won’t show chips too badly, and hopefully will take her through till she can sort out getting her nails done professionally.

Over Lift the Veil I put this sparkly polish she had sitting around in her apartment.  I should’ve checked to name and brand, but I forgot.  Anyway, here is two coats Lift the Veil and one coat unknown sparklies:


Happy Birthday, Gran!


Hope your grandmother had a wonderful birthday! Her mani looks fab!

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