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{May 26, 2014}   NOTD: Memorial Day Nails

Okay, I’m sorry…I’ll have something new soon, rather than NOTD!  But they’re so easy and fun, and I’m working on my picture taking.

Today is Memorial Day in the United States.  We take the opportunity to thank those who lost their lives defending our country.

This is Orly Black Hole, from the FX line earlier this year/end of last year (I think?).  This one was a huge lemming for me for the longest time, it was sold out everywhere I went searching!  Then I was in Sally’s one day and happened to glance at the bargain bin, and lo and behold, there she was!  This is three coats:


I had planned on doing a beachy fun manicure with some of my China Glaze neons and gold glitter, but that fell through after I screwed it up for the third time and I refused to put all that work in again for a fourth try.  Maybe another day.  I found this gem hiding in my untrieds and I thought it was appropriate for today.  Black Hole is a black jelly packed with red, white, and blue glitters.  Gothic patriotic!


I don’t own that many Orlys, and every time I wear one I wonder why.  Their formulas are pretty great, and I love the rubberized bottle cap.  This one was pretty thick because of all the glitters, and I needed two layers of topcoat to even it out.  I also chipped it pretty unfortunately about five minutes after this picture was taken.

I hope you enjoyed this polish!  I’m still working my way through the fourth Game of Thrones!  My plan to read it over the weekend by the pool fell through when I realized I couldn’t see the screen on my Nook!


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