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{May 30, 2014}   Reading Rainbow!

Reading Rainbow, you guys!  Otherwise known as, the best kids’ show of ALL TIME!

I, like many around my age, watched RR when I was in school.  LeVar Burton played a HUGE roll in how much I love books and reading.  In fact, when I was in college I thought I was going to get to meet him and it was the most exciting thing in the world.  (Spoiler alert: I didn’t, and I’m still very sad about it!)  The theme song sometimes gets stuck in my head, even now.

Yesterday a Kickstarter to bring Reading Rainbow back launched (I guess that’s the proper terminology for Kickstarter?).  The goal was something like $1 million.

As of this writing, LeVar Burton has raised over $2 million.  Two million dollars.  In twenty-four hours.  That actually makes me cry happy tears.  Clearly, I am not the only person who loved Reading Rainbow.

The funding period runs till July.  I get paid next week and I’ll be kicking in some $$.  I don’t have kids of my own, but I have nieces, and I can’t wait to share RR with them.

That’s all I have right now.  I just wanted to share my excitement that RR will be back (in app form, but whatever) to enchant a new generation of kids.

Sing it with me: “Take a look, it’s in a book, a reading rainbow….”!

If you’re interested, here’s the Kickstarter link:

Edit: Okay, that is not the Kickstarter link, that is the video from the Kickstarter page.  Hmm.  I am not technologically savvy at all.  Okay, if you go to kickstarter.com and search “Reading Rainbow” you will find it!


Completely agree with the first sentence! I was so excited to see him reach his goal so fast. I wonder how much they’ll be able to raise with like a month left.

Jenny says:

They announced a $5 million stretch goal yesterday and they’re up over $3 million already!

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