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{May 31, 2014}   OPI Summer 2014 Neons: Swatches & Review

Hi!  I hope everyone’s weekend is going well!  I have been mainly relaxing at home, but I’m also playing nursemaid to a sick doggie so I am mostly staying in.

Today I have the OPI summer 2014 neons collection to show you.  I don’t think the collection has a name other than summer neons, but if you see one let me know!  Let me tell you, I had to drive like forty miles to get them!  (This sounds more impressive before I tell you I basically live in the boonies, so even the grocery store is about 10 miles away.)  I don’t know why, but it seems like the Sally’s around me never get the spring/summer collections.  Last summer I went to three or four different Sally’s, hunting for China Glaze Sunsationals, with no luck.  So of course they didn’t have them at all.  I then tried my closest Ulta, which was a bust.  But I wasn’t about to be deterred!  I really wanted those neons!  And so I drove way out of my way to another Ulta and the first thing I saw when I walked through the door was the display!  I was so excited I bought all of them, even the white base which I’d planned to skip.


OPI is my favorite mainstream polish brand.  I love them – the colors, the collections, the pro-wide brush.  The formulas are typically consistent and it’s rare I have problems.  OPI was the first polish brand I ever bought of good quality polishes (OPI Baby It’s “Coal” Outside! if you’re curious), so I’m sentimental that way.

This is the first time I’ve actually tried swatching on my hands instead of the nail wheel.  I think I did okay!  Each swatch is 3 coats.  On the index and middle fingers I put on two coats of Put a Coat On!, the white base.  On the ring finger I used my OPI base coat, to show the difference between using the white.  All are topped with a coat of Seche Vite.  Pics are clickable:


Life Gave Me Lemons.  This one’s a yellow, but from the bottle I expected some green.  I think it’s a greenish-toned yellow, and while neon it’s not as eye-searing as, say, Orly Glowstick (this isn’t a con).  You can see on my index finger I had some balding and dragging issues.  Overall this one was one of the more difficult formulas to work with, but considering it’s yellow I wasn’t surprised!


You Are So Outta Lime! is a kind of minty green.  I like it!  Green is my favorite color, and it’s different from every other green neon I’ve seen out there.  I had fewer issues with this formula.  The ring finger doesn’t look too different, does it?  I bet you could get away with this one without the white base, if you didn’t want to take all the time for it to dry.


Down To The Core-al.  Wow.  This is a cruddy photo in terms of color, but I posted it because the bottle shot is true.  I took several other photos in different lighting and none of them were as good as this one.  But this one’s a real stunner!  There’s a hidden shimmer that shows up once you apply topcoat that really makes it stand out from the typical matte neons.  For me, the standout of the collection!  Which is crazy, because I don’t really like corals.  The formula was great, too.  You can see a little spot on my index finger, but that’s actually not balding – that’s where I messed up the polish and then covered it up.


Juice Bar Hopping.  I moved the swatch party outside to see if I’d have better luck with the pictures.  Traffic cone orange, but not eye-searingly so.  Love it!  Seriously, when you’re dealing in neon, go big or go home, am I right?  Again, great formula.


Hotter Than You Pink.  I’m not a big pink polish fan, but for some reason that goes out the window when it comes to neons.  Whoops, ignore my sadly unpolished pinky!  This color is very bright Barbie-ish, but it has this subtle awesome blue shimmer that almost makes it look iridescent.  Again, formula was good, no streaky issues.


Push & Pur-pull.  This isn’t really a neon, but I like dark/bright colors.  It’s different from the others in collection – is this a jelly?  It looks very squishy and doesn’t dry matte.  The formula was a little tricky to work with, but no worse than Life Gave Me Lemons.

Overall, I’m pleased with this collection.  I love that the bottles are full size too!  My picks are You Are So Outta Lime!, Down to the Core-al, and Push & Pur-pull.  I’m also glad I picked up Put A Coat On!, the white base.  It acted as a base coat so I could skip that step, and it dried way faster than the other white I’d previously used as a neon base (China Glaze White on White).

So what do you think?  Are you going to get any of them?


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