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{June 7, 2014}   Comparison: Nyx Snow White & MAC Dubonnet

I promised this one awhile ago and I’m finally getting around to it!  Everyone knows I’ve been searching for the perfect red lip forever.  I had seen MAC Dubonnet swatched in various places and thought the deep red might work for me and also that the brownish tones would help prevent the dreaded pink fade.  However, I balked a bit at the price tag.  $16 was a bit more than I wanted to spend on a lipstick if I wasn’t sure if I’d like it.

Enter Nyx Snow White.  I found it while searching for a dupe, and at about $3.99 the price was right.  She was tucked away in a little display at my local CVS.  I was very happy with the color, but the staying power was a bit lacking.  So I broke down and bought MAC:


They look pretty similar in the tube.  Here’s another shot:


And here’s the swatch.  One day I’ll figure out how to take pictures of me actually wearing the lipstick:


That’s Nyx on the left, MAC on the right.  As you can see, the colors are very similar, but not the same.  Dubonnet definitely has more brown.  But they’re pretty close, and you probably don’t need to own both.

Staying power?  Well, I already mentioned that Snow White is okay, but does tend to fade out.  It lasts longer than I would anticipate a drugstore lipstick to last, but is usually mostly gone by lunch.  Also, it’s creamier than Dubonnet, so feathering is definitely an issue.

Dubonnet has more staying power, and works fantastic with a lip pencil too.  I prefer the more brown shade to Snow White.  But, and this surprised me, it has feathering issues too!  Not as bad as Snow White, but you need to be careful with application.  In fact, I’d hesitate to use Dubonnet without a lip pencil, and even then I’ve noticed stray marks.

Bottom line: if you’re on a budget, Snow White is passably dupey for Dubonnet, but you do get what you pay for.  I’d recommend the MAC if price isn’t that big an issue.


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