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{June 19, 2014}   NOTD: Half Moon Manicure

Hi everyone!  NOTD is my first ever half moon mani!  It was shockingly, shockingly easy to do.  Here:

CG Turned Up Turquoise, piCture pOlish Vampire

This is China Glaze Turned Up Turquoise and piCture pOlish Vampire, topped with Julep Freedom topcoat.  The half moons are a bit bigger than I think they’re supposed to be, but for the first time I’m pretty pleased.  I did three coats of China Glaze, dried (fast because it’s a neon), and then two coats of Vampire over top.  That…took longer to dry.  In fact, in the photo, it’s still not 100% dry even after curing the topcoat.  But I love it!  I like the style and I love the contrast with the bright fun color and the vampy darker one.  I wanted to do a fun summery mani that was still work-appropriate, and I think this fits the bill!  I have a party this Saturday so I’m thinking perhaps I will sponge on some glitter and go.

Originally I was going to do a review of a totally crap lip product I picked up yesterday, but since the nails are taking so long to dry I guess I’ll leave that to another day.

What do you think?  Do you like half moon manis?


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