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{July 2, 2014}   Fourth of July Nails

I must confess, Independence Day isn’t my favorite holiday.  It doesn’t even make the top five.  But I love fireworks, and it seems like this year especially it’s important to remember why our country (if you are American) is really, actually great.  I’ve been busy lately watching soccer (hell yeah Tim Howard!), getting my orange belt in Tai-Jitsu (go me!), and banging my head against the wall after reading the Hobby Lobby decision.  I was going to do a huge post on that, but my little fluffy blog really isn’t the place for it.  However, since this is a reading blog, I will say: read the opinion, and Justice Ginsburg’s dissent.  Very interesting stuff.

Amazingly, though, I did find some time to paint my nails:

2014-07-02 19.13.12

I usually don’t do much on the Fourth, but this year I’ll be at the beach with family, watching my nieces play with sparklers.  I’m hoping this lasts till then.  I’ve been really loving these pale/nude manis lately.  Usually in the summer I’m all about the brights and neons, but this year I’m more into pale shades that are just pretty.

This slanted (purposely!) French manicure was done with a base of two coats of OPI No Bees Please (my absolute favorite nude, it matches my bare fingernail color pretty much perfectly), and the tip was done with a KISS white striper.  Dots are OPI Kennebunk-Port (red) and OPI Unfor-Greta-Bly Blue (blue).

I want to say the original inspiration was from the blog Rebecca Likes Nails, but I can’t remember.  If I find it I will edit and let you know!

Happy Fourth of July, American peeps!


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