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{July 19, 2014}   Swatch Saturday: Black Cat Zodiac Polishes, Part 1

Good morning, all! Hope you have a fun weekend planned! I will be rushing about this way and that and in between all that, hopefully enjoying some time with family and friends. But before the madness starts, I have the first six of the Black Cat zodiac polishes that I’ve been promising for weeks!

I’m doing a new thing, Swatch Saturday.  I know other nail bloggers do something similar.  I am going to try posting swatches each Saturday.  It probably won’t work out all the time, but I’m going to try.

I enjoy astrology and was intrigued when I read about Black Cat’s zodiac-themed collection.  I had never bought a polish from them before, but I figured why not and ordered a few.  I liked them so much that I had to get the whole collection!  So here are the first six, by order of horoscope.  Regarding formula, they are all jellies, and all benefited from the daubbing method, but were very easy to work with otherwise.  They are all three coats, topped by Seche Vite:

1 Aries 3 coats

Aries.  This is a red jelly packed with black, silver, and red glitter.  Some of the glitter seems holographic in the light.  It’s beautiful and perfect for an Aries’s fiery personality!

2 Taurus 3 coats

Taurus.  This is a blue jelly with green, blue, and brown glitter and a slight holo shimmer.  This one surprised me; I would have expected this to be a water sign polish.  It’s very pretty though, and soothing.  I guess that’s the Taurus nature, to be relaxed and un-rushed!

3 Gemini 3 coats

Gemini.  A cream-colored jelly/cream (crelly?) filled with silver, gold, and yellow circle glitter.  This is more like it, perfect for a Gemini’s airiness (but not air-headed!).  I loved this one way more than I expected to.  After swatching, I put it on as a full mani and wore it for two days!

4 Cancer 3 coats 1 coat over Orly Liquid Vinyl

Cancer.  This one is a topper, though I guess you can wear it alone.  It’s white and grey glitter in various shapes in a clear base with a rainbow/holo shimmer.  Seems great for Cancer’s sweet dreaminess.  This one I showed alone and then over Orly Liquid Vinyl.  I like this – last year on my birthday I wore this over my own horoscope polish (which we will get to eventually!) as my birthday mani.

5 Leo 3 coats

Leo.  This one is an orange holo with what appear to be yellow glitter flecks.  Again, a fiery color for a fiery personality!

6 Virgo 3 coats

Virgo.  Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!  I am a sucker for greens, and this is an amazing one.  It’s a foresty-emerald green jelly packed with gold flakes.  Brings to mind a Virgo’s earthiness.

So those are the first six Black Cat zodiacs!  What do you think?  I will have the rest of them for you next week!

You can buy Black Cat at: http://blackcatlacquer.bigcartel.com/

Happy weekend!


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