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{July 24, 2014}   Orly Baked Nail Art & Review

Hi all!  Is anyone feeling ready for Autumn yet?  I love summer (I live in Florida, I would have to!) but around this time of year I always start thinking about boots, cozy sweaters, and Halloween!  Joke’s on me I think, considering that I won’t be wearing my boots OR my cozy sweaters till at least mid-November.
Anyway…I also love fall nail polish releases!  I’ve been seeing the swatches of the OPI Nordic collection, and I’m jonesing BADLY for about half of them!  Also I’ve heard rumors about Zoya’s “Game of Tones” collection…WANT.  I was at Sally’s today, and I asked if they’d be getting the OPI, since my Sally’s hardly ever gets new collections, and even when they do get them, it’s usually a few months after.  Surprisingly, not only were they getting them, but they had them already!  However, I was told they weren’t allowed to sell or put them on the floor till August 6.  Guess where I’ll be that day!

To tide myself over, I got a mini set of the Orly Baked collection:


That’s Tropical Pop, Ablaze, Hot Tropics, and Saturated from left to right.  I really wanted a full size Ablaze, but they didn’t have it – sold out.  So I figured how often am I going to wear the polish anyway?  This little collection was just about a dollar over a full size bottle, and I got four colors.

I didn’t swatch them, because it’s Wednesday and I don’t have time.  Also, let me tell you, Tropical Pop was a PITA and I wouldn’t have wanted to swatch it.  Ugh.  What is it about yellows – they are universally crap formulas!

I wanted to do a gradient, and I tried – oh, how I tried!  It sucked.  I have come to the conclusion that gradients are just out of my league.  No matter how hard I try, they always suck, and they never improve!  Sigh.

So I did some really simple nail art instead:

2014-07-23 20.01.05

That’s Ablaze and Saturated on finger, middle, and pinky, and Tropical Pop and Hot Tropics on my ring.  The formula on Ablaze and Hot Tropics was great, and they are filled with pretty flickers so they sort of shimmer but not.  Saturated was a purple creme that dried slightly matte.  Nice formula on that one, too.  As I said earlier, Tropical Pop was a PITA, the only one I had to do three coats.  My thumb, which you can’t see, is still a tiny bit streaky.

Oh well.  I would actually recommend them all except for Tropical Pop, unless you really love the color and are prepared to handle the tricky formula!


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