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{July 27, 2014}   Swatch Saturday: Black Cat Zodiac Polishes, Part 2

Yeah, so this was supposed to have been yesterday.  Oops!  I spent the day with my sister and when I got home was too tired.  Anyway, here is the second half of Black Cat’s zodiac collection.  What I said previously about the formulas for the first half is consistent with the second: they are jellies, and benefit from daubbing, but otherwise the formulas are great.

7 Libra 3 coats 1 coat over Orly Liquid Vinyl

Libra. This is 3 coats, and on the pinky it’s 1 coat over Orly Liquid Vinyl.  It’s an iridescent glitter topper with a rainbowy shimmer.  It’s very pretty, and brings to mind Libra’s desire for gentle harmony.

8 Scorpio 3 coats

Ooh, Scorpio’s polish would be black, right?  I think I would’ve been disappointed if it were anything else!  Black holo with some blue/purple shimmer.  Excellent and dangerous!

9 Sagittarius 3 coats

Sagittarius.  This one is mine!  I was a tiny bit disappointed it wasn’t red, because I am not a huge pink fan.  But this grew on me!  It’s a raspberry holo with gold flakies.  It feels very Sagittarian to me – like, you look at it and think you know what you’re getting, but it’s a bit unpredictable and you need to really see it to decide.

10 Capricorn 3 coats

Capricorn.  Ugh, brown.  No offense, Capricorns (or people who like brown), but it’s my least favorite color.  I probably wouldn’t have bought it except it’s part of this set.  But it makes sense, as Capricorn is an Earth sign, and it’s a very steady, dependable polish.  It does have some blue flash, so there’s that.

11 Aquarius 3 coats

Aquarius.  I always think Aquarius is a water sign, I guess because of the water-bearer symbol.  But it isn’t.  It’s air.  This is a really cool purple with lots of different glitters and rainbow shimmer.  You have to fish for the glitters, and I wasn’t successful in getting any stars out, but it’s really beautiful and unusual, like the Aquarian nature.

12 Pisces 3 coats

Pisces.  Our last zodiac polish is a bright blue jelly with a slight green duochrome.  It’s pretty, it’s watery, it’s lovely for Pisces.

Okay, there you have it.  I really love this collection and I plan on owning more Black Cat polishes in the future.  I feel like a lot of thought went into these polishes, not just tossing some color and mixers together and slapping some names on.

You can buy Black Cat polishes at: http://www.blackcatlacquer.bigcartel.com.


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