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{August 9, 2014}   Swatch Saturday: OPI Brazil Collection (Partial)

Hi everyone!  Hope you all have some fun activities planned for the weekend!  I am going out tonight with my siblings for my sister’s birthday.  We all live within 45 minutes of each other and decided recently we need to make the effort to spend more time together.  I’m excited, it’s going to be fun!

For today’s Swatch Saturday I have a few polishes from the OPI Brazil collection, which was the Spring/Summer 2014 collection.  I have to admit, the collection really didn’t speak to me when it was brand new.  I’m not sure why – a lot of the colors are nice, and it got good reviews on other sites.  I guess it just looked very similar to colors I already owned?  Anyway, I only bought two of them originally (Amazon…Amazoff and Live.Love.Carnaval) and then yesterday my Sally’s was have a buy 2 get 1 free sale, so I picked up a few others.  And here they are!

The formula on all of these was great.  On Amazon…Amazoff and Live.Love.Carnaval it was a tiny bit tricky, but no worse than the summer OPI Neons.  And worth it, because the colors are amazing!  These are all three coats, but in some cases you could probably get away with two:

2014-08-09 07.19.05

Don’t Bossa Nova Me Around.  Great name!  I love OPI names, they are so cute.  This is a nice sort of lavender-toned neutral creme.  I picked it up about five times before deciding that if I kept gravitating to it, I should probably buy it!  You know I’ve been loving the neutrals lately, and this one has enough of a pale purplish tint to avoid gross mannequin hands.

2014-08-09 07.27.39

Next Stop…The Bikini Zone.  This is a shimmery sort of purple-toned polish with sparkle.  It’s supposed to duochrome, but I don’t really see that.  There’s some VNL, but probably another coat would take care of that.  I like it.  I think it’ll look awesome layered over black, for fall/winter.  It sort of reminds me of butter London Knackered, except Knackered is more sheer and the sparkle is holographic.

2014-08-09 07.38.31

Live.Love.Carnaval.  I have such a love-hate relationship with this polish!  It’s a nice pink-toned coral, very bright but not neon.  The first time I ever wore it, though, the formula was such a PITA that I almost got rid of it!  But I didn’t, and I’m glad.  I don’t know why I had such a hard time with the formula the first go-round, when I swatched it it wasn’t that bad.

2014-08-09 07.50.32

Red Hot Rio.  This is such a great red!!  It’s a creme but does have that slight squishiness of a jelly.  It reminds me of Disney’s Midnight Hour, except this is clearly a hot summer polish.  Love!

2014-08-09 08.06.54

Amazon…Amazoff.  This is a deep teal-toned creme with a very, very hidden shimmer.  Like, you can’t see it in the pictures, it’s so hidden.  I really love this color, and with it being darker I think it will be fine for fall too!

So there you have it!  The five polishes from the Brazil collection I own.  I also picked up recently seven (!!) of the Nordic collection, so I will have those for you next week!

Happy weekend!


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