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{September 1, 2014}   Review: Stila Skincare

Happy Labor Day!  I had a busy weekend with friends and family.  No patriotic mani this time; I didn’t have time to re-do my nails!

Awhile back I bought some Stila skincare products.  I’ve been using them now a few weeks and thought I’d give you a little review.  Here they are:


That’s Stila Glowing Reviews exfoliator, Coming Clean face wash, and Face the Day gel moisturizer.  I use Coming Clean most often, then Glowing Reviews a few times a week and the moisturizer every day.

I don’t have a picture of the product list, sadly.  I threw away the boxes and forgot to take a picture.  Dumb me!

Anyway, I got the moisturizer at Ulta and the other two at Nordstrom Rack at a discounted price.

Coming Clean has a nice, fresh rosy kind of scent.  It doesn’t smell chemically, and the rose isn’t overpowering.  You don’t need a lot of the product.  It cleans well but doesn’t remove makeup, so you’ll need a separate remover.  My skin doesn’t feel stripped or dry after using it.  It’s nice; I like it.

Glowing Reviews has the same scent as Coming Clean.  It’s a fine, grainy mix that doesn’t feel super harsh on my skin.  I could probably use it every evening and be okay, but remember I have pretty oily skin.  Again, it exfoliates but  my skin doesn’t feel stripped or dry after using it.

Face the Day is a gel moisturizer.  Again, it has the same rose scent, but it doesn’t linger which I really like.  I don’t like my makeup having a scent because I wear perfumes and perfume oils.  It does the job, meaning it moisturizes without making my skin feel heavy or greasy.  It compares pretty well to my HG moisturizer, Mario Badescu collagen.  However, it does not have SPF.  I’ve been using a BB cream with SPF to make up for this.

Would I buy them again?  Coming Clean and Glowing Reviews, yes, provided I found them at Nordstrom Rack or some other discount place.  I am happy with how my skin looks and feels, and most ecstatic that I’ve had fewer blemishes since starting using these products.  I paid about $9/each for 4 oz, which I think is a good price and no worse than you’d pay for something like Olay or Neutrogena.  I wouldn’t pay regular price for them, though.  Although, honestly, I did an internet search just now to find out what regular price is and I can’t find these products anywhere, so maybe they were discontinued.  But Face the Day, which is available at Sephora, I would not.  It doesn’t have SPF.  I honestly don’t know why in this day and age a company would sell a moisturizer without SPF, but I suppose there’s a reason.  Anyway, for that reason alone, nope.


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