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{September 5, 2014}   Review: Leonie Blackhead Removing Peel-Off Mask

Happy Friday and happy anniversary to me!  I just got a notice that I registered with wordpress four years ago today.  Yippee!

Today I have a review of the Leonie peel off mask.  I got it off of Amazon, which is apparently the only place you can buy it currently.


I remembered to take pictures of the box this time!


Back of box with ingredients.  To be honest, I don’t know what any of this means.

This is a peel off mask that is supposed to clear out blackheads and gunk.  It’s less expensive than the GlamGlow and all the reviews said it works much better than the Boscia peel off.  I hate that Boscia mask, honestly, since it’s so difficult to peel off and it doesn’t do much for me.  But the reviews on this one were so positive that I thought I’d give it a try.


It looks like tar, right?  It sort of behaves like tar, too.  It stuck to my fingers after I put it on and was difficult to rinse off.  Anyway, you spread it on and then leave it till it dries.  Most of the reviews I read said it needed at least thirty minutes, so I did thirty minutes.  I also only used it on my lower T-zone (cheeks, nose, and chin) because I read that you really don’t want to use it in places where it will be painful to pull off.

I don’t have a picture of my face with the mask on.  I know most beauty bloggers do that kind of thing.  Maybe I will one day, when I magically become photogenic.

So I gave it the thirty minutes and then peeled off.  Ouch!!  This was pretty painful.  I think next time I’ll use a thicker coating of the mask, maybe that will help.  Anyway, I peeled it off and it did make my pores look a little nicer, but honestly the Biore strips and the GlamGlow mask work better.  However, I’m wondering if this is something you need to use more often to see results?  I won’t lie, my pores are pretty icky, so it wouldn’t surprise me that i need something more heavy duty.

So, in conclusion: leave the mask on longer than you think you should, use a thick coating of the mask, and be prepared that it’ll be painful to peel off.  But, I will admit it wasn’t as bad as the Boscia mask.  I’m going to use it regularly for a few weeks and see what I come up with.  Right now I’ll give it three and a half books out of five (my new rating system that I just made up).

Happy weekend!  I’m going to try and swatch the OPI India collection for tomorrow!




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