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{September 6, 2014}   Swatch Saturday: OPI India Collection and “Spot the Fakes”

Apparently there are unscrupulous people on the internet!  Who knew?

I have part of the OPI India collection from Spring 2008 today.  We’re doing the time warp!  I really love this collection.  So many pretty colors, and of course one of my very favorite OPIs of all time, Black Cherry Chutney.

Anyway, by the time I started collecting OPI, it was only a couple of years ago and of course this collection had come and gone.  But I really, really wanted BCC and Royal Rajah Ruby, so in my desperation I turned to eBay.  I found a small collection with RRR in it, and then I found BCC at a reputable store in town.  I’ve worn RRR and BC several times, but the others in the collection just kinda got stored away.

Until yesterday, when I pulled them out in preparation to swatch.  And made a sad discovery: I’m pretty sure at least three of them are fakes.  Which I didn’t even know till about six months ago there are fake nail polishes, because what the actual fuck?  Why fake nail polish?  I guess because there is money to be made when you’re dealing with rare/HTF bottles.  But holy cats, is there no low some people won’t stoop to?????

I don’t know a ton about fake OPIs and spotting fake vs. real, but one thing I do know is that OPI brushes have little gears lining the inside of the topper.  These three don’t.  Also, on one of them, the color was really transparent, and I don’t think the real thing is supposed to be that thin.

I was super disappointed, not only because I bought fakes but also because now I couldn’t swatch them.  But then I realized I could still swatch them and maybe do some bottle shots, show the fakeness.

Oh, also: if anyone can hook me up with real bottles of Charmed by a Snake and Get Me To The Taj on Time, I would be super happy!

Anyway, let’s get started.

2014-09-06 08.09.31

Moon Over Mumbai.  This is four coats and it’s still pretty sheer.  This is one of the suspected fakes.  I have seen swatches of this where the color is more opaque, but I have also seen swatches where it’s transparent.  But I don’t think it should be this transparent after that many coats.

2014-09-06 08.19.59

Curry Up Don’t Be Late!  Brushed yellow gold.  I think this one is real; the bottle topper has the gears and so forth.  But it’s also pretty sheer at three coats.

2014-09-06 08.31.45

Monsooner or Later.  This is three coats of a tomato creme.  I think this is another fake, which sucks because the color is so awesome.  But it doesn’t have the gears in the top.  So either it’s fake, or it’s real but someone took off the real brush and replaced it with a fake one.  Who would do that?  So, probably fake.  But, I still really love the color.

2014-09-06 08.51.39

Keys to my Karma.  Three coats.  Again, possible fake, but nice color.  It’s more pinky-cherry than the other one.  I prefer the tomato red, honestly.

2014-09-06 09.19.16

Yoga-ta Get This Blue!  Three coats.  Now this one I’m pretty sure is real.  The bottle looks good, the gears are there, and the brush is good.  I love this blue!

2014-09-06 09.07.43

Royal Rajah Ruby, three coats.  This one is real, too; I have a back up of this one, that I bought at a reputable store, and when I realized the others were likely fakes I compared the bottles and brushes pretty extensively.  It’s either real or the most compelling fake ever.  So happy!  This color is awesome, I just love it so much!

2014-09-06 09.49.50

Black Cherry Chutney.  The absolute gem of this collection, in my opinion.  Just two coats.  Look at that black berry shimmer!  I’m wearing this one right now as a full mani.

And here are the pictures of the three bottle tops without gears:

2014-09-06 09.53.09

Keys to My Karma, Monsooner or Later, and Moon Over Mumbai.  Notice the lack of gears in all lids.  Also, of the bottles, these three had likely been used before purchase (even though advertised brand new) and the bottle tops and lips were messy.  Difficult to get the lids off.


Bottom of the bottle shots on these three.  This looks pretty legit to me.  They even have the peel off sticker thing with the second layer, which is something fakes a lot of times neglect.  Someone with more experience spotting fakes can say for sure, though.  Why go to all the trouble to make the bottles look so good, and then forget the gear thing?

Anyway.  I will likely end up keeping the fake Monsooner or Later.  It looks pretty true as far as the color swatches go, and it doesn’t smell funny.  Keys to My Karma, not sure.  I’m not in love with the color, and if it’s not a real OPI I see no reason to try and swap it or give it away to someone.  Finally, Moon Over Mumbai, I don’t think so.  Way too sheer, and way too likely to be fake.

Have you ever been duped by fake nail polish?  What steps do you take to make sure what you’re buying is real?


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