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{September 13, 2014}   Swatch Saturday: 365 Days of Color Horcrux Collection

Hi everyone and happy Saturday!  I am about 2/3 finished with the Plum Creek review so hopefully will have that for you very soon!  Unfortunately we had a bit of a family emergency this past week so posting will likely be sporadic for the next week or so.  My grandmother is very suddenly needing to go into a nursing home, so it’s been pretty frantic and we have family flying in tomorrow to assist with the move and everything.

But!  I have a collection for Swatch Saturday today, and I even had time to swatch a second collection for next week, in case I’m too busy to do it.  All for you guys, because I care.

This week I have 365 Days of Polish’s Horcrux Collection.  Near as I can tell, this was the Halloween collection for last year, which is when I purchased it.  Of course I had to get the whole thing – I love Harry Potter!  I worked at a bookstore when the books were coming out and I got to see lines of kids waiting at midnight when we’d open so they could buy their books.  It was fantastic, seeing kids so excited about reading.  The movies started coming out when I was in college, and my sister and I went to see every one of them in the theater, together.  It was our thing.

So here is the Horcrux collection, presented in order of destruction.

2014-09-13 08.04.34

The collection with my collection of Harry Potter books!  Ha, I am suck a dork.  All are three coats:

2014-09-12 19.07.12

The Diary.  This is a milky-based jelly full of charcoal and holo glitters.  Sadly the polish doesn’t come with its own basilisk fang.

2014-09-12 19.15.25

The Ring.  This one is more sheer than I expected, and looks more goldy shimmery on the nail than green.  I bet it would go totally opaque, it would just take several coats.

2014-09-12 19.26.01

The Locket.  This one is a bronzy creme jelly.  You know I don’t like browns, but I do like this one.

2014-09-12 19.29.05

The Goblet.  Gold and holo multisize glitter topper.  I should’ve worn it over another polish, but i wanted to see how it looked on its own.  This yellowy gold is great and mimics the goblet color.  Lucky us that this one isn’t hidden away in Bellatrix’s vault.  It’s too pretty!

2014-09-13 07.44.07

The Diadem.  Similar to The Goblet, but silvery and blue.  As pretty as The Goblet is, I prefer this one, honestly.  I guess that shouldn’t be surprising – I am a total Ravenclaw!

2014-09-13 07.50.30

The Boy Who Lived.  Okay, yes, I know that Harry doesn’t die, but the horcrux inside Harry dies.  So that is why he is sixth on this list.  This is a great black jelly with different sizes of blue, green, and holo glitter.  It reminds me of Sally Hansen’s Mermaid’s Tale.  This one is probably my favorite.

2014-09-13 08.01.20

The Snake.  Poor Nagini!  I always felt a little bit bad for her.  I mean, she was just trying to help her master!  Anyway, this is a great green with gold shimmer.  It looks a lot like snake’s skin, doesn’t it?

There it is!  These were all jellies, and all benefited from the daubbing method.  But they look great and the formulas were great.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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