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{October 19, 2014}   The Blacklist: Gina Zanetakos

It’s Sunday!  I spent the day making salted caramel chocolate cupcakes for some people I work with, as a thank you.  Let me tell you, making salted caramel sauce from scratch is no easy feat!  After all was said and done, I was asked why I didn’t just buy caramels and melt them, then add sea salt.  *Death stare* *Does not compute*!

Anyway!  Here is episode six of The Blacklist.

1. A man and a pretty lady chat about a bomb, and the man detonates it. The pretty lady is only marginally impressed, and wants it radioactive. Also, he’s got thirty-six hours to make her a new one.
2. I should point out that the pretty lady with the possibly Russian accent is played by Margarita Levieva, who was my absolute favorite part of Revenge. I stopped watching when her character died. So obviously it should go without saying that I love her here, and I hope we see her again!
3. Cut to Lizzie and Tom’s place. They are fighting about the box. Tom is claiming he has no idea where it came from and what it’s doing in their house. Lizzie doesn’t ask him how he found it, then, which would’ve been my first question, considering it was hidden in a hole in the floor. Anyway, she accuses him, and he continues to insist he doesn’t know what it’s about, and also all the bad stuff about their lives comes from her job. He then says to turn him in, and see what happens. Lizzie thinks this is an excellent idea, and calls it in.
4. She stupidly turns her back on him while she makes the call. I was convinced he was going to knock her out or something, but he doesn’t.
5. They go to the PO. Tom is amazed they aren’t at the FBI building. She tells him she works at the PO, not the FBI building. I’m glad there were other people around who heard that, to know she wasn’t sharing info with him.
6. Someone takes the box, and Ressler and Meera come up. Meera says she’s taking Tom with her for questions. Ressler is there I don’t know why. To pretty up the scene, I guess. Lizzie asks for a minute with Tom, and tells him everything will be fine and to just tell the truth. Meera leads Tom away, and Ressler tells her to take care of herself. Well, he says it in a rather dickish, almost accusing way.
7. Red’s on the phone, chatting with a friend (probably a sheik) about a painting Red is sending over for a wedding gift. Grey comes in and says they have a problem with the Keens.
8. Cooper puts Lizzie on leave, which is understandable, but sucks. Lizzie points out she brought Tom to them, and explains about the Angel Station issue. Cooper won’t budge. She stalks out, totally pissed, and heads over to chat with Red.
9. Tom and Meera talk. Tom professes his innocence. Meera is unconvinced.
10. Lizzie overhears Red chatting with the sheik. They talk about her problems, and then Red mentions all the corporate espionage and terrorism happening in the world. He talks about Gina Zanetakos, who is the best corporate terrorist in the world, and was recently hired by a big company to sabotage their rival. Lizzie’s all, that’s nice, but I’m on leave and can’t help you. Oh, but then Red mentions that Gina is Tom’s lover. This gets Lizzie’s interest.
11. Cut to Red in Cooper’s office. He threatens him and magically Lizzie’s back on the case! Man, what does Red have on Cooper? It’s got to be good.
12. Cooper talks to Ressler and Meera. He tells them Red’s brought them a case. Ressler is excited that Red will finally be discussing things with him, not Lizzie, but Cooper bursts his bubble and says he’s bringing Lizzie back in to lead the whole thing. Yeah, I love Lizzie, but this is super unprofessional. Meera agrees with me, and so does Ressler, but to no avail. Cooper’s getting the band back together!
13. See, now that I’ve used that, I can’t ever do it again. I hope it was worth it.
14. Lizzie tells everyone about Gina. They find out that she’s in the US using the alias Shubie Hartwell. You guys, that is a great name. I have the most common name in the history of forever (at least, American forever), so unusual names stick out at me.
15. Lizzie lingers on Gina’s picture, and says she thinks she’s seen her before.
16. With Aram’s help, the PO finds out Shubie’s got a credit card that was used recently to buy drinks at a nearby hotel.
17. We see Gina in a blonde wig and sexy outfit flirting with a Turkish guy. They go into his room, and get busy. Gina confirms he signed a manifest. Then she sticks him with a needle that appears to murder him. She tosses a bunch of pills around his body to make it look like a suicide, then books it, taking off her wig to reveal her regular hair.
18. Lizzie and Ressler are getting there at the same time Gina is leaving, which causes comic hijinks, which honestly I never thought would happen on The Blacklist. But they do, and it’s awesome! Gina hears them coming and changes direction, heading to the fire escape and vanishing just as Ressler and Lizzie and their team appear. Ressler is bitching to Lizzie about how she shouldn’t even be involved with the team because of Tom. They ready to go into the room.
19. I need to slow down the narrative to explain how we get where we end up. Okay. So while they’re bursting into the room, Gina comes back in from the fire escape doors and heads back down past the room in the opposite direction. She waits at the elevator.
20. In the room, Ressler and Lizzie are checking out the dead guy’s body. They deduce that Gina was just there, so Ressler rushes out to find her while Lizzie paws over the body. It’s less gross that it sounds. She finds his phone.
21. Gina gets on the elevator. A big annoying tourist family gets on with her, causing a delay in closing the doors. Ugh. I live in what is arguably the tourist state of the nation. Tourists: we love the revenue you generate, but could you maybe stop being such assholes?
22. These tourists look like they’re dressed for the beach or something. Aren’t they in D.C.? Is there a beach nearby that would justify their bizarre outfits?
23. This delay caused by the annoying tourists allows Ressler to catch the elevator. He’s blaring into his phone stuff that gives away he’s with the FBI and searching for a suspect. Then he stands in the back with Gina. I don’t think he knows who she is at this point.
24. The elevator stops, and the tourists get off, leaving Ressler alone with Gina. He looks at her and seems to recognize her, so she immediately starts beating the shit out of him, because she is smart and also badass.
25. Meanwhile, Lizzie is scrolling through the Turkish guy’s phone. She finds a recent call to Shubie Hartwell.
26. Gina wins the fight with Ressler, leaving him dazed on the elevator floor. She heads out into the lobby and vanishes into the crowd.
27. Lizzie calls the number. I have no idea what she was planning to say if Gina had answered. Probably something about Tom. Ressler finds the phone on the ground and answers it. Lizzie is really confused, and wants to know if Ressler found Gina. He’s all, sort of, and hangs up, because he’s had a rough day and just can’t even right now.
28. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You guys, that was my favorite scene of the episode.
29. Back at the PO. Aram has gotten a ton of information off Gina’s phone regarding the terrorism plot. They figure out who Gina was working with to build the bomb, and Red knows him, of course, and goes to see him in Germany.
30. In the meantime, Meera is still hanging with Tom. He’s insisting he’s innocent, and Meera is increasingly frustrated that he won’t help with the murder or the bomb. Tom says to contact the dean of the school he was interviewing for in Boston while he and Lizzie were there. Meera is really skeptical since the interview occurred in a coffee shop at the Angel Station hotel, rather than on campus, but heads over to check it out.
31. In the meantime, Red has convinced the bomb guy to set up a meeting with Gina for him. They do so in some park, and the FBI converges, and of course because Gina has more than one brain cell she realizes what’s up and runs. Lizzie pursues.
32. Ressler had told Lizzie to be careful with Gina, because he knows she’s pissed about the whole Tom thing. Lizzie pretends she just wants to chat with Gina, but whatever. She chases Gina and catches her in the ladies’ room, shooing out bystanders. Gina gets the better of her and it looks like Lizzie might be headed to an early grave till Ressler pops up and shoots Gina.
33. Geez, Ressler, it’s the LADIES’ ROOM. I mean, seriously.
34. Lizzie is pissed about this. She and Ressler fight, and continue to fight in Cooper’s office about the whole thing. Then Lizzie realizes that it’s a port bomb (based on the company and Red’s conversations from earlier).
35. Meera tells Tom about the shooting. Also, she met with the dean, and he had no freaking clue who Tom Keen was. Tom’s got some problems, is what I’m saying.
36. Lizzie watches Tom from the other side of the glass. He claims he’s innocent, and knows Lizzie is watching. She looks conflicted. Whatever. DUMP HIS ASS, GIRL. Seriously think about this: have you been as passionate about anything involving Tom – anything at all – as you’ve been about fighting with Ressler or Red this season?
37. Also, if you’re so freaking convinced of his innocence, why did you call it in to the FBI in the first place?
38. The PO finds Gina’s safe house, which they shake down. They find her go box, which looks a lot like Tom’s, and also a photo of Tom by Gina’s bed. Ressler encourages her to start looking out for herself. This isn’t sarcasm. He’s being genuine here. Aw!
39. Lizzie meets with Red, and cries about how she had wanted Red to be wrong about Tom.
40. Red is so over this bullshit with Tom, you guys. You feel like he’s just waiting for the FBI to release him so that he can straight up murder his ass. He doesn’t care anymore if Tom’s evil or not. He just wants him dead.
41. Later, Lizzie figures out the bomb will be in Houston, so she and Ressler and a bunch of SWAT people head over to the Houston port to start looking for the bomb. They are lost and just keep opening and shutting cargo till they remember the Turkish dude. Turns out he was a diplomat, and diplomats’ cargo is never searched, so they look for anything he’d signed for the past week.
42. They find the car with a few minutes to spare. The bomb squad can’t disable it, like what the fuck good are they, so they crate it off and Lizzie has the genius plan to bury it under water to contain the radiation, because I guess that will be okay. Um. Did BP perhaps sponsor this episode? Does no one think of the damage to the ocean?
43. They don’t. Ressler hops in the car to drive it off the pier, because the car somehow has a working engine still. But, at least Ressler gets to be awesome driving and diving out of the car. It blows up totally underwater, and nobody spares a though to the shattered marine ecosystem, because I guess no one in this reality eats fish.
44. Anyway. Gina’s in the hospital, recovering. They question her about the assassination Tom’s accused of. She confirms she murdered Foken, and that she was hired by Red. Lizzie shows her Tom’s picture, and Gina claims she has no idea who he is. Tom is free to go, because there’s no possible way that Gina could be covering for him. None!
45. Lizzie confronts Red, and says that they know the cash was traced to an account of Red’s, and also the passports were forgeries. She accuses him of setting the whole thing up. Red doesn’t deny it, but also indicates Tom’s a big fat liar.
46. So, hold up a second. The passports were forgeries? That’s her proof? I mean, that is obvious. They aren’t real, none of the Tom characters exist in real life. Why is the fact that they’re forged such hard proof of Red’s involvement? That was really fucking stupid.
47. The Keens head home. We get a scene with their surveillance team. One of the guys is disappointed he doesn’t get to see the makeup sex, like way to be fucking gross, dude. The second guy is all, “Okay, he doesn’t work for Reddington. So who does he work for?” DUN DUN DUN!


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