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{November 16, 2014}   The Blacklist: Anslo Garrick, Pt. 1

Episode 9 of The Blacklist.  I have the latest three sitting on my DVR, waiting to be watched.  I have been putting it off because I’m pretty sure the show doesn’t come back till February so I want to make them last!

1. This is going to sound odd, but I think this is the funniest episode of the The Blacklist, ever. You’ll see.
2. We open on an injured, screamy Ressler being tended to by Red. No, that’s not funny. Don’t be sick.
3. We then flash back to a party in Munich that Red is hosting at a bierhaus. Ressler shows up to buzzkill (and do shots!). He does his impersonation of Red’s crooked FBI agent source and even hugs Red. Red initiates the hug, which you know he did to irritate Ressler. Ressler tells Red that Lizzie has been “detained,” but it’s all a big lie.
4. She’s at home, crying about her dad, and then Tom reminds her she needs to go to work. Tom is weirdly unsympathetic here. Maybe because this isn’t all about him? Also, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that the FBI doesn’t allow personal days for stuff like this?
5. Red and his people come into the PO with Ressler, and are immediately taken into protective custody. Ressler is pretty pleased that he managed to lie so successfully to Red. I think the only reason he was able to lie so successfully was because it was about Lizzie. I am probably right.
6. Anyway, Cooper tells Red about a threat on his life, and Red is all, “And?” This happens on the regular when you are a criminal mastermind and supervillain. He doesn’t take them seriously till Ressler says the guy’s name is Anslo Garrick. Then he freaks, at least as much as we’ve ever seen Red freak. Guys, you should listen to Red!
7. Of course they don’t. We see Garrick and his team infiltrating the PO as Red is describing how they will do it.
8. Lizzie is just showing up for work when this happens. There’s a guy who waits in the parking garage to run their IDs. I find this noteworthy. What does this dude think they do all day? Is he part of the black site? What a boring job that would be, checking peoples’ identification all day and knowing they are doing something super cool and secret that you can’t find out about.
9. I wonder if the parking garage attendant is in on this whole thing?
10. Ressler leads Red to the glass cage. Red wants to know why Ressler is protecting him, and Ressler tells him that it’s his job, and he’ll do his job even though he hates Red. Ressler gets shot almost immediately.
11. Red drags Ressler into the box for protection, shooting bad guys and gathering medical supplies on the way. Thankfully Red keeps his head in a crisis, and is also a good shot, unlike all of these terrorist invaders. He helps Ressler up on a bench I don’t remember seeing before, and then turns around to face his friend Garrick. Half of Garrick’s face is frozen, from being shot by Red some time back. I’m not totally sure, but I don’t think this will be a happy reunion.
12. Lizzie is trapped in the elevator. She hears all the commotion and shots, and decides she’s going to get herself out of there to help. She is lucky she is tall and has upper body strength. If it were me, I would’ve been trapped in that elevator for the rest of my life.
13. Back to Red. Garrick kicks it, promo-style, and tells him there’s nowhere in the world that Red could hide from him, and how he’s going to torture him and so forth. Red is only halfway paying attention; he’s busy helping Ressler not bleed to death. He sanitizes a knife and does some sort of cutting to the wound that is clearly very painful. Likely to prevent compartment syndrome.
14. You know what’s weird? This whole episode, Red never bothers to cut away the fabric of Ressler’s pants away from around the wound. This isn’t me being all, I wish we’d seen him naked! That’s sick, he’s bleeding and dying. But that fabric certainly got in the way of whatever the hell Red keeps doing, and maybe got into the wound itself. That could lead to an infection! Again, I’m the only one who cares about these things, it seems.
15. Garrick interrupts the fun by telling Red that he’d given Ressler information on Red back in 2008. This is the Brussels mission they mentioned in the Pilot, which I didn’t put in my review. I guess Garrick gave Ressler the info about where Red would be, so that Ressler could kill him. Ressler bungled the operation, which, way to kick the guy while he’s down, Garrick.
16. Red clearly doesn’t give a flying fuck for this information. He mocks Garrick’s looks.
17. Lizzie gets herself out of the elevator and manages to radio Cooper that she’s in and not captured. He tells her not to engage, but obviously she’s going to. What else would she do? Oh, and also, he tells her that he thinks Red and Ressler are dead. She is not happy about this news.
18. Cooper, Meera, Aram, and some other extras are in the armory. Cooper sends Aram out to find the server room to try and reboot the system, as Garrick’s team is blocking their cell signals to the outside. Aram is an IT guy, and I don’t think he’s been trained a lot with a gun. Cooper doesn’t bother to send anyone with Aram to protect him. I think Cooper maybe dislikes Aram and hopes he gets shot.
19. Garrick is now whining to Red about how Red destroyed their one-of-a-kind partnership. Hey, buddy, I think Pinky and the Brain would take issue with that statement! Red is laughing, because it wasn’t all that special. He’s moved on, and Garrick should too. This pisses Garrick off, and he shoots at the glass, which then rebounds and kills one of his own henchmen. This is the most hilarious thing I’ve ever seen on this show.
20. Lizzie manages to find a gun (maybe it was hers?) and it a lot more competent with it than what we’d been led to believe. She fashions a sort of silencer from a water bottle and then captures one of the infiltrators, killing him and stealing his gear. Good girl!
21. Meanwhile, Aram has managed to get to the server room and has the internal cameras up and running again. Hooray! Except the first thing he sees on the monitors are Cooper and the others being captured. Boo!
22. But this episode isn’t about that. It isn’t even really about Lizzie. It’s all about Red and Ressler, trapped in the glass box.
23. They chat a lot, as you do when you’re stuck somewhere with someone. Ressler needs a blood transfusion, and it just so happens that he and Red have the same rare blood type. Maybe Red is Ressler’s dad, not Lizzie’s! Okay, probably not. But it is a weird coincidence. They could’ve just gone with Red having type O Rh D (universal donor) and Ressler having type AB Rh D (universal recipient).
24. Ressler wants to know why Red is saving him, especially after finding out about Brussels. Well, Red knew about Brussels, and I mean, I have a hard time buying he’d be all pissy about Ressler trying to do his job. Anyway, Red just says you save people when they’re dying in front of you. He gives an extended little speech about saving some guy’s life one day and a month later murdering him with a shower caddy. That is an interesting weapon of choice and I have several questions about that, but sadly he doesn’t elaborate.
25. Garrick finds out they didn’t bring enough explosives to destroy the glass box, so sends some of his men to find more. Why would the PO have explosives on site? I mean, guns yeah, I get, but WTF do they need explosives for so frequently they’d keep a bunch in stock?
26. Aram sees this happen on the screens and realizes they’re coming in his direction. He takes out his gun and tries to steel himself for a fight.
27. Lucky for him, though, Lizzie captures one of the guys and knocks him out after making him radio back to Garrick that he was on his way back. She starts stripping him of his weapons and Aram interrupts her. She should’ve killed the guy instead of just knocking him out, as we’ll see later on.
28. They regroup in the server room, and Aram shows her the scene in the glass box. He says Ressler doesn’t look good, which I mean: understatement, and Lizzie looks sad. Aram tells her Garrick’s name and they decide to venture out and try to find the signal jammers. Aram is not excited about this plan, especially when Lizzie reminds him to bring his gun.
29. Red wakes up Ressler from a doze and asks him if his blood is making Ressler feel smarter and/or more refined. Ha! They talk more, with Red asking what happened to Audrey Bidwell, who turns out to be Ressler’s former fiancée. Ressler is pouty, as you are when you have a giant leg wound and someone is asking about your romantic failures. She left him because he was obsessed with his job. Red is weirdly paternal when he tells Ressler he knows a lot about him.
30. Ressler wants to know if they’re going to get out of this. Red says they will and gives a long speech about things he loves that he wants to do again. It’s sort of a dick move, honestly, because they’re all things that Ressler has never done, and maybe won’t ever get the chance to if he dies in the box, so it sort of seems like Red’s rubbing it in here.
31. Garrick pops up then, clearly annoyed that Red isn’t paying any attention to him. Red makes a Wile E. Coyote joke about Garrick’s inability to blow up the glass box. It’s funny.
32. You know, the actor playing Garrick is great. I wish he could’ve come back again.
33. Lizzie and Aram have found a couple of the jammers and destroyed them. Lizzie wants to split up because they’ll be able to get the job done faster. Aram thinks it’s a scary idea, but agrees. Lizzie is almost immediately captured by that guy she knocked out earlier instead of killing, because of course she is.
34. Garrick is done playing around, and pulls Cooper out because he wants the code. Cooper refuses to give it up, and Garrick threatens to kill him. Well, sure. Clearly shooting one of the only two people who knows the code in the face will help you get the code. Red agrees with me, and tells Garrick he’s stupid.
35. Red is distracted then by Ressler’s continued dying process, and decides the only way to stop it is to cauterize the wound and close it up. Ressler is understandably against this idea, but Red tells him otherwise he’ll die. So Ressler agrees. It’s super gruesome and Ressler screams a lot, and passes out.
36. Well, then Garrick ups the ante. He pulls out Luli and slams her against the glass, and tells Red he has ten seconds to give up the code or he’ll kill her. Seriously, Garrick? Why would Red have the code?
37. Red tries to get the code from Ressler, but he’s still knocked out. He begs Cooper to open the box and save Luli, but Cooper refuses. He tries to reason with Garrick, but Garrick isn’t a “reasoning” kind of guy. Luli’s brain explodes all over the box.
38. Garrick then brings Dembe forward and uses the same threat, because I guess he thinks Red thinks he isn’t serious? Again, this is stupid, Garrick should know that Red and his people wouldn’t have the code. What does he think the box is for? Just a fun place for Red to hang out?
39. Anyway, Dembe and Red talk a bit and Dembe tells him he’s ready and at peace, and thanks Red for his friendship. Aw! You know, having seen some of the season two episodes where we get a bit more background on their friendship, that is really meaningful.
40. A shot rings out, and the episode ends.


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