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{November 23, 2014}   The Blacklist: Anslo Garrick, Pt. 2

I bought a bunch of warm leggings to wear and now the weather’s turned warm again.  Well, I think it’s supposed to get cooler this week sometime, maybe by the holiday.  The perils of living in Florida!  Anyway, today is episode 10 of The Blacklist and this week I’ll have part one of The Hunger Games up.  Let’s go!

1. We open on Aram, destroying another jammer and getting the signal working again. He calls for help but needs a dispatch code, so goes looking for Lizzie.
2. Lizzie was knocked out by that guy she should’ve killed in the last episode. Aram focuses his gun on him and tells him that the jig is up, the cavalry is coming. Uh, not without that dispatch code, which we never see them give. But whatever. Terrorist is all, you can’t kill me before I kill her, nyah nyah nyah!
3. Back to Red and Dembe. The shot rings out, but Dembe’s still alive, thank goodness. The shot we heard was Aram killing the terrorist. Go, Aram! He’s freaked out about killing someone, and Lizzie tries to get his attention to run. They are captured immediately.
4. Red watches Lizzie and Aram get dragged into the room and can’t hide his concern. Garrick sees this and decides Lizzie’s his next target. Well, that’s funny, since Garrick doesn’t know that it’s not Aram Red is concerned about. He’s there, too.
5. Red isn’t fucking around this time. He smacks Ressler around a bit and wakes him up, screaming in pain. Red has a gun too, and threatens Ressler to give him the code. Cooper yells at Ressler not to tell him.
6. I think that pistol is Ressler’s gun, actually. The guns Red stole from the terrorists were much larger.
7. Okay, now I’m giggling. The indignity of being threatened with your own weapon! Ressler’s having an exceptionally shitty day.
8. Lizzie’s phone rings. Garrick’s henchman says that cell communications are back online, like thanks for that update, Captain Obvious. Garrick pulls out her phone and answers, and it’s Tom, wondering what she’s up to. Garrick tells Tom that he’s going to shoot Lizzie, and then hilariously tells Lizzie “It’s for you,” and lets her chat with him.
9. Tom derps, “What’s going on, Lizzie?” like seriously, Tom? The fuck? Lizzie screams for him to call the FBI. And tell them what, exactly, I wonder. “Hi, my wife works for you and I called her and a terrorist answered her phone and said he’s going to shoot her. No, I don’t know where she is.”
10. Wait. I guess Tom does know? He’s been to the PO. Well, maybe not. He had a blindfold on.
11. Anyway, Garrick’s back to threatening Lizzie. Red holds the gun to Ressler’s head and tells him if he doesn’t give up the code, Lizzie will die. Ressler focuses on Lizzie being held at gunpoint and then tells Red the code is “Romeo.”
12. What kind of passcode is that? My work computer’s passcode is more secure than that, and I’m not using it to lock up the FBI’s ten most wanted.
13. Red’s out. Garrick takes him and also Lizzie too, to keep Red in line, I guess. He leaves one security henchman to watch all of the PO employees. Great move. Cooper stands up to the guy and almost gets himself shot, but then Ressler shoots the henchman from behind, because Red left him the gun and Ressler’s not going to let his near death experience get in the way of his favorite activity!
14. Garrick gets them out by blowing a giant hole in the ground. I feel like maybe Garrick is a little showy. They probably could’ve walked out the front door, or something.
15. Dembe grabs some weapons and rushes off after Red. Cooper tells Ressler they’re going to get him help. Also, the FBI has shown up. I guess maybe when Aram called they overheard the distress and sent help without the dispatch code?
16. Garrick and the gang pile into an ambulance. There’s an EMT there to pull Red’s chip. Red looks at Lizzie, gives her a coded phrase, and then nods at the chest zapper (what the hell is it really called? I’ll think of it in a second). Lizzie gets the hint, turns it all the way up and shocks some people. In the confusion, she manages to get a gun and shoot the driver’s head, and then is tossed from the ambulance. She forces a guy to drive her after the ambulance and calls Aram, who tracks Red for her.
17. Defibrillator! See, I knew I’d remember.
18. I think it’s adorable that Aram calls Red “Mr. Reddington.”
19. Unfortunately, the EMT has managed to pull the chip and they hand it off to a dude on a bike, who drives in the opposite direction and drops it in the middle of the road.
20. Next up, Lizzie’s back at the PO. Diane Fowler is there bitching at Cooper for the clusterfuck. I mean, yeah. But her response to it all is to order the whole operation shut down, which seems counterproductive.
21. Aram and Lizzie chat. Lizzie convinces him to help her search for Red by pulling some camera feeds and so forth. They mention that Ressler’s in surgery and the doctors hope they can save his leg.
22. Who told them that? Is Lizzie Ressler’s emergency contact or health care surrogate? No, because we find out later on who is. So how did they get that info without violating HIPAA?
23. Whatever. I’m going to guess that Aram hacked the hospital for updates.
24. Lizzie then pulls out her phone and calls the Embassy Hotel for Mr. Kaplan. He will call her back. She goes home.
25. Tom apparently spent the rest of the day sitting around, derping or whatever. I mean, I guess there’s not a lot he could do. But he looks not all that concerned about his wife, when the last communication he got was that she was about to be killed.
26. Well, he does say she needs to stop, which I guess isn’t unreasonable but I mean, it’s her job. Is she supposed to just quit? Does he make enough to support them while she looks for something else?
27. Anyway. Lizzie’s phone buzzes, and it’s Aram with some information for her. Someone placed a call every time Red went to the PO, and the call was from Lizzie’s neighbor. You know, apple guy? The calls are coming from across the street!
28. Then Mr. Kaplan calls, but she doesn’t pick up. She gets her gun and heads across the street to see what’s up.
29. Of course, she finds the surveillance equipment and is horrified. Then apple guy attacks her, because she didn’t sweep the house first to see if it was empty. She beats him and shoots him. First she calls Cooper, but then thinks better of it and calls Mr. Kaplan back.
30. Red’s in a warehouse somewhere. Garrick’s got him chained up by his arms, hanging from a roof, ready for some good old fashioned torture. He’s even brought a medic, to make sure the torture doesn’t kill Red. How thoughtful!
31. Mr. Kaplan is a tiny older lady who I swear I have seen many times before in other things, but I have no idea what. Mr. Kaplan cleans up Lizzie’s mess while she protests. Why did you call her then? What did you think she was going to do? Mr. Kaplan shuts it down and tells Lizzie to find the guy’s car, handing over some keys.
32. Lizzie finds the car and looks at the GPS. She takes pictures of the most recent places the car has been. Mr. Kaplan joins her and they go for a drive. Tom sees them leave, because he is creepily watching them from the window.
33. They end up at a warehouse. Lizzie wants to head inside, guns blazing, but Mr. Kaplan stops her. Dembe’s there, too; he just shows up and hops in the car. Did Mr. Kaplan call him? Or is he just psychic?
34. Tons of dudes break into the warehouse. It’s intercut between scenes of Red at his warehouse, being tortured, and we think we’re about to see a Red rescue. But nope! Totally different warehouse. Lizzie, Mr. Kaplan, and Dembe head in to find a communications station and no proof Red had ever been there.
35. At the same time, Garrick is chatting with a mysterious figure in the shadows. The figure comes forward, and it’s the always evil Alan Alda. He is wearing a nice suit and coat (a real coat, not like the weird coat Ressler hasn’t worn in several episodes) and calls Red, Ray. Red just sort of looks at him, because he’s exhausted from all the torturing and can’t muster up any expression of surprise.
36. Meanwhile, Lizzie has called in the PO. Cooper is not happy that she was working with Red’s people, but she points out that if she hadn’t, they never would have found this place. She and Meera are going through some maps or something and chat about Ressler. He’s not the mole, they decide, because he was shot.
37. Unless he’s super clever and told them to shoot him to keep suspicion away from him!
38. Okay, fine. He didn’t.
39. He’s been in surgery for four hours at this point. Damn, Lizzie got a lot done in those four hours.
40. Aram finds some surveillance stuff and shows it to Cooper. He looks interested, and we next see him with Diane Fowler, who bitches that he was supposed to shut the unit down. He shows her the surveillance, though, and it’s of her. She changes her tune pretty quick, and the PO is back on, and their job is now to find Red.
41. Red and Alan Alda chat. They apparently have some sort of alliance and have for a long time, and Alan arranged this kidnapping to show Red they can always get to him, because they’re nervous about him turning himself in to the FBI. Ooh, a giant conspiracy theory! Love it.
42. Alan heads out and tells Garrick that Garrick isn’t allowed to kill Red. Garrick is frustrated and then tells Red that fine, he’ll just go after Lizzie, instead. Red’s not going to let that pass, and straight up murders him with a pair of scissors he pulled off one of the henchmen earlier.
43. And that’s the end of Garrick. I’m going to miss that looney fucker.
44. Lizzie and Meera decide that Red’s being held at a decommissioned blacksite. Lizzie figures this out because there’s a church that Meera has schematics for, and it’s the same church that was one of the addresses on apple guy’s phone. They decide this is worth checking into and discover a decommissioned site just a half mile away from where they found the ambulance get away car. They’re on the move!
45. Of course, by the time they get there, there’s nothing but Garrick’s dead body. Lizzie knows Red was there, though.
46. Then we meet up with Ressler, out of surgery and futzing with his call button. He looks bored. Personally, I think he should look knocked out from the anesthesia, but what the hell do I know. Also, I would think his leg wound would require more than just a little ace bandage considering the nature of the wound and the length of time he was in surgery. Maybe these doctors are magic.
47. A pretty lady walks into the room and Ressler calls her Audrey, his ex-fiancée that he talked about in the last episode. Audrey tells him that she’s still listed as his emergency contact, and he apologizes that he hasn’t changed it yet. She’s all smiles, though, so I don’t think she minds. Also, she’s engaged to someone else. How long have she and Ressler been broken up? Ressler looks a little sad, but asks if she’ll stay awhile, and she agrees.
48. Lizzie and Tom are having an awkward conversation in their car. Tom is grossed out by the surveillance cameras that were in their house and wants her to quit her job. Lizzie is totally not interested in quitting her job. Stop being such a drag, Tom. Ha, I accidentally typed “suck” instead of “such” there at first.
49. Montage. Lizzie’s going through her dad’s things. Ressler and Audrey are talking and laughing, and she’s eating some Jell-O. Man, you know she wants him back if she’s eating gross hospital food just to spend time with him. Also, I think she’s sitting on the bed, which is super familiar and maybe not safe considering his leg wound.
50. Lizzie’s phone rings, and it’s Red. He says he’s going away for a little while, but that if she needs anything, he will be there. Lizzie says that Dembe is looking for him. I guess Red would mean for Lizzie to contact Dembe if she needs him? I mean, unless he managed to get some sort of Lizzie-tracking-and-distress chip implanted in her without her knowing.
51. And he would totally do that, so I anticipate that will be a plot point sometime next season. You’re welcome, The Blacklist!
52. He’s about to hang up, but Lizzie stops him and asks if he’s her father. He’s quiet for a minute, and then denies it. Then he tells her to be careful around Tom, and hangs up to wander off into a crowded street.


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