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{December 1, 2014}   The Blacklist: The Good Samaritan Killer

Happy Sunday!  I hope you all had a lovely weekend.  I definitely did!  Today I have the next episode of The Blacklist.

1. We’re back! The episode opens with a lady and her son at a Chuck-E-Cheese sort of knockoff place. The lady is affectionate with the kid, but he seems like he wants nothing to do with her. Their names are Karen and Michael. Michael runs off, and Karen is approached by a random guy who introduces himself as one of the other kid’s uncles, and gives her some punch. She sips the punch and heads out, but when she gets to her car she gets woozy and falls to the pavement, unconscious.
2. Later, she wakes up on a hospital bed of sorts. It looks more like a dentist’s chair to me, honestly. I would make a joke about the dentist’s chair being worse, but I am actually not afraid of the dentist at all, so I won’t. I mean, it’s just teeth cleaning, folks. That’s not scary.
3. It’s the guy from earlier. At first it seems like he’s helping her, but we find out quickly he isn’t. He’s got a chart of some kind and explains he’s going to inflict a bunch of injuries on her. He starts, and it’s gross, and we quickly cut to him on a pay phone, calling 911. He leaves Karen hanging from her minivan, looking horrible and close to death.
4. Then it’s morning at the Keen household. Lizzie comes into the kitchen, her hair looking absolutely huge. Seriously, it hasn’t looked this big since the second episode. She and Tom chat, and Tom reveals he’s applied for a job in Nebraska. Lizzie is shocked, especially since he says he’s leaving on a plane that day to go to the interview. He tries to come up with an excuse for not telling her about it, but in reality, he has none. Lizzie’s all, that’s great, have fun, no way in hell am I moving, especially not to Buttfuck, Nebraska.
5. Lizzie gets an alert on her phone about the Good Samaritan Killer, the guy who killed Karen earlier. If you needed that pointed out, which you probably didn’t. Does the FBI have an app that alerts people when certain criminals have been arrested? Is it maybe available to the general public?
6. Next she’s chatting with Cooper, who doesn’t want her to go play with her old friends and find serial killers, because today they’re all about mole-hunting and lie detector tests, missy! Lizzie sweetens the pot, though, by reminding Cooper that Red might come and help her, since this case is important to her and he knows everything about her.
7. Polygraph time! Lizzie, Ressler, Meera, and Aram are questioned in that way where one person is asked a question and another person answers. Lizzie denies seeing Red or having any contact with him in the last three weeks. Hooray! We get a marker for the length of time between episodes!
8. Meera basically dares the questioner to torture her, since asking questions is a stupid way to try and get mole-related information. She’s not wrong. If someone’s going to be bad enough to be a mole, why would they just answer in the affirmative?
9. Ressler is hilariously defensive about his time with Red in the glass box. He’s like, no, I didn’t totally bond with him and I don’t totally love him now! Next question?
10. Aram is distressed by having killed someone, even if that someone was an evil terrorist. The questioner finds this perplexing. Is maybe the questioner the mole? Nobody thinks to ask that.
11. Cooper and Diane Fowler watch this all. Diane doesn’t trust Lizzie, but Cooper reminds Diane of what Lizzie said, that Red will likely come to her aid. Diane accuses Cooper of losing track of a body, and this is Luli they’re referring to here.
12. Red time! He’s in a funeral parlor or church with Luli’s body, paying respects. I find it sort of sad that no one else is with him. Well, except that Grey guy from several episodes ago. We didn’t really know much about Luli, did we? I wonder if she had family or friends besides Red and Dembe who will miss her.
13. Now, it’s a montage! Red is obviously super pissed about the whole kidnapping thing, and the killing Luli thing, and is looking for the various people Garrick hired that he encountered. We see him find some rando dude who I don’t even remember, and then the EMT, and then the doctor. He snatches them all and questions them. We find out that they were all paid in cash, and none of them knew who they’d be working for or that the target was Red.
14. Do these people really make so little money that they need to go work for evil terrorists, without even knowing the specifics of the job? I mean, the one guy appears to be a private doctor, so he’s likely making bank. EMTs, well…I Googled and it does look like they only make about $31,000, but I think that’s wrong. I dated an EMT once, and I’m pretty sure he made more money than that. I guess I don’t know what the random bowling alley bathroom guy does.
15. Red murders every single one of them, to make a point, and the montage ends. I don’t think he’s done killing people yet, guys. Call it a hunch.
16. Cooper has allowed Lizzie to work on the Good Samaritan Killer case, which is something she ran point on back when she worked in New York. Instead of her old colleagues, though, she’s working with the PO and they’ve made it their case. She and Ressler are walking down a hallway, chatting about the case and how there was no discernable pattern in the kills.
17. Ressler is limping a little and using a cane, because he had major leg wound healing surgery three weeks ago. I am just going to assume that Red somehow arranged a doctor from the future (maybe the Doctor?) to come and heal Ressler, because otherwise I’d assume he’d still be mired in physical therapy and desk work, at the very least.
18. They’re at a morgue, to talk to Karen’s family. Ressler offers to sit with Michael while Lizzie talks to the father. Michael is super uninterested in his mom’s death, and also super uninterested in chatting with Ressler. Michael does mention that he once broke his collarbone, so there’s that.
19. Red takes a break from murder and calls Lizzie to chat about the case. She begs him to come back and he basically says hell to the no, but also advises her to look at the family members and friends of the GSK’s victims. Lizzie tells Red that one of the earliest victims of the GSK died in her arms, and that’s why it’s so important to her.
20. Cut to Lizzie, Ressler, and Meera chatting about Red’s call. Meera is aghast that Lizzie hasn’t told Cooper that she’s talked to Red, considering the investigation. Lizzie blows her off and she and Ressler start examining the medical files of the victims’ families. How did they get those? The victims, sure, that would’ve likely been part of the larger investigation as evidence.
21. Honestly, am I going to have to start playing “count the HIPAA violations” along with the infection thing? I hope not, because I don’t think that’ll be fun for anyone involved.
22. Meera and Cooper talk. Cooper tells her she’s clear of the mole thing, and asks her to investigate account laundering or something. Meera tells Cooper about Red’s call.
23. Now we’re back with GSK. He is brushing his mom’s hair and talking to her. She’s old and seems sort of catatonic. He talks to her like she’s answering him, but not in a sweet way, more a crazy way. Then he heads off to work at a hospital, where he talks to a patient named Melissa. He appears to be an ER nurse. He makes conversation about all the injuries she’s had in the last year, and she’s apprehensive about how he knows that. It’s in your medical record, dummy. There’s a giant dude looming outside the room in the most menacing way possible, so I guess we’ve found GSK’s newest victim.
24. I mean, I have a hard time getting myself worked up about these victims. They’re all abusers to some extent, and maybe they didn’t deserve to die for it, but I just can’t feel all that bad for them.
25. Now Ressler and Lizzie are talking with Michael and Michael’s dad. Ressler is awesome with Michael here, and they confirm that Karen was abusive.
26. Red walks into a restaurant and shoots almost everyone there. It helps that there are only like five people. One person he doesn’t shoot, though. His name is Fyodor or something, and he runs strip clubs. Red has figured out he was the one who paid the three hapless henchmen from earlier, because they were paid in small bill cash.
27. He threatens Fyodor and dumps vodka all over him. Fyodor is pretty whiny. Big disappointment for a supposed badass henchman. Get a grip, Fyodor, geez. You’re embarrassing yourself.
28. Fyodor spills about some guy and the bank that was used to launder money. Red dumps more vodka on him, lights a cigar, and sticks it in Fyodor’s mouth. Then he just shoots him because Fyodor sucks so much, even his terror at dying is boring.
29. Church domestic violence support group. Is this for victims, to find a place of healing and support? Of course not! This is for the abusers, so they can talk about the beatings they give to their supposed loved ones and how bad they feel about it, except not bad enough to, like, stop. Let’s not get crazy here!
30. Melissa’s husband is there, and so is GSK. GSK tells a story about his mother’s abuse, then meets up with Melissa’s husband later. I am assuming he somehow knocks the guy out and drags him back to his dentist chair of justice.
31. I am curious about this, because Melissa’s husband is about three times the size of GSK. I guess that’s what narrative assumption is for, right?
32. Lizzie and Ressler are puzzling how to find GSK. They have the medical records of all the abused family members, and nothing matches up. But then Lizzie realizes something does – the signature of the nurse on duty when they were admitted. I guess GSK floats and fills in at understaffed hospitals.
33. They’re off to find GSK. Meera has uncovered something interesting too. She shows Cooper a report of a money transaction she was able to trace and they discover it’s because of “Louis Coogan” which is apparently an alias of…Aram!
34. The PO minus Lizzie and Ressler break into his home, but he’s not there, because Red is always five steps ahead of everyone and has picked Aram up already. He is going to play a game: Aram is going to steal $5 million untracably while Red assembles a gun, and if he hasn’t finished before Red, Red is going to kill him. Aram thinks this is messed up.
35. It’s very tense; we see Red sort of leisurely rebuilding his gun while Aram’s fingers fly over the keyboard. You know, if I’m Aram, I would probably say, Okay, I can do this, but you need to give me five/ten/whatever minutes. I mean, how much would it have sucked for him if Red finished before him, even though he could do it?
36. I mean, I hate to take the suspense out, but who would believe Aram as the mole? Of course he manages to do it, and Red tells him he was framed as the mole but it was obvious because Aram would never have been caught. He gives him the bullet that almost went into his face and also a packet of information to give to Cooper at the end of the episode.
37. GSK and Melissa’s husband are chilling, with GSK having a great time inflicting injuries on Melissa’s husband. He’s making his mom watch, because of course he is.
38. Lizzie and Ressler chat with Melissa. They found her after going to the hospital where GSK last worked and asking about patients with broken bones and other abuse-type injuries. She denies the abuse, then admits it and says her husband goes to a church group. Yeah, that church group is working great, I think.
39. Okay, here’s the thing. There’s a lot of stuff about Lizzie and Ressler figuring out GSK and where he lives. I’m skipping that, since it’s involved and doesn’t really matter. What matters is, they figure out where he lives and Lizzie busts in, just as he’s about the kill the guy. He attempts to kill his mom, but Lizzie shoots him and he’s dead.
40. Lizzie goes to see Melissa’s husband at the hospital, and threatens him. Nice sentiment, but I don’t see how she can live up to the threat. How will she know if he hits Melissa again? I guess she could’ve given Melissa her cell number, but would Melissa have called her? Likely not.
41. Aram’s back at the PO with his folder of evidence implicating Newton Phillips.
42. Now Red’s off to chat with another old friend who is a banker. The banker is afraid of Red and tries to get out of meeting him. Don’t be stupid, banker. Red gets around this by talking his way into the banker’s home and meeting his wife Janice. Then he shoots the banker and forces him to tell him a name, which is Newton Phillips. Red looks very, very sad about that.
43. Newton Phillips is Grey! Red spreads Luli’s ashes in a river somewhere. Grey is there, and says he’s sorry, but that Garrick and Co. threatened his family. Red promises he’ll take care of Grey’s family, then kills him.
44. Lizzie’s at home with a glass of wine, working off the day. Someone comes into her house, and she calls out to Tom, saying she’s glad he’s back and she doesn’t want to fight. Really? I would want to fight, if I were her.
45. But it’s not Tom, it’s Red. She doesn’t even try to pretend she’s not psyched to see him. He tells her he found the leak in his organization, but there’s still one in hers, and so now he’s back to only talking to her.
46. She asks where he went, and cutely wonders if he brought her anything. Aw! He laughs and says he brought her the next name on the Blacklist. Well, it’s no souvenir snowglobe, but I guess it’ll do.


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