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{January 24, 2015}   Swatch Saturday: Black Cat Lacquer Witchcraft – Halloween Collection

Happy Saturday!  I know it’s been a few months since Halloween (and it’s not for another several months), but I got these polishes recently and wanted to show them off.  They are gorgeous and not so specifically Halloween-y that you couldn’t wear them all year round.

I’ve raved about Black Cat Lacquer before, so I’ll be brief: I love them.  I love the glitters, the collections, the colors, the names of the polishes, I love it all!  Like all BC polishes, they are best if you do the daubbing method (with the exception of one polish in this collection).  Dry time is a bit longer than your typical mainstream polishes, but in my opinion, the few extra minutes are worth it.

I did three coats of all except the last one, I Put a Spell on You, which is two.  All of them have regular and flash pictures except for the first, because I forgot.


Coven.  Black cherry jelly with holo and multicolored glitter.  I wish I’d done the flash, this picture doesn’t do this gorgeous polish justice!


Alchemy.  Deep green jelly with holo and multicolored glitter.  Sort of army green looking, right?  Almost swampy.  Till…


Boom!  Check out that gorgeous green!


Seance.  Billed as a glow in the dark holo with multicolored glitter.  It’s a creamy, almost greyed sort of nude in person, a bit like Ethereal Lacquer Macabre.  Very nice and clean looking.  I never saw the glow in the dark, though, honestly.

With flash:


I’m still loving the nude-ish colors as much as last year, it appears.


Black Cat over Seance.  Black Cat is a multicolored glitterbomb in a clear base, so it’s a great topper.


With flash.  I love glitterbombs!

Salem.  Black jelly with purple and gold glitter and a rosy sort of sheen.  There are lots of different glitters in this one; triangles and moons and stars.  It’s very pretty.  I think next time I wear it I’ll put it over a coat of regular black.


With flash.


I Put a Spell on You.  Blue jelly with rainbow glitter and sparkles.  This one applied just like a “regular” polish, and I didn’t have to daub at all.  It was also opaque in two coats.  Very pretty!


With flash.

Overall, I love this collection.  I need a better camera; mine just can’t capture the awesome multicolored sparkles!  Believe me when I say these pictures don’t do the polishes justice.

On the technical aspect, I got good glitter distribution from them all, so I wasn’t “fishing” for pieces.  Also I think these all need topcoat; they dried a little bit matte, for some reason, but topcoat made them shine again, no problems.

Happy weekend!


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