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{January 31, 2015}   Swatch Saturday: Polish Wars Part 1: Starry Night Polishes

Hi, my name is Jenny and I’m addicted to nail polish.

I don’t own as much as probably some nail bloggers do, but I own more than anyone else I know (probably combined).  I recently re-organized my bathroom vanity (…again) and took a look at my Melmers, and decided it was time to get rid of some things.  I mean, I own so many, and so many of them I never even wear.  Why hold on to them?  I told my sister I’d give the extras to her, and she’s psyched.

Anyway, so I’m starting a new Swatch Saturday series that will continue for the foreseeable future: Polish Wars!  That’s a way fun name for me just comparing similar polishes and deciding which ones stay and which ones go.  Polish Death Match?  Polish Cagematch?  Nah, I like Polish Wars the best.

I’m starting with my “starry night” polishes.  Do you remember the frenzy a few years ago for Chanel Ciel de Nuit and, after that, Essie Starry Starry Night?  I don’t own either of those (boo!) but I do have a few dupes and comparables because I love the idea of a night sky on my fingertips!

So here are the five we’re looking at today:


From left to right: Cirque Tibetan Nights, China Glaze Dorothy Who?, Bonne Bell Nail Gear Scandal, CM Midnight Imposter, and Maybelline Zip Fly.  They are all various shades of deep blue with glitter added.


In the sun.  Pinky: Maybelline Zip Fly, Ring: CM Midnight Imposter, Middle: Nail Gear Scandal, Index: China Glaze Dorothy Who?, and Thumb: Cirque Tibetan Nights.


Cirque Tibetan Nights.  Okay, let’s deal with the elephant in the room first: my cuticles look awful.  So dry!  I didn’t even notice till I did these close ups.  So now they’re soaking in a mixture of CND solar oil and German Nivea.  Anyway, Tibetan Nights is a medium deep blue with silver glitter and some bar glitter, which makes it look like shooting stars.  Three coats.  I don’t think it’s a dupe for either Chanel or Essie, but I love this one all the same.


China Glaze Dorothy Who?  This is the palest of these “night sky” polishes.  It’s a lighter blue jelly packed with tons of sparkles.  Three coats.  To be honest, not my favorite.  I thought the color looked darker in the bottle.


Nail Gear Scandal.  Very similar in shade to Tibetan Nights, except without the bar glitter.  For an ancient polish, it applied great.  Three coats.  I like this one.


CM Midnight Imposter.  Dark navy blue with silver and blue glitter.  For my money, based on pictures, it’s the closest to a dead-on dupe of Essie SSN.  Three coats, but I could’ve gotten away with two.  It’s all right.  I’ll probably keep it.


Maybelline Zip Fly.  Another dark navy-ish with silver glitter.  This one is going.  It’s all right, but I don’t like navy that much, and it’s tricky to apply.

So our results: I’m keeping Tibetan Nights and Scandal, definitely.  I’m on the fence about Dorothy Who? and Midnight Imposter; they’ll probably go into my little box of maybes for a bit to see if I end up missing them.  Zip Fly is definitely on its way out though.

Happy Saturday!


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