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{February 7, 2015}   Swatch Saturday: Polish Wars: Some (Possible) Dupes

Today I have six polishes that I’m putting up for possible removal.  May the strongest survive!


This is Adorn Landlocked Mermaid and Marc Jacobs Blue Velvet.  They look pretty similar in the bottles, so let’s see how they look on my nails.


Definitely not dupes!  That’s Adorn on the ring and index, with Marc Jacobs on middle and pinky.  Landlocked Mermaid is more duo-chromy than Blue Velvet, although there is a pretty “velvetiness” to Blue Velvet (hence the name) that gives it some depth.

I’m keeping them both.  I don’t have another blue like Blue Velvet, and Landlocked Mermaid is pretty on its own and actually looks great over darker colors too.


Zoya Amy and Cover Girl Flamed Out.  I mentioned, way back when I reviewed the Cover Girl Catching Fire polishes, that I thought these two would be dupes.


Again, nope!  Flamed Out is on the pinky and middle, with Amy on the ring and index.  Amy has a richer, deeper orange color than Flamed Out.  But they are pretty similar.

I’m ditching Flamed Out and keeping Amy.  Zoya’s formula is excellent, and I prefer the deeper orange color.


OPI Today I Accomplished Zero and OPI Stay the Night.  Both are black jellies with pink glitter.


And…yep.  Other than the liquid sand texture of Stay the Night, they are virtually identical.  That’s Stay the Night on pinky and middle, and TIAZ on ring and index.  I’ll keep TIAZ and give away Stay the Night.

Happy weekend!


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