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{March 14, 2015}   Swatch Saturday: Some Random Nail Stuff

I went to do another Polish Wars, and realized the pictures I had were just awful.  You guys deserve way better than crappy, blurry pictures, so I’m going to re-do them and that should be next week’s Swatch Saturday.  So instead, I’m going to do some random stuff I’ve been wearing on my nails over the last couple of weeks.


This is a very fun, bright galaxy pattern.  I used Orly’s High on Hope as a base instead of my usual black, and a yellow (I think that was also Orly’s Melodious Utopia but I can’t remember) really helped lighten it up.


This is Ethereal Lacquer’s Khaos.  I really wanted to like this polish more than I do.  It’s a black jelly with different sized glitters.  I wore it over a coat of black.  As you can see, the glitters aren’t very prominent.  They polish itself is a bit runny, and the glitters are difficult to fish out.  Also, the black jelly tends to cover them, making them look much darker than they really are.  I have other Ethereal Lacquer polishes that I don’t have this issue with, though.


Dollish Polish Afternoon Tea in the Garden.  I don’t think I’ve posted this before?  I love this polish.  It makes me think of Easter, you know those little flecked candy eggs?  It’s a sheer white polish with tons of glitter.  It always makes me smile.


This is what I’m wearing right now, Cirque’s Tibetan Nights.  I reviewed this one recently in Polish Wars.  It’s my favorite of all my “night sky” polishes.  I love the little bar glitters!


This is Zoya Genevieve with a topper of Picture Polish Festival.  I did this to do my own CND Vinylux test at home.  That’s day one.


Here’s day five.  Notice the bare minimum of tip wear, except on my index finger.  In fairness, my index nail actually broke, rather than the polish itself chipping off.  So I think it’s safe to say this stuff works awesome!

One final swatch of my now-favorite polish ever, OPI Vampire State Building.  I had been after this polish for what feels like FOREVER.  It’s my perfect red, it’s what I imagine Chanel Rouge Noir would be (but I don’t think is).  The difference appears to be that it’s a brown-based red, rather than a blackened red.  So I guess sometimes brown is okay!


Three coats of perfection.  So dark but still recognizably red.  LOVE.


With flash.


A little nail art I tossed on top of it.  I was trying to do a fishnet sort of thing on the accent nail, like a corset lace up.

Happy weekend!


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