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{April 23, 2015}   The Blacklist: The Pavlovich Brothers

Happy Thursday!  Man, not working is making me think every day is a weekend, it’s so weird.  I’m getting pretty sick of it.  But anyway, here is the next episode of The Blacklist:

1. Chinese women’s prison. The prisoners are receiving vaccinations. One of the ladies gets a special shot and faints. The nurses argue she needs to see a doctor, and the guards finally relent, and let them take her.
2. They get her into an ambulance, and use adrenaline to wake her. It’s clear at this point that they’re Americans. They get away and reveal to the prisoner lady that they are CIA and she’ll be in Washington the same time the next day. She is both happy and relieved, because she doesn’t yet know that everyone in the U.S. fucks up all the time unless they are working for Red, and even then, sometimes.
3. A bunch of creepy Eastern European guys hang in a hotel room with a bunch of guns. They get a call from someone, and are clearly going after the Chinese lady.
4. Now Lizzie is fucking around with Tom’s keys, I guess trying to track them. Tom is acting super suspicious about Jolene, and Lizzie is like, you fucker, at least fucking PRETEND to be a spy. God, he’s just the worst.
5. Lizzie’s tracked his keys and pretends to find them, and I mean, really Lizzie, that’s pretty obvious. Even an idiot like Tom could figure that out.
6. He wants to take her out for Thai that night, and spoiler alert, he doesn’t. Fuck you, Tom, Thai is the best kind of food. The least you could do is give her a good final meal!
7. Red and Lizzie, at her Spy Storage Facility That Is Way More Secure Than Tom’s Stupid Spy Lair, chat about how Tom sucks and is just the worst. Lizzie thinks he killed Jolene, and Red answers in the affirmative. He didn’t tell her because he was afraid it would spook her, essentially.
8. Lizzie thinks he knows what’s going on, and Red tells her to just wait. Also, by the way, the Pavlovich Brothers are back in town, so there’s that, to keep her busy.
9. Lizzie tells the PO about the brothers. Ressler is pissed, because these were the guys from the Pilot, and he lost six of his men during the bridge explosion. Yes, but that’s also when we realized you were a badass, Ressler.
10. Meera says that the CIA is moving a Chinese asset and Ressler thinks the brothers know about this. They decide to intercept, but it’s useless, because the idiots from the CIA don’t know what they’re doing and the brothers snatch the girl. Ressler shoots at them, they return fire, and they get away in their helicopter.
11. I have no idea how that happened. Before they left the PO, they all talked about letting the CIA know what was going on and changing the routes. But when they got to the airfield to pick her up, the CIA guy was all, Nope, we’re doing this my way.
12. Oh wait. Now I get it.
13. Back at the PO, they are discussing how to possibly find her, and decide to inform Homeland since the guys will likely be out of the country quickly. Cooper bustles up, all huffy with Meera because the Chinese scientist was apparently a BIG DEAL, and was in prison because she’d wanted to defect to America.
14. Meera explains about Project Whitefog, a germ warfare project that the CIA knew about and had been hoping the Chinese scientist would help them with. She was an immunologist who had access to designs and viruses. That is why she was defecting, and why the Chinese want her back. They worry that she will be killed or worse if they get her back to China.
15. Um. That is basically what my mom’s husband does. Immunology, I mean, not germ warfare. I am glad this is fictional, because otherwise the brothers would’ve come after him next, probably.
16. During all this, Lizzie gets a call from Red about Tom, and lies to everyone that he has a lead and she needs to meet Red because he has a lead. Everyone is cool with this but Ressler, who side-eyes her a little.
17. Lizzie meets Red in his nice town car. Tom has apparently been hanging by a coffee cart for hours, only leaving to make a couple of phone calls. Red tells Lizzie he’s sorry, but she doesn’t care at all, or at least so she says. She’s focused on watching Tom. He gets up to move, and she wonders why they aren’t following. Red points out all the tails he already has. They all work for Lizzie, he says.
18. Lizzie is surprisingly blasé about this. I would wonder how I was going to pay all of these people who now work for me in shadowy secret, but whatever.
19. She watches for a little while, and then hops out of the car to follow him herself, ignoring Red’s warning. I love this shot, because we can see her super ugly, very practical shoes. Those are totally shoes I would wear if I were her. I love that they didn’t put her in crazy Loubotins or something else with tall heels. It’s more realistic.
20. They also sort of look like booties, which makes me think the actress’s feet were cold, rather than them being part of the character’s costume. I know a lot of people hate that kind of meta in their television, as it can take you out of the story. I’ve never minded it. I mean, it’s not like it makes me think the show isn’t real.
21. Well, she runs into the National Archives. The tail tries to get her stop, but she refuses, even using her badge to get through security. She does pause to watch Tom go up a set of stairs.
22. She follows Tom, who stops next to a guy and looks like they’re going to do a drop or something. But Tom gets spooked, I think because he sees Lizzie? Based on the angles of the shot, I don’t see how that’s possible, but whatever. The trade or whatever is off.
23. The brothers toss the scientist in a crummy dungeon/warehouse. They are waiting for a boat. The scientist starts scratching something onto the walls.
24. Later, at home, Lizzie discovers that Tom’s cooking rather than taking her out as he promised. Well, at this point she can’t be surprised by his lies, right?
25. Apparently, he found Lizzie’s music box, like I wonder how it got to her house, did Dembe just squirrel it away in the basement? Maybe he brought it when he came to pick up that glass?
26. He asks her where it came from, and she says her father gave it to her. When he asks why he’d never seen it before, she distracts him by his supposedly boiling over pot, even though it would’ve been really easy to just say that his executor sent it to her as part of her inheritance. Easy peasy, Lizzie.
27. Tom clues her in that he saw her at the Archives, and she covers pretty well. He blahs about how beautiful she is and you know she just wants to punch him.
28. Tom says that he’s going to walk their dog, gives her what I’m sure he thinks is a meaningful look, tells her he loves her, and vanishes.
29. Hold up. Excuse me, Tom, but that is a totally different dog than the one you had a few weeks ago!
30. I’d make another joke about Tom being a liar, but if I recall, the original dog died during the filming, and they had to get another. That is really sad, so I won’t make that joke, even though I can’t imagine it would’ve been difficult to find a dog of the same approximate size and color.
31. Lizzie hears a scratching sound, and walks toward the door to discover the dog in the entryway, because that little trick knows what’s up and would rather stay with Lizzie than spend even one more second with the worst spy ever.
32. Oh, I mean because Tom escaped. Who fucking cares, I wonder. Well, I guess Lizzie does.
33. He’s on the waterfront, like how did he get there so fast, and makes a call to his spy buddies, letting them know that “Mockingbird” (Lizzie, I presume) knows. He crushes his keys there, too, even though it would’ve been a better idea to leave them at the house. Did he drive his car there? Does he know they can track his car?
34. I mean, really. I’m a better spy than Tom, and I am not a spy.
35. Back at home, Red comes to comfort Lizzie. She’s pissed and says she’s going to find him with or without Red’s help. So, he decides he will help. He doesn’t tell her that, though. That would be too easy.
36. Ressler calls her, because it’s now been hours since she left to see Red and they’re all wondering what the fuck’s up with that lead she promised.
37. I wonder what they think she and Red do when they get together. I imagine they think it’s weird, whatever it is.
38. Red tells her to find out about the helicopter, where it’s been, like…why do they need Red to tell them that? They should already know to look at that. But it’s good enough for Lizzie, and she goes back to work (in the middle of the night, I guess) to find out about the helicopter. Aram scurries off to learn everything he can about helicopters and fuel.
39. Now Red has found the car that took Tom’s contact away from the Archives. They ambush him and find the contact, working at a print shop I think. Well, that’s convenient.
40. Red and Dembe ambush the guy and find out he was exchanging a calculus book with Tom. Is that supposed to look less suspicious? I mean, it seems like teaching schoolkids calculus would be one way of telling everyone “I’m a giant spy and liar,” but that’s just me.
41. The guy writes down a bunch of places where they’ve done the drops, and Dembe photocopies all of his identification, even credit cards. Red finds out that the guy’s got a library card for some small town he’d been to before, and I think lies about a blown water pump in his car or whatever. He’s excellently weird here. The guy is totally creeped out, which I think was the point of that little diversion. Red has Dembe copy the whole book, too, and that’s it for that.
42. Aram tells everyone all about the fuel and the helicopter. They discover that the copter was hidden and trashed in an old pesticide place.
43. Red meets with one of his Irregulars who has scoped out one of the dump sites for the book that the contact gave them. They figure out that Tom is there, waiting for a pickup or something. Red and Dembe try to figure out how they’re going to get Tom out of the building, and he calls Lizzie to get more info on where the brothers are, since their usual extraction experts are elsewhere.
44. You guys, I laughed so hard when she hung up on him. He’s trying to feel her out and be helpful, and she’s all, Laters, bitch, I got shit to do!
45. Obviously, Red is going to hire the brothers to extract Tom. They do seem very excited to meet Raymond Reddington.
46. The FBI gets to the warehouse/creepy dungeon, but too late, because the brothers and the scientist (and Red) are already gone. Ressler finds the scratchings she made on the wall, and they photograph them.
47. Now, the exciting chase scene, brought to you by Ford Mustang! The brothers blow the shit up of the building, and then shoot at everything till it draws Tom and his handlers out (????). They attempt to escape in Ford Mustangs, and we get to watch these admirable machines with so much horsepower and apparent bulletproof paint jobs just drive and drive till the brothers put an end to our fun by capturing Tom.
48. He’s still wearing his wedding ring. I don’t know why, either.
49. Ressler and Meera have a conversation about the lettering. Meera thinks it’s a recipe for soup. Ressler seems shocked that she knows recipes, and disagrees, but has no better ideas. Maybe the scientist really likes soup, is I guess now their working theory.
50. The soup she is talking about is avgolemono. She says it’s the only word she knows that starts with the letters A, V, and G. I would tease her about this, but it turns out there really aren’t that many words that start like that.
51. Lizzie’s gone back home and leaves Red a message about the case. She is interrupted by the brothers, hanging in her kitchen and drinking all her wine, and hangs up.
52. You know, guys, Tom may have poisoned that wine. Just saying.
53. Oh, and they’ve hogtied Tom and left him at the kitchen table for her. I’m telling you, Red gives the best gifts.
54. Lizzie bitches at Tom about the years of her life he wasted, and wants to know what all that time did to him. He coolly claims he was doing his job, but she blows that off, because seriously, fuck him.
55. He also tells her a story about one of their first dates, when he knew she was in love with him, to rattle her.
56. Ressler calls and tells Lizzie they’re going after the scientist because Aram has figured out where they are because of eureka and buoyancy. They are shipping her, literally in every sense of the word. He wants her there, since she was on the bridge too, but she claims to be waiting for Red. Ressler says that Red lied to them and is double crossing them to get the scientist for himself. Ressler! I thought you two were bros. Don’t you remember the head in the box he gave you a few episodes ago?
57. During this, Tom tries to tilt a coffee cup off the table, for only God knows why. It’s too far away for him to use to cut out of the zipties if he breaks it. It can’t be a distraction to get Ressler’s attention, because if he wanted to alert Lizzie’s coworker that he was tied up at her table, he could just start yelling. Lizzie says she’ll call Ressler back and stops Tom from fucking with the coffee cup.
58. Lizzie calls Red and asks where the scientist is. Red denies having her, saying he tried to get her from the brothers but they wouldn’t bargain. He tells her to send Ressler to talk to some random guy at the port, because he handles all the contraband.
59. Ressler and Meera pay him a visit. Presumably, he caves instantly. Man, all these criminals and their shitty minions!
60. Next, a bloody shootout with the poor scientist trapped in a box. All the brothers go down, and Ressler rescues the girl. He picks her up (which, I know she’s tiny, but…woof) and tries to soothe her while she freaks. He sets her down and gets a blanket to wrap around her shoulders. Meera comforts her. Poor lady.
61. Keen household. Tom bitches, wanting to know why Red is so obsessed with her. She ignores him and tells him she’s going to be doing the roughing up, not Red or anyone else. She finds what I think is a wrench (in their kitchen drawers, like WTF seriously) and breaks his thumb.
62. He is handcuffed, remember. At least, ziptied. Not Lizzie’s finest moment. Another non-finest moment comes next when she tells him how much she hates his fucking fake gluten free pancakes. That’s…not all that hurtful, I think, Lizzie.
63. Tom advises her not to break a handcuffed person’s thumb, and escapes from the chair. They have a nasty, brutal fight that ends with most of their possessions destroyed and Lizzie handcuffed to the stairwell, Tom pointing a gun at her.
64. It occurs to me that they must’ve bought most of their furniture at crappy stores because it collapses pretty easily. Like, my coffeetable wouldn’t collapse if I fell on it. My bookshelves wouldn’t break apart if someone were tossed into them.
65. I mean, I’ve never tested this theory, but I bet it’s true.
66. Anyway. Tom insists he isn’t the bad guy, which: not all that convincing, Tom, sorry. He tells her that she needs to know who Red really is. The key she found in the lamp is to a safe deposit box, and he tells her to go to the bank and look at what’s inside. Then he leaves.
67. Ressler and Cooper watch Meera chat with the scientist about Whitefog. Cooper isn’t interested in this super important intelligence coup, however; he’s more interested in where Lizzie’s been all day. He asks Ressler, because he knows that Ressler, at his heart, is a big ol’ gossip. Ressler admits that he thinks Lizzie is having problems at home.
68. I mean, understatement, but it’s not like he knows what’s really going on.
69. Red meets Lizzie at her house, and sort of tsks at the massive mess. Lizzie says she lost it (her temper, I guess). Red then tells her a bunch of really nice things about why she’s going to get over this and how wonderful she is. It’s very, very sweet and makes her tear up.
70. Red and Dembe watch Tom and his mysteriously unbroken thumb from a distance. They are still tailing him.
71. Lizzie opens the safe deposit box and finds an envelope. There’s a pattern on the envelope very similar to the one that was on Tom’s spy box. She slides some papers out and looks at them. Her eyes go wide.
72. And that’s all till next time. What’s in the box, do you think? Pictures of the fire with Red there? A copy of her birth certificate? A note from Tom saying “Fooled you!”?


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