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{April 25, 2015}   Swatch Saturday: Polish Wars: The Blues

Okay, I have probably three entries left with Polish Wars (including this one).  I also found a few products that I hadn’t done reviews for, so we should be good for awhile!

Here are some of my blue polishes.


Pinky to index: OPI Light My Sapphire, OPI Yoga-Ta Get This Blue!, OPI Yodel Me On My Cell, and OPI Unfor-Greta-Bly Blue.


OPI Unfor-Greta-Bly Blue.  This is a gorgeous deep blue with just a hint of shimmer, from the Germany collection.  I hardly ever wear it, though, so I think it’ll go in my “undecideds” drawer for the moment.


OPI Yodel Me On My Cell.  This one is a lighter blue, almost teal in certain lights.  So pretty!  I’ll keep it.


OPI Yoga-Ta Get This Blue!  Deep and beautiful.  I think I’ve raved about this polish before, during my India collection fake nightmare.  If I go for a deep blue polish, I reach for this one, so I’m definitely keeping it.


OPI Light My Sapphire.  I love the name, but honestly the polish is a bit meh.  It’s super dark and almost looks black, and it lacks any sort of flash or other quality that makes it noteworthy, in my opinion.  It’s headed out the door.

Happy weekend!


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