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{May 9, 2015}   Swatch Saturday: Urban Decay Polishes

Hi all!  I have been sick with the Flu of Death this past week, so that’s why there was no posting.  I’m going to try to make it up to you this week!

So today I have swatches of my Urban Decay polishes.  These are the newer, limited edition polishes that were released in the last couple of years.  I’ve been collecting them as they come out and I have all of them except Gash.  I really want Gash, but that’ll have to wait a bit, unfortunately.  I also already swatched Mrs. Mia Wallace back with the Pulp Fiction set, so I won’t re-do that.

Urban Decay did nail color a long time ago.  I’m not lucky enough to have any of those!  But back in 2013 they decided to release two limited edition shades every season (sort of).  They are 5-Free and in awesome packaging:


So we’ll start with Fall 2013.  These are all two coats:


Addiction is a sparkly gunmetal gray.  It’s supposed to be a pretty good dupe for Chanel Graphite.  The color does look like a pencil’s lead.


Vice is an amazing deep purple with shimmer.  Urban Decay would have to do a great purple, right?  I don’t have anything like this in my collection.  The closest is Diva of the Deep, I think.

Next is Holiday 2013.  These came out around the same time as the Naked3 palette, if I recall correctly.  I remember ordering them from Sephora at the same time, fast as I could before it sold out!


Zodiac is a dark green shimmer with tons of micro sparkles in different shades.  It’s awesome.


Oh, Blackheart, why so lame?  Other swatches I’ve seen come out a great plummy purple, but on me it looks pretty brown.  Disappointing!  Especially since the eyeshadow shade of the same name is so great.  Oh well.

Summer 2014:


Chaos is a great shimmery blue.  Again, I have a lot of blues in my collection, but nothing exactly like this.  I love it.


Bang is an orange that has a slight shimmer.  It’s a nice shade and great for summer.  I have to think that someone in Urban Decay’s marketing or color developing or whatever is a Gator, considering that these are pretty close to my alma mater’s orange and blue!

All of these polishes apply fantastic and dry quickly.  The color payoff is wonderful.  They are limited edition, so they’re only available for a finite period of time.  However, as of this posting I notice that Zodiac, Chaos, and Bang are all available on the Urban Decay website and are on sale for $5/each, down from $15.

I don’t see that any others have been released, except of course for Mrs. Mia Wallace as part of the Pulp Fiction set, and Gash, which is still available at urbandecay.com.  I don’t know why and I hope this doesn’t mean they’ve decided to stop producing nail colors again, because these polishes are awesome in every way!

Oh, and I think I promised you guys a peek at my Derby hat:


Pretty awesome, right?  Can you believe I was the only one at the party with a fancy hat?  I know, I was surprised too!

Happy weekend!


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