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{May 23, 2015}   Swatch Saturday: Three Faces of Urban Decay Gash

Happy Saturday!  I hope everyone has some fun plans for this Memorial Day weekend (if you are American)!  This Monday would’ve been my grandmother’s 95th birthday, so I’m sure it will be a little hard for the family.  We’ll see.

Also WordPress is pissing me off currently.  I don’t know what the hell’s wrong with it, but I’m having a lot of trouble with the format for these entries.  Just in case this looks weird when you see it, that’s why.

Anyway, so I have today three different versions of Urban Decay’s Gash lip color.  Gash was my go-to color back in the late ’90s and early 2000s.  Gwen Stefani wore it, and even though my coloring is totally different than hers, I just loved how it looked on her so I scooped it up. I’ve reviewed one of these before, but I included it for comparison’s sake.  Also, uh, I may have been a bit hasty in my condemnation of that particular version/product.  I’ll explain when we get there. I have three different versions of Gash (obviously, from the title of this post).  I originally purchased Gash as a Lip Gunk.  Remember those?  Man, they were the best!  Glossy and thick without being sticky and long lasting.  I remember feeling so betrayed when I discovered they’d been discontinued, and Gash as a color along with them. Some time after that, Gash was released as a lipstick.  I bought it immediately, but felt the color was a bit off.  Perhaps I’d remembered it being more awesome than it actually was?  I found it disappointing and ultimately didn’t wear it that often. Finally, Gash was released as a Revolution lipstick color.  I purchased that too, because the Revolution formula is supposed to be an improvement.  Earlier, I complained about the color and the fact that it didn’t seem to last very long. Here they are: 20150428_133444~2

In order of release: lip gunk, lipstick, and Revolution lipstick. Swatched:

Gash Swatches

Same order: Lip Gunk, lipstick, Revolution lipstick.  See how different the colors are?  I know the picture’s a bit blurry (sorry!), but Lip Gunk is clearly deeper and more brown-toned, with the lipstick being the most pink-hued and the Revolution lipstick falling somewhere in between.

Lip Gunk, swatched on lips:

Gash Lip Gunk

Amazing.  Still love it after all this time.  Lasts longer than you’d expect a gloss to, but not quite as long as a lipstick.  Very comfy to wear, very little feathering.

Purple lipstick, swatched on lips:

Gash Daggar Lipstick

Pinkish and slightly matte, the color is definitely different and less exciting than its previous incarnation.  The formula is ok; not drying, doesn’t feather a ton, but also doesn’t last very long either.

Revolution lipstick, swatched on lips:

Gash Revolution Lipstick

Okay, I was a bit hasty when I originally reviewed this one with my other reds.  The color payoff is good; it’s still a bit pink, but it’s more red than the purple lipstick and it lasts a hell of a lot longer.  It does feather some, so a lip pencil would be a good idea.  I wonder if they still make the Gash lip pencil?  Probably not.  They discontinued so many good things!

If it weren’t already clear, Lip Gunk Gash is my favorite Gash.  I’d be cool with the Revolution version if it weren’t for the color difference; I don’t know why they changed the color.  it gives me the sads. So what do you think?  Which one’s your favorite?  Do you miss Lip Gunks as much as I do?

Happy Saturday!


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