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{June 28, 2015}   Swatch Sunday: Black Label OPI, Hungary for my Honey

Hi everyone!  See, I at least got this done this weekend. 🙂

I mentioned before that I collect black label OPIs.  These are OPI polishes that pre-date 2006 and are full of all those bad chemicals.  OPI made the switch sometime in 2006 and their formulas became 3-Free and they changed to green labels.  For 2015 I believe they’ve actually gone back to black labels, but with slightly different look.

So the older polishes are typically harder to come by, and you can find some of them going for pretty far above retail on sites like eBay.  Sometimes you get lucky, though, and can find them by “dusty hunting” (combing through nail salons for old polishes).  I’ve found most of mine by going through OPIs sold at non-nail polish type places.  My rule is, I find a black label, and I buy it, even if I don’t necessarily care for the color, as it’s more about the collecting for me.

Today I have Hungary for my Honey, which is from the 2002 European Collection:

OPI Hungary for my Honey 3 coats

It’s a golden orange shimmer.  This is three coats.  One of the things I love about the old formulas is that they, almost without fail, apply perfectly.  Another shot:

OPI Hungary for my Honey 3 coats 2

In sunlight:

OPI Hungary for my Honey 3 coats sunlight

The word “burnished” comes to mind with this color.  It’s one I bought simply because it was a black label, but I like the color a lot more than I expected to.  Bottle shot:

OPI Hungary for my Honey Bottle

Bottom of the bottle:

OPI Hungary for my Honey Bottle Bottom

Also on a posting note: I’m still working on the Measure for Measure review.  I realized earlier this week that I was nuts to think I could do one of these per week.  It’s just way too much work.  So I’ll still work on them, but obviously the posting pace will be a bit slower.

Happy weekend!


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