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{September 7, 2015}   Swatch Labor Day: Hard Candy Swatches

Happy Labor Day to my American peeps!  I’ve had these Hard Candy swatches rolling around in my unposted folder for about three months now.

Hard Candy was super popular when I was in middle school/junior high years.  I lived in a really small town that only had a Walmart-type store (I don’t even remember if it was really Walmart), and since I didn’t live near anyplace where I could buy Urban Decay like a proper ’90s kid, Hard Candy had to do.  Remember how awesome Sky was?  Up till then I assumed you “could” only wear reds and pinks on your nails.  It was like, hey, you can do OTHER COLORS?  Sign me right up!

Sadly this new incarnation of Hard Candy doesn’t have the same iconic packaging for the nail polishes: the bottles are small and tube-shaped.  They hold about half the product of an OPI bottle and I think they’re about $4 at Walmart.  I don’t think I’ve seen them anywhere else, I don’t know if it’s an exclusivity thing.  Anyway, I picked up a few colors:

Hard Candy Sweet Retreat 4 coats

This is Sweet Retreat, 4 coats.  The formula is pretty tricky and thick, and I was originally convinced it would never dry properly.  I was wrong.  And I love this pale blue!  It’s not Sky, but it’s pretty darn close I think.

Hard Candy Crush on Lava 3 coats

Crush on Lava, 3 coats.  It’s not quite a duochrome but you can see flashes of both pink and red/orange.  Very pretty, and the formula on this one is great.

Hard Candy Cosmic Love Affair 2 coats

Cosmic Love Affair, 3 coats.  I bought this one because we’ve discussed my crazy obsession with night sky type polishes, right?  I don’t think I need to go further than that.  I love it.  It has pretty fine microglitter and the formula was really nice.

Hard Candy Black Tie Optional 2 coats

Black Tie Optional, 2 coats over Sweet Retreat.  I love a good black/white glitter, and this one is pretty good.

I’ve been pretty happy with these polishes.  I also bought a few other products from the Hard Candy makeup line awhile back.  I was going to include a short review of those in this post, but maybe I should do a separate one.  It’s mostly lip stuff that I bought.

Happy week!  Hope all of you on vacation are enjoying!


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