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{October 17, 2015}   Swatch Saturday: Halloween Nails, Pt. 1

Happy Saturday!  I’m back with some Halloween nail art!!

No, I’m not finished with The Maze Runner yet.  Ugh.

So glad this past week is almost over!!  It really sucked, finances-wise.  I had to get four new tires and a new freaking phone all in the same day.  Why is it that everything fails at the same time?!

Anyway, onward!


This one is awesomely simple.  I can’t believe I didn’t do this last year!  It’s Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers orange (I can’t remember what it’s called and I’m not at home so I can’t check) and Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers Darkest Hour.  I painted on the orange and then did the saran method with the black.


This is China Glaze White on White with my black KISS striper for the French.  The spiderweb was done with a black Sharpie.  Not too bad if I do say so myself!


Well, they can’t all be winners.  This is the Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers orange with dots in Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers Darkest Hour, Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers Queen of the Damned, and Orly Wild Wisteria.  Would have been better with more vibrant dot colors I think.


Saved the best for last!  I did something similar last year I think, but these are even better.  It’s a base of OPI No Bees Please, and the pumpkins are done in OPI Can’t Afjord Not To.  The stems are Orly Enchanted Forest, and the black lines are a black Sharpie.  In retrospect it would’ve been better to use a green Sharpie for the stems though.


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