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{October 31, 2015}   Swatch Saturday: Halloween Nails Extravaganza

Wow, how long has it been since I’ve actually done a Swatch Saturday on Saturday?  Probably since the beginning of the month!  Anyway, as promised, I have several Halloween designs today!

Halloween is my favorite holiday, I probably mentioned that last year as well.  This year I ended up doing essentially NO decorating, which is crazy for me, but life sometimes gets in the way.  Ugh.  Here’s hoping for a brighter (pagan) new year!

Anyway.  On with the nails!  Apologies as this post is sorta pic-heavy and I don’t know how to cut pages yet.


This is Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers Ghouls Rush In with stripes done with the KISS black striper pen.  Simple but good.


This one I really love.  It’s Zoya Amy on the pinky, China Glaze White on White with a KISS tattoo on ring, Black Cat Salem on middle, China Glaze White on White and Fantasy Makers Darkest Hour and Ghouls Rush in on index, and Sinful Colors Black Magic on thumb.  Halloween hodgepodge!


Candy corn!  I don’t understand people who don’t like candy corn.  I mean, I don’t eat it by the bucketful or anything, but it’s a pretty essential Halloween treat in my eyes.  This is China Glaze White on White, OPI Can’t aFjord Not To, and China Glaze Lemon Fizz.


Wow this picture came out awful, I didn’t realize.  It’s a saran of Fantasy Makers Roach Busters (worst name ever, but very cool green color) and…I think Nicole by OPI Back in My Gloria Days?


This one didn’t turn out like I had hoped.  Remember those blood splatter manis that were so popular a few years ago?  I can’t do the splatter method, but I thought if I did saran it might come out similar.  And this would’ve looked pretty cool if the red was dark enough.  This is China Glaze White on White and Urban Decay Mrs. Mia Wallace.  I thought the Urban Decay would be dark enough but clearly it wasn’t.  Maybe it would work better with something like OPI Black Cherry Chutney or OPI Over & Over aGwen.  I meant to try it with one of those but didn’t.


This is OPI Don’t Touch My Tutu! with some Salon Perfect matte glitter I found at Wal-Mart, and a KISS sticker.  These cheaper glitters really look…well, cheap, don’t they?  Anyway I have a dislike for this glitter because it was the one I was wearing when I went for that professional mani a couple of weeks ago and got my nails dremmeled, which is why they’re so absolutely fucked right now.  So that’s probably not very fair of me.  But still – eh.


This one is great.  It’s OPI Do You Have This Color in Stock-holm? with a KISS sticker and Avon Urban Splatter.


My favorite of all the Halloween nails I did this year.  It’s Fantasy Makers Ghouls Rush In with leopard dots in OPI Do You Have This Color in Stock-holm? and KISS black striper.  It’s modeled after a pair of socks I got at the dollar store.  I guess I really like sock manis, ha!


These are KISS stickers.  They lasted about on hour.  Disappointing!


Orly Goth with KISS stickers.  I rediscovered Orly Goth this season and I can’t believe I haven’t worn it more often.


Last but certainly not least, my angled French.  The pink is actually that nail strengthener I’ve been using, the white is KISS white striper, and the dots are Fantasy Makers Darkest Hour and Ghouls Rush In.  The tattoo is another KISS tattoo.

I hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween!!


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