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{November 8, 2015}   Swatch Sunday: OPI Black Label Grape Wall of China

So since I’m having massive camera troubles I thought I’d revisit a series I started a few months ago and promptly ignored.  (When has THAT ever happened before???)  Today I have OPI’s Grape Wall of China for you.  This polish comes from the 2001 World Collection, so it’s one of the older ones I have.

OPI Grape Wall of China 3 coats

This is three coats.  It’s a nice, sort of dusty lavender purple color.  I would’ve thought it’d be a darker purple, considering the name, but I quite like this.

OPI Grape Wall of China comparisons

After the first time I put it on, I thought it looked similar to other polishes, so did a comparison.  It’s not all that similar, surprisingly.  The pinky is OPI Planks a Lot, ring is GWOC, and middle is…I honestly can’t remember.  Maybe OPI Sparrow Me The Drama?  Yeah, that’s likely it, since that Pirates collection was full of dusty pastels.

OPI Grape Wall of China bottle

Bottle Shot.

OPI Grape Wall of China bottle bottom

Bottom of the bottle shot.

Overall, this is a nice color, but I likely wouldn’t have bought it if it hadn’t been for my obsession with black labels.

I might have a double post today – I went to see Crimson Peak last week and it really deserves a review!


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