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{November 17, 2015}   Review: Nightfall, Pt. 4

Hi!  Last part of the Nightfall review coming at ya tonight!

Now, the original story does say that Kalgash is in the middle of a giant cluster of stars, so instead of the thirty-six hundred we see from Earth, they could see more like thirty thousand (this is according to the story itself, not something I made up). Okay, so I had to check that out. According to Google, from Earth, we can actually see maybe as many as ten thousand, on a clear, moonless night. So that would be what, 200% more stars than we can see?

Okay, see. I don’t do math. In fact, I went to law school mainly because physical therapy required chemistry calculations, and law school did not require math stuff. So I don’t know percentages or algebra…or addition and subtraction. Whatever. My phone has a calculator. I can’t graph, but who gives a fuck about that?

Anyway. So everyone goes nuts, including Athor, who cries about how they all had no idea how big the universe really was. Well, I guess if I’d just found out that my life’s work was totally blown to pieces, I’d get pretty emotional, too.

And that is the end of the second book, Nightfall. Next up is the third and last book, Daybreak.

We’re still with Theremon when dawn breaks. He’s out in the open, staring up at Onos, trying to figure out what it is. He first thinks that whatever it is, it will fall on him, so tries to hide. Then he realizes that it won’t fall, and starts to remember stuff about himself and the things that happened the night before. He keeps calling for Siferra, even though he has no idea who Siferra is. His memories come back but they are pretty disjointed, so we don’t get a very clear picture of what happened. The Apostles apparently did break in and destroy a bunch of the recording devices, and there was a fight with a lot of people dying. It sounds like Folimun probably survived, but beyond that, we don’t really know anything. Theremon starts back toward the city.

Next we visit Sheerin, who had managed to hide himself in a closet after glimpsing the Stars, so he’s pretty much fine both mentally and physically. He gets out of the basement and runs into Yimot, who had also hid. They look for anyone they know amongst the dead and crazy still in the Observatory, but don’t find anyone. They leave and decide to head for the Sanctuary, which was halfway between the university and the city.

With Siferra, we actually get to experience firsthand some of what happened after the Observatory doors were broken. It’s all just chaos, of course, crazy people, and she ran and managed to get outside. She’s able to look at the Stars for a few seconds without going completely crazy, and retains her memories of herself throughout the night. Because she’s fucking awesome, that’s why. However, something is clearly still wrong with her. She goes to rescue the tablets, and runs into Balik, our old friend from earlier. He’s totally gone, and of course he tries to rape her, because just because you go crazy doesn’t mean you forget you’re a disgusting pig I guess. Anyway, Siferra ends up killing him, and doesn’t even really consider it. I mean, not that she should feel guilty or anything. She finds some charts and takes off, running from others who might do her harm. As she runs, she regains her sense of self more. Also, she runs from crazy dudes who would probably rape and/or kill her, and ends up dropping the charts. You’d think that’s going to be important later on, but they never mention it again. Just FYI.

Finally, Beenay. Blah blah blah, Darkness and stars are totally fucking scary, we’ve heard it all before. Sorry, Beenay, but you’re the fourth person who’s told us this. Anyway, we do learn that Athor’s died, which seems obvious but is also very sad, because Athor was fucking awesome. Beenay finds his way to the Sanctuary, and discovers that Raissta has waited for him. Everyone else is gone, about two hundred miles away to a park where they hope to establish a new way of life. Uh…okay. I mean, sure, it’s possibly safer, but it’s also pretty far from civilization, as it were, and the whole idea of the Sanctuary is to preserve knowledge and truth. So…whatever. Beenay’s totally in, or at least he will be after they have sex. Presumably he thinks about Theremon while they’re doing it.

And speaking of Theremon, we head back to join up with him again. He’s been living in the “forest,” really just a wooded area near the city and university. We find out that a lot of people are pretty much normal again, but some are crazy because they’re afraid that the Darkness will return, and some are just plain evil. So everyone is super wary of being nice to one another, because who knows whether you’ll end up with a knife in your back or set on fire?

Anyway, so during all this isolation, he’s been fantasizing about hooking up with his one true love. Sadly enough for Beenay and Folimun, it’s Siferra. Aw! Such a romantic! He thinks how much he misses her, he wants her, he knows they’d be the best team ever, and he convinces himself he can find her even though he has no idea where she might have gone, or even if she is still alive. So he sets out on his own nutty journey, asking everyone he meets to help him. Of course, they all run like the wind when they see crazy ol’ Theremon approaching, but he does manage to run into Sheerin.

God, this is all very anti-climactic, isn’t it? That’s so mean of me…but come on, it sort of is. All right, so Theremon and Sheerin hook up, and we find out that fucking Yimot is dead, like sorry buddy but no one ever cared about you at all, so let’s get to the meat of the story. Sheerin’s found out about the park-a-million-miles-away idea, and wants Theremon to come with him, but Theremon won’t, not till he finds Siferra. What they had was SO REAL, you guys. Sheerin just doesn’t even know. So they part ways, with Sheerin all, good luck, you sad bastard, hopefully you won’t GET ATTACKED AND DIE, NOT SURE WHY I’M MENTIONING THAT OVER AND OVER.

Hilariously enough, we then cut to Siferra, who…hasn’t been thinking about Theremon at all. Ha! Of course, she has her own problems, like fighting off attempted rapists and having to strip naked to prove she’s not carrying bombs or other explosives before she’s allowed to join the Fire Patrol and be given a type of sanctuary. Ugh, that Altinol guy, what a dick am I right?

Before we can find out more about Siferra and Theremon (let’s face it, they are our main characters), we’re waylaid by Sheerin, who sadly decided to head for the special intelligence park alone and was sadly murdered by a bunch of savages. If only he’d stayed with Theremon! This actually made me pretty sad, even if it upped the stakes. Sheerin was so nice! But there’s no real place for nice people in this new world, I guess.

Back to Theremon. He’s super excited because he’s caught himself some wild animal for dinner, or at least stolen it from someone. He hides briefly from some terror of the forest called Garpik, who is apparently so scary that he wears nothing but a belt with tons of knives thrust through it. I mean, if that’s this guy’s idea of appropriate attire, I think I’d just wait till he accidentally cut his dick off and bleeds out, but whatever. Anyway, everyone vanishes, and Theremon starts a fire to cook his vermin vittles. Of course, this calls out the crazies (well, more crazies) and they attempt to murder him for starting a fire, since fire is evil and regulated now. He fights pretty well but is losing when someone comes to his rescue. And that someone? Siferra. THIS IS A STORY OF TRUE LOVE, MY FRIENDS.

They head back to the Sanctuary, where Theremon and Altinol come face-to-face. They knew each other, sort of, before, and don’t really like each other. Seems that Altinol was some kind of big executive with political aspirations, and Theremon thought he was giving out bribes. After an uncomfortable (dick-measuring contest) chat, Siferra helps Theremon to a bath, and then gets him something to eat. She goes off to give her day’s report, giving him the opportunity for a good long sulk about how much the world sucks now. He snaps himself out of it when Siferra comes back and takes him to his room, and they chat about how he’s not going to join the Fire Patrol. He asks Siferra if she’ll stay with him, pretty please, and they can have lots of sex and set off in the morning to the university’s nature preserve government. She agrees, because what the hell kind of story would this be if she didn’t, and implied sex occurs.

Their journey goes pretty well, if slowly, till they run out of water and need to get off the big highway and find a spring. They are immediately ambushed by some sort of Search committee, and Theremon fights them, and very luckily for him, he’s once more saved by someone who loves him: Beenay. Beenay’s going to be so disappointed to learn that Theremon’s with Siferra now.

So Beenay fills them in: every exit seems to have their own little shanty government. Raissta is ill but is maybe going to get better; she has an infected cut, but Beenay seems to think she’ll be just fine in a week or so. He gives them some rum, because he knows what Theremon really wants, and also a pass so they’ll be able to cross safely over the next few exits or so. The pass is important, because while they’re there Beenay gets a message that the Apostles were heading for the park government and planning on wiping it all out. Since they’re all still in Saro City, Theremon and Siferra have a leg up on them, and Beenay says they need to go immediately. Beenay can’t, because he won’t leave Raissta. Grudgingly, Theremon agrees, and he and Siferra set out again.

They have a fairly easy time of it till they get to open country, and realize the Apostles aren’t coming by foot; they’re coming by vehicle, which means that Theremon and Siferra have no chance of beating them. They decide to try and hijack one of the trucks, and are immediately ambushed. Siferra gets away, but Theremon is captured. By his old buddy Folimun, who makes quick work of telling him there’s no such person as Mondior.

God, does anyone even fucking remember Mondior at this point?

We switch back to Siferra, waiting on Theremon and trying to decide what to do. She manages to sneak by a bunch of Apostles and is then captured…by Theremon. Folimun let him go, he tells her, and then betrays her to a bunch of waiting Apostles. FINALE TWIST! WHATEVER YOU DO, DON’T MISS THE LAST FIVE MINUTES!

Okay. So Siferra’s totally pissed, and rightly so, that Theremon’s betrayed her to his other so-called life partner. Folimun tries to pacify her, because he thinks they can share Theremon or something. She’s all, you can have his brainwashed self, and Theremon decides to chat with her alone.

Turns out that Folimun’s not going to hurt those at the sanctuary; he’s going to offer them places in the new government. Theremon thinks they should assist him. Folimun’s a dick, and a religious fanatic to boot, but he’s got access to historical records regarding the previous eclipses. Eclipsi? Whatever. Also, he’s going to get the televisions working again quickly, and Theremon wants to make sure he can watch the new season of Game of Thrones. JON SNOW LIVES!

He thinks they can help stem the tide of fanaticism, keep people safe, and temper Folimun’s words. Theremon I mean, not poor dead Jon Snow. Oh, and Sheerin’s dead, Folimun found his body somehow, because he’s a fucking wizard just like Red Reddington I guess.

So Siferra thinks, and Theremon and Folimun confer. Theremon makes it clear that if Siferra won’t go with them, he won’t, either, but it’s not really clear on where they’ll be going. Also I think Folimun would just conk them over their heads and take them anyway. Well, Theremon at least. It doesn’t matter, though, because Siferra agrees, so long as she doesn’t have to wear the ugly robe. Who knew she was such a fashionista?

You guys, I love this book so, so much.  It might be my favorite book after Good Omens.  (No, I’m not going to review Good Omens.)  I really enjoyed writing the review, too.  Remember when I reviewed stuff I love, and not stuff like The Maze Runner????

Have a great week!


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