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{January 10, 2016}   New Year: Simplicity?

Okay, no, I am not abandoning this blog.

I have some stuff come up near the end of the year.  That sounds dramatic, and it’s nothing really awful.  But it’s definitely made me evaluate my priorities and where I am in life.

Honestly, this is all probably because 2016 is a stupid leap year, which means I’m stuck as a stupid Capricorn for the next 346 or whatever days.  Ugh!!

No offense, actual Capricorns.  But I prefer being a Sagittarius, when push comes to shove (what does that saying even really mean, have you ever wondered?).

I was going to post a picture of the mani I’m currently wearing, but I got a new laptop for Christmas and I’m in the middle of transferring things from my old laptop and also learning Windows 10.  Remember how I’ve said I’m not technilogically inclined?  That’s still true.  So it’s been a little difficult, though not as difficult as I expected.  Microsoft Edge is the devil, though.  I wish I could delete it.  Chrome rules, Edge drools!!

But this is all beside the point.  And this is turning more serious than I really intended.  Everything is okay, really!  I promise!  I’m still reading books and I will still be doing reviews!  And once I figure out where my downloads go on this new computer, I’ll have mani pictures too!

The point I’m actually trying to make is that this year’s buzzword for me is going to be simplicity.  It’s probably the most difficult buzzword I could’ve picked, other than “confidence” or something like that.  I am not a simple person.  I have a very cluttered, chaotic life, and 2015 had a lot of big ups and downs.  But entering my (ugh…) late thirties has taught me that it’s time to “grow up” a little, as it were.  Get organized.  Look to the future.

Ick.  Fucking leap year Capricorn crap.  Dammit, I LIKE owning sixteen purses!

So I plan on making 2016 the year I clear out the clutter: physical, metaphorical, and emotional.  It’s going to be hard.  I’m trying to decide if I want to post some updates on how that goes throughout the year.  Honestly, a lot of it’s going to be really personal and I’m not sure I’m comfortable discussing it on an open forum like this (but I guess I’m okay talking about discussing it).  We’ll see.  The main point I wanted to make with this post is that I’m still here, I haven’t died or anything, and I’m going to hopefully bring you some good, funny stuff this year along with maybe some musings on becoming the person I actually want to be.

Hey, better late than never, right?


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