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{July 20, 2016}   Supernatural: Form and Void

I’m back!  My new job is going really well (so far!) and for the first time in a long time I’m actually very happy with my career.  Yay me!  Keep your fingers crossed that I don’t fuck it all up.

Okay, so I’m still in my funk that I’m going to call both writer’s block and reader’s block.  Yes, I write stuff sometimes too.  Maybe one day (that’s a big MAYBE) I might post some of my original stories.  The idea is scary, but hey, people do it all the time.

I’m still sort of in a reader funk.  I need suggestions for fun reads!  What’s your favorite summer read?  In the meantime, though, I have Episode 2 of Season 11 of Supernatural for you!

Sam proves he’s smart even when infected, and uses his cell phone, a homemade amplifier, and a homemade taser to set a trap for a zombie person.  They try to hide that he’s the one setting it up and rummaging in the hardware store, but I saw that flash of flannel shirt and I mean, duh.  Sammy loves his flannel almost as much as Dean loves his car.

Dean gets Jenna and Amara to her grandmother’s.  Jenna is worried about Sam and Dean, and thanks him, and we get to feel good that Sam and Dean helped a – what are we calling them?  Innocents?  People in peril?  Bystanders?  Anyway, we get to feel good that the boys were able to help some people escape and find a better life.  But since we stay with them after Dean leaves, that’s clearly not what’s happening.

The grandma is nice, but sort of weird.  What the hell story did Jenna tell her about the baby?  Does the grandma think it’s Jenna’s?  Does the grandma even care, or is she just one of those freaky grandma ladies who so desperately wants her progeny to spawn that she’ll take any excuse for a baby?  (My own beloved grandma, when I was all of nineteen: “Well I don’t know what the problem is, you know how to make a baby!”)  Anyway, Grandma sends Jenna off for a nap, then puts Amara down in her crib.  We see that Amara has telekinesis.

Meanwhile, Sam is taking…something.  Some drug.  Maybe Heparin?  Maybe a painkiller?  I have no idea.  Then he goes to chat with the zombie person.

The zombie person is still mostly himself, and says he was changed just that morning.  He agrees to explain what he knows to Sam in exchange for a pudding cup, even though he thinks Sam is wasting his time trying to find a cure.  The dude says that some people change fast and some change slow, but everyone dies in the end.  How helpful, zombie dude.  I don’t miss him when he dies.

Now, let’s check in with Castiel.  Dean is trying to call him.  I guess that break up didn’t take as well as we thought, huh?  Anyway, the angels smash his phone.  Their names are Ephraim and Jonah, but as far as I’m concerned they can be Dick #1 and Dick #2.  They’re torturing Cas for Metatron’s location.  We’re still on about that?  Far as I can tell, these fools are just pissed that Cas found himself a way better looking vessel than they did.  I mean, one of them does complain about psoriasis.  He’s a pretty ineffective angel if he can’t even cure that!  Then they bitch that Cas isn’t really an “angel of the Lord” anymore, since he keeps picking the Winchesters over Heaven.  You know.  The way God told them to?  Value human life above all others, serve mankind?  The thing that got Lucifer in all that trouble when he refused?  I mean, I suppose you could make the argument that Cas values Winchester life, and not necessarily all human life (I think you would be wrong, but you could), but what other angels have we seen value human life the way Cas does?  Maybe Anna?  Gabriel?  Samandriel?  Even Naomi, at the very end.  That’s it, I think.

Anyway, Hannah shows up, in a male vessel.  I guess this is a vessel she’s used before?  She sends the dick angels away and helps Cas down from his torture beam.  The vibe I got while they were talking was ex-boyfriend-y, which considering that Hannah had a crush on Castiel I guess makes sense.  You think she picked a male vessel because she was jealous of Dean?  But then Cas realizes that Hannah set him up (I guess she couldn’t just ask him nicely about Metatron?  I thought they parted on relatively good terms last season?), and the angels come back.  It’s a little confusing, because the dick angels are asking about Metatron but Hannah just wants to know about the Darkness and the Winchesters, and they were working together.  So I don’t know what’s up with that.  Anyway, Cas kills the other two because of the spell, but not before one of them kills Hannah.  He’s sad.

Back with Jenna and her grandma.  The go into Amara’s nursery and see her floating alphabet blocks, and tossing them into the wall.  It reads “FEED ME” and I guess it’s ominous but really I’m just thinking the Darkness was lucky she tipped over the right box with the right letter blocks.

They are freaked, while I just think it would be a very useful skill for my child to have.  A crying baby who can actually TELL YOU WHY SHE’S CRYING?  How is this a bad thing?

Grandma wants an exorcist, of course, because she can’t see the same big picture I do.  Jenna convinces her to call Dean rather than a priest.  He turns back around and then calls Sam to give him an update.  Oh, he calls the Darkness a “giant, crazy fart” which is pretty funny.

Sam is researching, and hears singing.  It’s “O Death,” which was last used in Season 5 for Death’s entrance.  It’s a lady called Billie, and she’s a reaper, and pretty pissed about Death’s, er…death.  Sam apologizes, which is kind of hilarious.  “Sorry about that whole killing your boss thing!”  In fairness, though, it was Dean who did that.  The lighting here is interesting; they cast Billie entirely in shadow.  I don’t know if that means anything.  (Me, from the future – or the end of the season – I still don’t know.)

Billie says she’s going to toss Sam and Dean into “the Empty” when they die, to make sure they can’t ever come back.  Why the HELL would they call it the Empty when they could call it the Void?  It’s right THERE in the episode’s title!

For the rest of the season, every time they mention the Empty (every fucking time), I twitch.

Also, Billie?  They found their way out of Hell, Heaven, and even Purgatory.  I’m going to bet that the Empty isn’t as permanent as you think.

Anyway.  So she tells him that she’s going to see him really soon, and that he’s “Unclean, in the Biblical sense.”  Then she casually saunters away like she didn’t just trigger the shit out of him with memories of his demon blood drinking days.

I want to dislike her, but really, girl’s just doing her job, trying to restore the natural order.  I remember how much it used to piss Tessa off when Dean refused to stay dead.

Interjection time!  One of the things I loved about this season is how they reminded us that humanity is essentially a passing fad to angels.  I like being reminded that, on a cosmic scale, humans are small and virtually powerless, and their lives pass at lightning speed.  I know Sam and Dean are our main characters, and I adore them both, but I like having other characters remind them that they aren’t the center of the universe, and it happens a lot this season, and almost entirely without malice.  I don’t know that I’m explaining myself very well.

Back to the hospital.  Poor Sammy is so traumatized that he takes refuge in the hospital’s chapel, and prays to God.  Not for himself, but for everyone else who’s infected, and especially for Dean.  See, it’s stuff like this that I think about when people talk about how Sam’s supposedly a big selfish jerk.  So Sam prays for guidance, and for help.  And what happens?  As he’s walking back down the hall, he gets a vision for the first time in nine years.  It’s all trippy and flashy and it appears to be from his time in the Cage.  But it happened after he prayed, so he clearly thinks it’s a message from God.

You guys, I have thoughts about Sam’s faith.  I’ll address them later on because it’s more relevant in a later episode.

Dean’s back at Jenna’s, and it turns out that Grandma went ahead and called a priest.  And the priest sent an exorcist.  Father Crowley.  Ha!!  Crowley looks so pleased with himself, drinking his tea.  I think that Crowley insinuates that Dean was his altar boy lover in years past.  They play it as kind of a funny joke, but in reality…not that funny, guys.

Oh, here’s something from earlier – Hannah and Cas talk about the Darkness, which Cas seems to know about but Hannah doesn’t.  Their conversation is interspersed between the one between Dean and Crowley, and Jenna playing with Amara.  Crowley knows something very old and very powerful is in the house.  And then Jenna kills her grandmother.

Crowley and Dean hear a scream, and race back inside to find the dead body.  Crowley calls it a “plot twist,” which I don’t think is correct.  Not for this show.  A plot twist would have been the family sitting around happily playing cards or watching a movie or something like that.

Sammy’s losing it.  Somehow, the whole “unclean in the Biblical sense” thing that Billie said makes him think of purification, which leads him to holy oil.  Luckily Dean brought holy oil into the hospital with them the episode before, so Sam basically sets himself on fire and cleanses the zombie sickness.  Hooray for smart Sammy!

Dean and Crowley prowl the house, looking for Jenna.  Dean is yelling her name, and Crowley’s like, “Seriously?  We don’t know what we’re dealing with and you want to let them know we’re coming?”  That’s almost a direct quote, mind.  You guys, Crowley is the most intelligent person on this whole show.  I don’t think he’s died a single time, not like SOME OTHER characters I could speak of.

Amara cries, and they go in to see her.  She stops crying when she sees Dean, because I mean it’s freaking Dean Winchester and even though she’s a baby she’s not immune to his charms.  Crowley notices the baby likes him, and Dean sees the little Mark of Cain tattoo.  He is disturbed, because he probably thinks it’s wrong to tattoo a baby.  Or maybe because it makes him think of the Darkness.  Yeah, it’s probably that.

Sam cures a bunch of zombie people by trapping them in a circle of holy fire, after luring them to the chapel with terrible music.  How come Sam had to practically set himself on fire but they were cured just by being in the circle?  Maybe he figured it was faster that way, and if they tried to step over the flames it would end up curing them anyway.  Yeah, Sam’s pretty smart, so that’s probably what he was thinking.  He’s so pleased that it worked, and recruits his new friends to help him save the rest.  Aw, go Sammy!

Back to Dean.  Jenna is smashing angel statutes in a back bedroom.  Probably her dead grandma’s.  Crowley notes that she has no soul, and Jenna says that Amara needed to eat.  We see Amara getting older, which is really fucking unnerving.

You know what’s interesting?  Remember when Sam lost his soul, and he was basically himself but without the empathy?  I mean, he didn’t immediately murder Dean like Jenna did her grandma.  And we aren’t given any reason to think that Jenna secretly hated her grandma.  So why did she do it?  Maybe the corruption of the Darkness?  Maybe she just couldn’t take all the pushing her grandma clearly did for her to breed?  *They never explain it.

Jenna goes after Dean, and they fight, till Crowley kills her because he was bored.  He wants the child who eats souls, and Dean tells him that he thinks Amara is the Darkness and that they should kill her.  Crowley mocks him for thinking he can kill a baby, and says that he (Crowley) has killed babies before.  Dean goes all protective on Amara, and Crowley tosses him into a closet, but Dean pins him to a wall with an angel blade.  He goes to the nursery and Amara’s gone.  Also, so is Crowley, because seriously that angel blade wasn’t going to hold him for long.  All he had to do was pull it out.

That sounds…way more sexual than I intended, but there’s really no other way to say it.

The boys return to the trashed bunker and talk about the Darkness, that maybe the form Dean saw her in wasn’t real but a vision.  I was originally going to make fun of the idea that they got back at the same time, but then realized that Dean obviously went back to the hospital to pick up Sam.  Dean wants a maid with a little uniform to clean up the mess HE made, back when he and Cas broke up, but a noise distracts him.  It’s Cas, who collapsed behind the mess of books, and he needs help.

Child Amara walks down a street, and Crowley somehow finds her and offers her a bunch of people to eat.  It’s creepy, with the whole panel van and offering of “candy.”  And seriously nobody on the street says anything.  Like what the fuck, does nobody care about child abduction in wherever they are?

Misogyny list: I don’t think there was a single misogynistic slur.  I guess maybe Dean’s desire for a costumed maid?  Or I mean, they did kill Jenna’s grandma, Jenna, and Hannah.  I know Hannah was in a male vessel, but she was still a girl.  They did kill those other two angels, but let’s be honest, we hated those guys.

I have several of these done already, so I might just stick to posting them for the meantime.  I’ll have to check my hard drive and see if I have any lingering book reviews I could post too.  But seriously, if anybody wants to recommend a good read, I’m all ears!


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