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{August 5, 2016}   Supernatural: The Bad Seed

And here’s episode three!  I hear they’ve cast Rick Springfield as Lucifer next season.  Do you think he’s playing Rick Springfield?  Because that would be hilarious.

We start with Rowena, trying to convert some of her former cronies to the “Mega Coven” which is way better than the Grand Coven, because it’s “Mega”!  I love her so much, you guys.  She’s so hilarious and sassy and her clothes are the best.  The cronies don’t share my affections, though, and say they won’t work with her.  They also tell her that Crowley’s still alive.  Rowena kills them with the power of the Book of the Damned by (I think) making them age.  Or burning them up from the inside, I don’t know.  Point is, they’re dead.

Dean is daydreaming about the Darkness.  You know, I really feel like there were better ways of implying the connection between Dean and Amara.  Or maybe they could’ve shown more of Dean’s thought process.  Showing him randomly thinking about Amara doesn’t really prove his adoration and devotion, at least not to me.

The boys and Cas are talking about the Darkness.  Dean has cuddled Cas up in a blanket but also chained him to the floor.  Kinky!  Why did Cas take the time to put his trenchcoat and tie back on before he collapsed behind the books?  Is he still in that same bloody shirt from before?  Sam says they maybe need Metatron to help with the Darkness, and the spell starts to effect Cas again.  They decide they need to find Rowena to remove it because it’s not going away on its own.  Sam hints that maybe God’s still hanging around, but Cas and Dean both doubt it, so he doesn’t bring up his vision.

Crowley’s got Amara set up in her own room, with a nanny and her own computer and everything.  He gives an order to kill Rowena, which I guess is fair, considering she tried to kill him.  The nanny has Amara watching Hitler’s speeches.  Crowley wants her to call him “Uncle Crowley” and says he’s a king, and he can protect her.  Why is this a different little girl than the last episode?  She doesn’t really look all that much older so I don’t understand why the change.  Crowley tries to get Amara to talk about why she’s afraid of God, but she won’t.

Rowena’s back, still trying for the Mega Coven.  She pretty much fails at her recruitment efforts till the other women find out she’s got the Book of the Damned.  Then the two women decide they’ll join up, if she shares it with them and makes them officers of her new coven.  Sadly for Rowena, Crowley’s agents interrupt and kill one of the recruits.  Rowena gets away, but the third woman somehow ends up arrested and held for questioning.

The boys can’t find either Crowley or Metatron.  Cas is very sad to find out that Sam thinks his car is crappy.  Cas mentions that Metatron likes waffles, so they should try places that have them, which Dean narrows down to “every restaurant in the entire country.”  Shows what you know, Dean.  I’ve been to a lot of restaurants that don’t have waffles.  And some non-restaurants that do!  Then Cas has an episode, and Dean fucking FREAKS out.  Sam was pretty scared too.  The spell is getting worse, so everything gets dropped so they can find Rowena.

Cas mentions he hears voices, and Dean is hilariously worried the voices are telling him to do things, like maybe murder him and Sam, but it’s actually Angel Radio.  Cas says the angels are looking for Metatron, so he says they need to find him soon.  In the meantime, Sam finds an article about the dustup with Rowena and Crowley’s guys.

Amara’s alone in her room.  She talks to her older self in a mirror, and her older self seems to be convincing her that the world is a sucky place and it’s totally okay to go postal on it to piss off God.

An angel and a demon walk into a bar.  But because this is an episode of Supernatural, and not a bad joke, they just sit down and complain about their jobs and the lack of support they’re getting, and about the Darkness.  Maybe that’s the joke, but it’s not bad.  They decide that if “management” won’t do something, the little guys like them should.  I really liked this scene.  I got a very “Good Omens” vibe from it.  I bet these two have been getting together like this for years, and I am strangely invested in their friendship.

Sam and Dean chat with the third witch from the bar, the one who’s oddly a suspect in the killing of Rowena’s other friend.  Oh wait, she’s not a suspect, she’s just too afraid to leave the police station.  The boys convince her to help them find Rowena even as she keeps pretending not to be a witch.  My favorite part of this whole scene is where Sam, super frustrated with the witch, explains scrying in a clinical, teacher-like way.  Like Sammy can’t help but nerd out over this stuff, even when he’s totally pissed off.

They find Rowena on her way out of town, wearing a terrible blonde wig.  Dean gets made and attacked almost immediately, which I thought was pretty lame, except it was clearly a ruse for Sam to get the jump on her.  So, good job, Dean!

Crowley buys Amara a pink dress, and a pink book.  She’s relatively disgusted by these offerings, and I don’t blame her.  He tries to get her to talk about what her plans for the world are, but she doesn’t want to.  Amara says she’s hungry, and Crowley brings her a big tray of sweets.  But that’s not what she wants.  She eats Nanny’s soul, but she does call Crowley “uncle” so I guess he’s taking that as a win, even if he seems to be understanding how in over his head he is.

Cas is trying to find his car, because fuck you for thinking it’s crappy, Sam, it’s still his car!  He somehow ends up pulling up an Asian porn site, so it’s clearly Dean’s computer he’s on.  Then he has another flash.

Amara’s still eating souls, and Crowley confirms they’re going to butcher the corpses and feed them to the other demons.  I want to be grossed out, but it’s just so efficient.  It serves the dual purpose of keeping the soulless demons from letting on what’s happening, and also uses their bodies so there’s no mess.  Very neat, Crowley.  That’s why you’re the king.

What’s interesting to me is that Amara talks about how empty all the souls are, and how awful God’s world must be because of that.  It makes me wonder, if she’d been eating regular people souls, and not demons, would she have gotten a different impression?  Anyway.  She and Crowley talk, and Crowley says he hopes to help her make the world evil, which she doesn’t understand.  She thinks good and evil are really unimportant.  I really like Crowley’s reaction.  He looks like “I’m so far out of my league I’m not even playing the same game.”  Sort of makes up for how little I care for this particular child actress.

The boys have Rowena chained up in the dungeon basement.  Rowena had the Codex but not the Book of the Damned, and she thinks they’re dumb for thinking she’d keep them together.  Me too!  Sam goes to get Cas, and Dean gets comfy.  His shoes are really, really clean.  The props guys, or the wardrobe people, should have made them look dirty.  It’s distracting.  Dean wants the Book of the Damned, and threatens Rowena with Crowley.  She calls his bluff, because if Crowley kills her, he’ll never find the book and Cas will die.  She also wants to know what happened when she removed the Mark, and deduces it was really bad before Sam runs back and says Cas got away.

When?  If they’re in the bunker, they would’ve passed him with Rowena to get to the dungeon, right?  I find it hard to believe that they wouldn’t notice he was gone, since he was still chained to the floor.

Cas is running around town (the dank, dangerous streets of Lebanon, I guess), and the boys have Rowena in the car and they’re tracking his cell signal.  Rowena wants to do a locator spell, but they won’t let her, because then they’d have to take off the witch-binding handcuffs.

Crowley is on his throne, brooding.  The new nanny, a guy demon who Crowley still made wear the apron uniform, comes forward.  Crowley wants New Nanny to be the one to talk to Amara about curbing her soul-eating ways.  New Nanny is, of course, terrified that it will lead to Amara eating him, but I guess he’s still more afraid of Crowley, because he agrees.

We’re back with the world’s most awesome car ride.  Yes, even more awesome than the Season Seven car ride the boys took with Meg, Kevin, and Cas, though I suppose that counted more as a road trip than a car ride.  Rowena wants a singalong, and the boys are vehemently against this.  Fucking seriously.  I was recently trapped in a car with my family and my stepfather decided it was the best time to teach my not-American sister-in-law horrible drinking songs.  Half an hour of 99 Bottles, people.  We’re all lucky I didn’t lose my sanity.  Anyhow, this was just her way of bringing up the deal she made with Sam and Crowley last season – that Sam would kill Crowley as long as Rowena removed the Mark.  Dean is pissed about the SECRETS and LIES and I half-expect him to stop the car and stomp off for a quick brood.  But they find Cas’s signal before he can.

Cas has found a pretty girl who is walking down the street all alone, looking at her phone, and he starts to chase her.  This is so reminiscent of Angel, isn’t it?  Remember that episode where Spike saved the girl and then yelled at her about walking around alone in the middle of the night?

I’m trying to decide if I want to count this toward the misogyny tally, which is clearly now more than just namecalling.  There really hasn’t been very much of that, which has pleasantly surprised me.  I know it doesn’t seem like much, but it sort of perpetuates violence against women, doesn’t it?  I mean, they could have picked a guy for Cas to chase.  The actor is pretty tall, right?  He’d be imposing to guys, too.

One thing I liked: he smashed her phone, so that explains why she didn’t call 911 when she thought she’d gotten away from him.

The boys stop the car and split up to go looking, Dean alone and Sam with Rowena.  Dean hits on a woman walking by, who tells him to get a life.  What was the point of that?  I guess it was supposed to be funny, but all I could think was, really Dean?  Your best friend is missing and probably dying, but sure, take time to hit on the pretty girl.  What would you have done if she’d reciprocated?

Meanwhile, Cas has chased the girl into a warehouse of some kind.  He attacks her, but Dean’s tracked them and tries to get him to see reason.  He gets Cas’s attention off the girl, and she runs off.  Cas then attacks Dean and starts beating the shit out of him.  It’s funny, because Dean’s trying to be all comforting, and Cas doesn’t care.  Lucky for both of them, they were so loud that Sam and Rowena have found them.  She does lift the spell, but also manages to escape, saying she does believe they would’ve held up their end of the bargain and let her go, but she didn’t want to risk it.  See, Rowena passed her smarts on to Crowley.

Back at the bunker, Dean is icing his wounds and Cas is trying to apologize.  Dean doesn’t want to hear it, because he thinks there’s no reason to apologize.  Sam points out that they have the Codex, at least, so even though they didn’t get the Book of the Damned, Rowena can’t read it.  Cas tries to heal Dean, but he won’t hear of it, because he thinks he deserves it after what he did to Cas last season.  I’m not kidding.  I guess this is where they’re sort of together again but not really?  They’re talking.  They’re hanging out.  Netflix and Chill, amirite?

Crowley is walking the halls, catching up on his evil reading, when he finds New Nanny dead and Amara’s grown into a tween.  She says she’s hungry.

Misogyny: Crowley calls Rowena a “treacherous bitch”; Dean’s “Fortune Nookie” porn site; and I guess I’ll throw in Cas chasing the girl too.  Maybe I should just drop this whole thing.  I thought there would be a lot more of it.


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