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{August 21, 2016}   Supernatural: Baby

“Baby” starts out with a flashforward of Dean injured in, well, baby.  What’s even more upsetting is the damage on baby herself, honestly.  Then we flash back to 48 hours previous.  I usually don’t like flashforwards, because they’re overdone, but I’ll admit it’s been awhile since I’ve seen one.  I still think the best one I ever saw was Alias, the one where she was in the plane, and when we caught up to the flashforward it explained why she was doing the things she did.

This whole episode was very clever.  When I heard they were doing an entire episode just in the car, I had no idea how it would work.  I imagined something pretty dumb, like just an hour of the boys traveling to a hunt and talking, with Crowley maybe popping in occasionally.  So I was very pleasantly surprised by how much I liked the episode and how versatile the car’s setting was.  I feel like that’s a theme for this season for me: “I didn’t think I would like it, but then I really did!”

Flashback to 48 hours previous, and Dean is washing the Impala.  We see everything from inside the car.  Dean and Sam are talking and Dean is apparently wearing booty shorts, which we don’t get to see, and that is total BULLSHIT.  They talk about the Darkness and the search for Metatron, and that Cas is getting better.  Dean is still injured from last week, and still refusing to let Cas heal him.

Dean says he has cabin fever, and keeps washing all the cars in the bunker.  This transitions to them heading for Oregon for a case, which they think is possibly a werewolf.  Then we see Sam and Dean have one of their classic arguments about Sam’s obsession with health food, because he’s brought smoothies along for the ride, and in doing so has stolen a place for Dean’s precious beer in the cooler.  But before they can really get started on it, Cas calls.

Cas is doing research for them, and the boys chide him that he needs to relax and heal.  Sam introduces him to Netflix.  (I told you there’d be Netflix and Chill!)  We will never see him again, people.

The boys stop at some random bar, which disgusts Sam.  Sam goes to a nearby diner and Dean goes into the bar.  Dean is looking for a girl called Heather, who he met a few years back.  Sam does remember her, so he’s not making it up, even though it turns out that this Heather girl never texted Dean back.  Man, he’s really having the worst luck with the ladies lately, isn’t he?

A couple of years ago would’ve been Season Nine.  When the hell did Dean have time to hook up with a random hunter?  While Sam was recuperating from the Trials?  While Castiel was homeless?  While he had the fucking Mark of Cain?  Just no, guys.  Should’ve said it was longer ago, I think.

The joke about this is, of course, that SAM gets the nookie while Dean just randomly drinks too much and maybe gets into a fight in the bar.  Or possibly bottoms for some guy, I don’t know.  The girl was a waitress at the diner, and her name is Piper.  Something important about this scene is she’s lost her hairpin, and Sam can’t find it.  After she leaves, Dean gets into the car and puts on “Night Moves,” and this scene is so fucking cute that I can’t even with it.  They sing along and it’s just such a sibling thing.  I love it.  I love the boys’ relatively easy relationship with each other this season.  After YEARS of angst and yelling, it’s nice to see them being brothers.

Sam says he tried to give Piper his number, but she refused.  We never see her again, but since she had sex with Sam Winchester, I can only assume she walked around the corner and immediately died, or went evil.

It would’ve been really funny if she was the villain of the episode.  You know, for old time’s sake.  Maybe she’ll pop up again next season as a baddie, that would be fun.

Sam tries to get Dean to talk about wanting more with someone, maybe not marriage, but a deeper relationship.  Dean brushes him off and tells Sam to take a nap, because I guess he isn’t ready to come out to his brother.  Guess what, Dean: I would bet money that Sam already knows.

Sam wakes up, but it turns out he’s dreaming, because he’s in the car now with John.  Young John, Hot John, pre-asshole John.  They have a chat about the Darkness, and Sam realizes pretty quickly that whatever this thing is, it’s not his father.  Well, of course.  He’s being nice.  Even said something nice about Dean, which means it’s definitely not John.

The best part about this whole thing?  When he wakes up, Sam immediately tells Dean what happened, and what’s more, even tells him about the praying, the visions, and getting infected back in the first episode.  Dean is not pleased with him hiding stuff, and says there’s no way he was talking to God, but…still.  There was no stomping off, no yelling, no angry declarations, no lingering cold shoulder.

Is this – is this emotional development?  Oh my goodness, I’m just so proud of them!  Dean actually talks about his feelings!

Oh, and Dean has a thing for Aesop’s Fables.  Just FYI.

They get to the town and investigate.  The bodies were missing their hearts and drained of blood, so Dean is excited they might get to hunt a “were-pire.”  Like, the look of childish glee on his face is a beauty to behold.  Dean asked Cas to look into were-pires.

The boys head to a restaurant the deputy sheriff recommends, and Dean is horrified by the idea of valet.  The girl, Jessie, takes the car and picks up her friend, and they play loud music and drive really fast and do all sorts of teenager things.  I guess we’re supposed to be upset by this, but really, if somebody handed you the keys to the Impala for an hour, what the hell would you do?

The friend ends up leaving her purse in the car in their hurry to get back.  Dean is pleased with Jessie’s level of service and gives her a tip.

Dean drops Sam off to talk to one of the victim’s widows, and then heads to the woods where the bodies were found.  Cas calls, and Dean can’t get him to say “were-pire” either.  Cas thinks it might be something called a Whisper, which can be killed by silver.  During all this, the deputy sheriff shows up.  Dean tells Cas to hold on and we get a delightful scene of Cas describing Whispers and coming to the conclusion that the creature they’re hunting can’t be a Whisper, since those only hunt under the solar eclipse.  During all this, Dean is being beaten up by the deputy.

Cas does say “were-pire” and then hears the struggle.  Dean comes back and says he did shoot the deputy, and holy cats how fucking long has he been holding on to that joke?  That is from the third season!  (Aside: I miss Henricksen.)

The deputy isn’t dead, so Dean beheads him and puts his head in a cooler since even doing that doesn’t work.  He sends a picture of the fangs to Cas for research.

Dean and Sam talk, and Sam says it’s a pack because he was jumped by several.  They re-hash some stuff we already know and plan to meet up.  The widow he wanted to talk to was unconscious, so we next see Sam and Dean with the unconscious lady in the car.

Cas gets in touch again, and says what they’re looking for is a nachzehrer, which is a ghoul-vampire hybrid.  Of course Dean calls it a “ghoul-pire” and he is very sad that no one else shares his enthusiasm.  I’m kind of sad, too.  That’s funny!  Anyway, the way to kill them is remind them they’re dead by giving them a coin for Charon.  Cas suggests they use a penny, since they’re copper, and Sam reminds them they need pennies from prior to 1982.  I’m very happy they mentioned this, because it was what I was thinking.

They stop at a mini-mart so Sam can get some change and the widow wakes up.  She overpowers Dean and drives away to meet the deputy, who is the alpha of their pack.  She puts him back together (I don’t know if she sews his head back on or if it just reattaches itself).  The deputy alpha then drives them…somewhere, maybe the forest?  I don’t know.  What’s important is deputy alpha’s villain monologue about building his army to help fight the Darkness.  Dean overpowers them both, using items from the car.  That was fun.  He used Piper’s hairpin to pick his handcuffs, and then a penny from Jessie’s friend’s purse to kill the deputy.

Conveniently, all the other whatevers revert back to human form once the alpha is dead, and Dean takes the widow back to her kids.  He and Sam say they’re going to head home, and agree that Cas will heal them both up when they get back.  What if Cas doesn’t want to heal you two fools, ever think of that?

Yeah, I know.  Cas will do anything for Dean.

Anyway, Sam cutely declares that the boys are already home, and they drive out.

Mysogyny: Dean says “goodnight, bitch” to Sam, but that’s just their thing so I’m not counting it really.  Yeah, I’m done with this game.


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