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{September 22, 2016}   Supernatural: Our Little World

Happy Mabon!

We begin tonight’s episode with an irritating teenage girl, hanging out by some train tracks with her slightly-less-irritating friend.  Irritating Teen Girl is named Goldie, and bitches to her friend about how much her mom sucks, since she won’t let her date during the school year or eat potato chips 24/7.  Honestly I guess I’m old, because I rolled my eyes so hard they almost fell out.  I mean, really, how horrible, her mom wants her to succeed in school and eat a healthy diet!  Truly no one has suffered as you have, Goldie.

I guess we’re supposed to assume that Goldie’s mom is some kind of hypocrite and/or terrible parent because she smokes?  Sorry, not buying it.  Smoking, while unhealthy, does not make a person evil.

Anyway, slightly-less-irritating friend has had enough of Goldie’s shit, and bails.  Goldie hangs out for a little longer, probably feeling sorry for herself and all the ways she’s suffered.  She’s interrupted by Amara, who is still the same irritating preteen from last episode.  Amara tells Goldie she wants to be “like her,” and then she eats her.

Now an older teen version of Amara is sneaking back into her room, and I guess we can at least be grateful that Goldie rid us of that annoying younger actress.  I like this older teen actress way better.  Crowley catches her, and they argue about whether or not she should be running around alone.  They’re obviously going for a father-daughter vibe, and it’s really working for me.  I love the Crowley and Amara show, and I wish this had lasted more than one episode.  The upshot is, Crowley grounds Amara, because right now he’s still stronger than she is.  Amara makes it clear that she’s unhappy about this, and that he won’t be stronger than her forever.

Cut to the boys, still in Fall River, chasing down any possible leads on Amara.  They’re having no luck at all, and Sam presses Dean to enlist Castiel to help them.  Dean is reluctant, but ultimately he agrees and calls Cas, asking him to help them with Metatron and the Darkness.  Cas is apparently watching reruns of Jenny Jones.  I didn’t even know that was still on?  I mean, reruns, but still.  My point remains.  Also, I didn’t know she did paternity drama.  Why wasn’t he just watching Maury?

Dean is pretty horrified by his choice in television, asking what happened to The Wire and Game of Thrones.  Cas has some kind of caviar metaphor that I guess means he’s decided he needs to watch crappy television along with good television.  Clearly he still feels like crap, because the only time daytime television is okay is when you’re home sick.  Even then, why bother with that junk if you have Netflix?

During their conversation, Sam gets a call from that police officer from the last episode, and we find out that Len was killed.  Oh, I’d forgotten he died till I watched this again.  That makes me really sad.

The boys head to the jail, where they meet the officer, who’s got a gurney with a body bag on it that’s obviously Len.  Poor Len!  Anyway, the officer says the kill didn’t seem like a revenge killing from a family member of one of the victims, and the boys notice the scent of sulfur.  Oh, and Goldie’s there, bitching and struggling with another officer.  Our officer tells the boys that she tried to kill her mom that morning with a frying pan, and the boys say they need to talk to her.

Now Goldie’s in a cell alone, asking someone about a pizza delivery.  Some guy opens the cell and tells her that the “boss’s daughter” was wreaking havoc on the town, and he has to clean up the mess.  But oh!  Sam and Dean are waiting, and had painted a devil’s trap on the ceiling, so he’s caught.  They thank Goldie for playing along, and I wonder what will happen to her now.  I mean, I dislike her, but they never mention her again.  Which is strange, considering the drama they had about what to do with Len and all.

Okay.  Now Sam and Dean have the demon tied up back at their hotel.  The demon won’t answer any questions, and doesn’t know anything.  Dean wants to kill it, but Sam reminds him that they want to save the human host.  The demon’s on board with that idea, and promises that if they exorcise him instead of killing him, he won’t tell Crowley they’re looking into his business.  The boys are skeptical, and the demon argues that he clearly hates Crowley anyway, so it’s no skin off his nose and he’s not lying.  But then, Sam spots a bullet hole in the demon’s chest, and he and Dean realize there’s no human host to save, so they kill him.

Crowley’s sitting in his throne room, listening to a boring presentation about souls (I think he means deals) being down in the Pacific Northwest, and a hypothesis that perhaps legalized marijuana is to blame.  Hey, that’s a good point!  Legalize weed and there’ll be less reason to sell your soul!  Anyway, Crowley’s actually reading a book about communicating with your unruly teen daughter.  God, I wish Daddy Crowley had lasted longer than this.  It’s like karma for almost everything he’s ever done.  Ha!

Now we’re with Castiel, who’s lounging on a bed.  In his suit.  Well, at least he took the trenchcoat off?  He’s watching a talk show or something.  I think Dean calls again?  Point is, Castiel suits up (um, metaphorically) and heads out to try to find Metatron.  Or he would, if he weren’t struck by a PTSD flashback when he approaches the bunker’s door.  So he retreats to the bedroom, where he feels safe, and turns the television back on.  This time it’s a news program, and as he watches, he catches a glimpse of the cameraman’s reflection.  It’s Metatron.

Crowley tries to placate Amara by offering her a demon snack, but she refuses rather petulantly.  She’s also discovered memes.  They snipe at each other, and Crowley makes to leave the room, but finally turns back and admits that he has no idea what he’s doing.  Well, that’s obvious, and likely an emotion shared by every parent ever.  It’s almost sweet, him talking about how quickly she’s growing and how he’s scared of it.  Amara argues that he’s frightened because he’s actually scared of her, and they broker an uneasy detente.  Crowley will protect her until she feels she no longer needs his protection.

Sam and Dean have managed to work out where Crowley’s hiding, based on the body counts and where they’re found.  It’s an old, abandoned asylum.  It would’ve been cool if it were the asylum from the episode Asylum, but it isn’t.  And wow, “asylum” no longer looks like a real word.  Asylum!

Er…moving on.  Sam and Dean decide they’re going to go in and kill Amara.  Sam isn’t sure they’re ready, due to the small fact that they have no fucking idea what she is or what she’s capable of, or even if she can be killed.  But that doesn’t stop Dean!  He wants to go in and hit her with everything they’ve got.  Good God, with these chuckleheads in charge, is it any wonder the world’s almost ended so many times?

Metatron has found a homicide victim, and is filming him, talking about how he’s going to make $500 for this footage.  Not if you’re doing that voiceover, you aren’t.  The guy is still alive, but barely, and to Metatron, this is a serious problem.  He seems to think there’s no story if the guy lives.  Really?  I think it’s more interesting if the guy lives, and also Metatron would be hailed as a hero for saving him.  But I guess Metatron isn’t a big picture kind of guy.  He monologues that he used to be able to save people, although he wouldn’t actually save this guy, and steals his cash.

Luckily for the poor victim, Castiel is there, and heals him.  Metatron films the whole thing, and is horrified when Castiel smashes the camera.  He had to steal a bunch of stuff to pay for that, you know!  There’s a cop car nearby, so Cas drags Metatron off and tosses him into a sewer.  Well, I think it’s a sewer.  It’s a big open space kind of underground.  It’s like the sewers Angel used to use.  Big, and surprisingly clean.  They bicker about their chosen positions with humanity, and Metatron claims he’s pulled himself up “by his bootstraps” and started a business.  Reality television is the new story of our times, and he’s recording it every night.

I’m so sad that he’s right.  Anyway, Metatron knows Cas wants the demon tablet, which he’s hidden very safely, except that Cas already went to his apartment and found it under the mattress.  Also, Metatron has bedbugs.  Ew!!  Ew keep away!

Several years ago, we had a tick problem with our dogs.  It took MONTHS to resolve, and I swear, if I see a tiny black dot I automatically assume it’s a baby tick.  I ruined nearly all of my clothes and my bedding by washing them on extreme high heat constantly, and more than once I asked, in all seriousness, Have we considered just torching the house and starting new?  Point is, bedbugs are even worse than ticks, and I can’t even imagine dealing with that.  Just the THOUGHT of bedbugs makes me itchy.

Sam and Dean are at the asylum now, and skeptical about the lack of demon guards.  They head inside and use a recording of Crowley’s voice to trick the one guard at Amara’s door.  I believe this is actually something Crowley said to Dean back in the last season, and it’s kind of funny that Dean apparently recorded it.  They trap the demon, and Sam says he’ll handle the rest of them, for Dean to go inside and take her out.

Metatron and Castiel.  Metatron is taunting Cas, saying he’s a weak and pathetic excuse for an angel, that he’s so afraid that he can’t even hit Metatron.  Cas punches him and growls that it’s not fear that holds him back.  He punches him a few more times, and Metatron changes tunes, begging for Cas to kill him, since it’s super humiliating being human.  Cas wants to know what happened to the bootstraps, and Metatron admits there are NO BOOTSTRAPS (none, do you fucking hear me, Fox News?).  Castiel asks him about the Darkness.

Sam.  Several demons come after him, and he manages to hold them off without killing them, but sadly does end up killing at least one, because he wasn’t able to trap him in time.  Well, that’s actually okay.  I like that he’s trying to save the humans, but he also has to think about himself, too.  It would be silly to get himself killed.

Then he falls to his knees and clutches his head in pain.  We see a vision of the Cage.  It lasts a few seconds, and Sam is left gasping.

Dean enters Amara’s room.  She tells him she knew he’d come, and asks what’s happening between them.  She thinks maybe it’s because he was the first thing she saw after being freed, her first glimpse of “his” creation.

I actually feel a little sorry for Amara, if Dean was the first thing she saw.  Most of the rest of creation would be a huge disappointment if Dean Winchester is your comparison point.

Crowley comes into the room, and telekinetically tosses Dean into a mirror.  He monologues that he had accepted he couldn’t kill Dean, but that fatherhood changed him, and now he thinks he can.  But Amara’s there, and uses her own power to push him up against a wall and start the twisty gut thing.  They then have a conversation that basically amounts to this:

Crowley: You aren’t leaving with him.

Amara: But Daddy I LOVE HIM!

Crowley: He’s no good for you.

Amara: Maybe I’ll just kill you then.

Crowley: Uh, nevermind.  Have fun, sweetie.

With Crowley dispatched, Dean and Amara have a conversation that’s interspersed with Castiel and Metatron’s.  Dean learns that Amara’s come to settle an old score, what she terms the oldest score.

Meanwhile, Metatron is explaining the Darkness to Castiel.  He says that God’s power isn’t absolute, it’s not a snap of the fingers and then poof, creation.  The price for creation, according to Metatron, was God betraying his only kin, the Darkness.  His sister.

I guess this would’ve been an awesome reveal if I hadn’t already known she was his sister before watching this episode.

Alrighty.  Amara says she’ll see Dean soon, and leaves.

Back at the bunker, Dean is bitching to Cas for leaving Metatron free.  Castiel wants to know what Dean would’ve rather he did with him, as he’s a weak, pathetic human now.  Then he lays into Dean for letting Amara go, and Dean is defensive.  He doesn’t mention the bond he shares with Amara, which makes him a LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE, and a little hypocritical, considering how pissy he’s been in the past with both Sam and Cas for withholding information.

The episode ends with Amara walking down a busy street, taking God’s creation in.  She looks happy to be out in the sunlight, and out of confinement.  “Girl, You’ll Be A Woman Soon” overplays, and it manages to be menacing rather than gross.

I do like how they’ve handled Dean’s interactions with the younger versions of Amara.  It had the potential to be extremely squicky, because for all that she’s billions of years old, she was basically a teen, and that doesn’t really play all that well on screen if your love interest is in his thirties.


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