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{October 8, 2016}   Supernatural: Plush

Good afternoon!  I spent the whole day shopping for Samhain decorations, because apparently I threw a whole bunch out last year.  I came up with practically nothing!  Has anyone ever noticed how awful and chintzy Samhain/Halloween decorations are these days????

This one’s a case fic, and I’m actually pretty excited about it!

The episode starts with a lazy jackass watching sports while his wife nags him to take out the overflowing trash.  Of course, he won’t, because he is a lazy jackass, so she huffs and takes it out herself.  Outside is a guy in a huge bunny mask, very Donnie Darko except somehow even creepier.  Donnie kills them both.

Cut to the bunker.  Sam’s in his bedroom, praying.  He wants God to give him more specific visions.  Geez, Sammy, greedy much?  Keep helping me since I can’t figure it out myself!  I thought you were a Ravenclaw, buddy.

Okay, that was unnecessarily mean.  Anyway, Dean comes up and they argue about whether God’s actually trying to help them.  Dean of course falls on the side of hell no, since he didn’t even bother to show up for the apocalypse.  Sam thinks he might be because Amara’s his sister.  Dean cuts the argument short because he gets a call from Donna.

Donna is really excited to see the boys, and they hug.  I really like that Sam and Dean have friends now who don’t die immediately.  One of the things I liked about the earlier seasons was that Bobby and Garth and even Gordon made a sort of “hub” that showed the boys weren’t totally alone in the hunting life.  Anyway, so she introduces them to Officer Doug, who clearly has giant heart eyes for all things Donna.  Also he might be cute if he just shaved off the pornstache.

Another thing I liked about this episode: Officer Doug has a crush on Donna, and Sam and Dean are two very attractive men she is close with, and he never displays any jealousy or male posturing.  Big points in your favor, Doug.

Dean even mentions the crush after Doug wanders off, but Donna’s dismissive, because he’s a cop named Doug and she isn’t going to be “once bitten, twice Doug’ed.”  I love that line.  It goes up there with some stuff from later in the season as one of the best lines of the whole season.

So Donna tells them about Donnie, and lets them see him in his weird cell that seems to take up an entire hallway.  That’s weird, right, the way Sam and Dean are wedged in front of the cell door to talk to him?  He’s silent and creepy, and after the boys make some bad rabbit jokes they decide he’s possessed by a ghost, which has Donna a little aghast.  She offers them a container of salt that she carries around with her to pour over food so she doesn’t eat it (I have done this trick too, and it does work as long as you actually do it).  For some reason the boys don’t take her up on that offer, and she has to go deal with something.

Dean somehow gets too close to the door and Donnie manages to grab him.  He’s really strong, but when Sam finally manages to free Dean from his grip, they notice that Donnie’s flannel shirt has fallen open, and he’s wearing a Minnesota Tech T-shirt and has a tattoo that says “Kylie Forever.”  A clue!

The boys work their way through the list of Kylies who are students at Minnesota Tech.  Donnie could’ve meant Kylie Minogue, you know.  Or Kylie Jenner.  Ha, I wish it had been Kylie Minogue, that would’ve been funny seeing Dean’s reaction.  I bet he’s a fan.

So the last Kylie on the list is Donnie’s girlfriend, whose real name turns out to be Mike.  Kylie’s super worried about him because they went to a costume store a few days before, and he tried on the bunny mask as a joke but got weird, and just left the store without saying anything.  He left his wallet and phone there too, so that’s why nobody could identify him.  Kylie says that Mike didn’t know Stan (the jackass from the start of the episode).

Donna and Doug are getting Donnie (heh) ready to transport – I guess to a hospital, to try to get the mask off?  They’d gotten him into a wheelchair and need to get him in the van.  Doug offers to try, and Donna takes offense because she thinks it’s because she’s a girl and that he thinks she’s weaker.  She does Crossfit, you know!

Never change, Donna.  I’m serious.  You’re the best.

So Donna can’t lift Donnie, and gets a little indignant and rude with Doug about it.  Neither of them can, even working together.  Dean calls Donna then, and Donnie makes his move while they’re distracted.  Doug ends up killing him because he goes after Donna, and once Donnie’s dead, the mask falls off.

They burn the bunny mask later that night, and Donna is pretty depressed about poor college boy Mike who shouldn’t have had to die.  The boys reassure her that none of it’s her fault, but it clearly doesn’t help very much.

Cut to a high school gym.  Dudebro and his coach are talking about manly stuff like reps and steroids.  The coach wants Dudebro to lay off the drugs, but Dudebro isn’t having it.  Coach retreats to his office while Dudebro gets his swerve on (is that the proper term?).  Dudebro’s listening to music, so he doesn’t notice when a creepy court jester comes in and goes after the coach.  He does hear the scuffle, though, and rushes in to save the coach.  All hail Dudebro, the dudeliest of bros.

Anyway.  Sam and Dean talk to Dudebro about what he saw.  Dean tries to bond with Dudebro about reps, for some reason, but gets a bit intimidated when he finds out how much Dudebro can bench.  Well sure, but can he kill a Wendigo or an angel?  I think not.  Dudebro doesn’t know who plays the mascot.  Meanwhile, Doug is somewhat suspicious of all these murders being similar, so Donna spins a copycat killer theory so transparent that the only reason Doug believes her is probably his crush, and his respect for his boss.  I mean really, it’s bad.

Sam and Dean are back at the jail now, and decide to shoot the mascot with rock salt rather than toss Donna’s handy salt on it, like seriously that girl could’ve been really hurt by that.  Anyway, Donna’s upset again, because the kid doesn’t remember anything after going to pick up the new costume.  Dean says quietly they can let the girl go, since nobody knows she did it (and she didn’t actually do it) and just say the person escaped.  Donna thinks that’s a good way to lose her job, but agrees.

Now Sam and Dean are going to see Rita, who was the one who donated all those masks.  They belonged to her brother Chester, who recently committed suicide.  He was a children’s performer, and quite possibly also a furry if I am understanding things correctly.  Rita gives them a list of the costumes she donated, and denies that Chester knew Stan or Phil (the coach).

Fun fact: Chester is played by the same actor who played the angel Inias in Season Seven.  Did we ever find out what happened to him?  I think he died.  But I also think it would be fun if he just went back to Heaven, and Chester was his vessel.  That would’ve been fun, but I guess probably would’ve sent the storyline of the episode off the rails a bit.

Donna sends Doug to collect the rest of the costumes.  A creepy clown goes into the hospital and finishes Phil off.

Of course Sam ends up with the clown, and the scene is hilarious and cute.  We see Sam stiffen when the clown gets on the elevator, and silently freak out as the clown just stands there, looking at him.  Then it’s like Sam’s brain catches up, and the clown starts to go after him, but he uses the railroad spike or whatever he has and the spirit rushes away.

Knowing what we know, why the fuck was that clown mask even used?  There is no universe in which that is a happy good fun times clown.  Well, I guess in Pennywise’s universe, maybe.  But I bet that fucking mask would’ve freaked Pennywise out, too.

Donna continues to spin her copycat killer theory with Doug, and then snaps at him to go get the rest of the costumes already, buster.  After he leaves, Sam asks why Donna’s being such a bitch (not his actual words) and that Doug seems nice.  Donna gets pissed and tells Sam to mind his own business.  And yeah, I’m with her.  First off, Sam: you aren’t in the position to be giving anybody advice on their love life.  I know it’s a low blow, but come on.  You fucked a demon for, like, a year.  An evil demon.  Second off: I know you mean well, but the “but he’s so nice, give him a chance!” really rubs me the wrong way.  Why does she have to like him because he’s nice to her?  You’re implying that he’s owed something for being a decent human being.  Yeah, I’m 100% on Donna’s side here.

Yes, yes, I know, Sam’s really trying to be a good friend, and Donna’s hang up about this guy is about her ex-husband, not him.  I get it, I do.  He could’ve found a much better way of talking to her about it.  And since it’s Sam, Captain Emotional Support, I’m kind of surprised he didn’t.

During all this, Dean has found out that Phil and Stan were besties, and also that Phil’s widow hated Chester because Phil and Stan accused Chester of molesting some kids.  The boys find out that Stan and Phil told Rita about their suspicions, but that Chester killed himself before they could confront him.  Dean thinks maybe it wasn’t actually suicide.

This is rough, you guys, and it’s handled in a surprisingly delicate way for this show.  I feel bad for Chester, because it’s pretty clear from the script that the allegations were made up, that Chester was just a weird socially awkward guy who enjoyed making kids happy.

We end up at Rita’s house, and Max, her son, lets Dean in and tells Dean that his uncle didn’t do those awful things.  They talk a little about Chester, and then Rita comes in with Sam, pissed that they’re talking to her kid without her.  They confront her about Chester’s spirit, and she admits she knew about the allegations, that she thought they were crap at first but then got worried about her own son and his close relationship with Chester.  So she called Stan and Phil and told them where to find Chester.  We see a flashback of Chester in a deer costume leaving an elementary school.  Phil and Stan roll up and redneck all over him, and then take him to a bridge and dangle him upside down till he confesses.  Because this is the best way to get to the bottom of what actually happened, obviously.  Fuck them, I’m glad they’re both dead.  Chester slips out of their grasps and falls to his death.

Donna calls Sam then, and tells him that all the costumes were burned.  Except whoopsie, Max kept one, that deer head, and now he’s wearing it.  Dun dun dun!

Fight scene.  The spirit appears, and Max begs him not to hurt anyone.  I thought they were going to go the “peace and love” route here, where Chester would see his family and move on, but I guess that’s only for Bobby and that one ghost girl from the third season.  Fight fight fight, till Sam manages to burn the deer head, and Chester vanishes.

Donna and Doug show up not long after, and Sam and Dean tell her that she’s a real, bona fide hunter now, with three cases under her belt.  She’s excited, but also glad she has a life outside of it, and tells the boys she’s sorry about how difficult their lives are.  Hugs all around, and the boys depart.  Oh, and Donna apologizes to Doug, and he offers to let her call him by his middle name, which is Lonny.  She is horrified, and says she’ll deal with Doug.

As the boys drive off, they talk about Sam’s prayers and visions.  Sam admits he’s seeing the Cage, and that he thinks he’s supposed to go back in there to find out how to beat the Darkness.  Dean is vehemently against this plan, and Sam somewhat reluctantly agrees with him.


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